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Physcical Science

Procedures in the Physical Science

Procedures in the Physical Sciences: Challenges in Measurements

Identify three (3) specific challenges to making direct measurements in the fields of astronomy, chemistry, physics, or earth science. Describe how scientists have utilized indirect forms of measure to overcome these challenges.

Ever since the ancient times, individuals have always been pulled into the unknown. Human beings have always been inquisitive in regards to everything that was going on in the world. They would ask question such as the following; is the earth a certain size? Is the sea really deep? Are there any other lands past the distance? And how what is the size of the universe? These kinds of questions have continuously directed people to start getting their minds to think and figure out what was going on. Until these current days some of these questions are still in the back of their minds waiting for some kind of answer to be assigned to them.

A natural science like astronomy is what deals with the study of heavenly objects for instance: nebulae, stars, galaxies moons, and planets. (Fulchignoni, 2005)Astronomy is considered one of the ancient sciences. It is well recognized that astronomy has been exercised by diverse civilizations such as Chinese, Babylonians, Mayans, Indians, and the Greek. Most of them kept track of the skies by succeeding the development of objects during the course of the years.

One of the highest matters they came across was discovering the detailed spaces of stars and planets from the Earth. On the other hand, during the course of the years astronomers have been able to figure out methods to overcome these matters. One way to figure out the correct distance of objects in our universe is by utilizing the Brightness and Luminosity of the astronomical matters. Luminosity is considered to be the dimension of illumination or quantity of energy produced by any method of matter in our universe. (Fulchignoni, 2005)This is making the point that the distance is intended by calculating the time it takes light of a star to range everyone right here in earth. Research shows that chemistry is one of the main challenges that chemists have encounter has been calculating the quantity of bacteria that is positioned in one certain place.

Chemistry is considered to be a science that studies the properties and composition of substance in terms of amount. In the situation of bacteria it is significant for the chemist to recognize the sum of bacteria originated at a definite place. This will let him recognize the gravity of the difficulty he possibly will encounter in the future. Because bacteria are organism that cannot be calculated by means of looking at it, other tools have been produced to make this development a little bit simpler (Lacki, 2011). Research shows that the microscope is a tool that can be utilized directly to determine the quantity of bacteria and have a nearer look at these microorganisms.

Another method of direct measurement that has had numerous encounters is the greater scale mapping and surveying difficulties (Fulchignoni, 2005). When objects are discovered beyond the reach of assessing tools, it is almost difficult to use any type of direct measurements to acquire the distance. In kinds of cases we must turn to use different types of measurements. Indirect measurements is the process where the measurement of some entity is not obtained by the direct reading of a measuring tool, or by counting of units superimposed alongside or on that entity. (Lacki, 2011)

Scientist has been utilizing indirect types of measure in order to overcome these tests for countless years. The research shows that the stellar parallax is looked at as being an indirect quantity that aids us in discovering the distance of stars that are in the galaxy that are actually much more closer than it looks. Parallax is recognized as the obvious dislocation of an object on account of a change in the observer's viewpoint. Stellar parallax utilizes measurements that are normally implemented every six months (Stathi, 2008). Likewise researchers have used dissimilar kinds of mathematics for instance trigonometry and geometry to understand distances by calculating angles from the place of objects.

Choose two (2) of the most historically influential tools or techniques in the physical sciences. Explain how these techniques or tools work and how they helped to advance our understanding of the…[continue]

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