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Professional Career Action Plan

I am student majoring in science at the University of Phoenix. Upon my graduation I would like to use my skills to make a different in the communities that I serve and also in my home community. These are the main factors that I will consider during the period of advancing my career. My career development will be guided by several goals each of them will take varying periods to achieve.

However the most important of all is for be to make an impact for humanity over the period that I will be working in the health sector. I have made several consideration and also put in mind that I will first have to start at a particular point and slowly progress through my career to become a highly qualified and successful person in the health care sector will I believe will also be essential for me not only to make an impact to the many individuals that I will serve but also influence policies and decision to promote a better access to health for all humanity. The following are the goals that I wish to achieve in the immediate future.

1. Goal #1

Is to secure employment with a reputable institution that will enable me get experience and widen my knowledge base on working in the health sector. This is short-term goal since it aimed at providing a platform for advancing my career. By securing a job I will have a starting point from which I will establish myself in the health sector and slowly advance my career to achieve my later goals (Rothwell, 2005).

2. Goal #2

Is to advance my career and become health administrator. This is a long-term goal with will require that I also advance by qualification by pursuing a masters which will give me the additional and competitive advantage that I will require to secure a job as a health administrator. Being a health care administrator is important to for me to be able to have wider impact on the lives of the people. This position will allow me to put my contribution and opinion in many areas that affect service provision to people accessing health care service. Therefore, it comes second being that I have to first secure a job then slowly advance to become an administrator.

3. Goal #3

It to be recognized in the health services provision. Therefore, I aim to touch the lives of as many people as possible by providing quality and life changing services to the people those accesses health care through the teams that I work with. Furthermore, I will also establish a health facility in my community to ensure that these services are available and therefore, enhancing my efforts in the providing quality and life changing health care services (Rothwell, 2005.

I. Self-Awareness

a. Professional strengths

i. Bachelor's degree in science health administration; this is one of my key strengths. The Bachelor's degree is an indication that I have passed through training and that I am knowledgeable in relation to health care administration and certified to work as a healthcare administrator.

ii. Strong academic performance; I have a strong academic performance evident in the honors received during my training. Therefore, it indicates my dedication toward health care and my will to acquire knowledge that will make me an effective manager. Health care administration is at most complex requiring an administrator to understand key concepts and operational procedures to effectively handle, respond and provide guidance on issues in a heath facility. Hence, having grasped this will allow me to adequately handle my duties and responsibilities and sure effectiveness and efficiency in delivery of health care services by the health care providers that I will have on my team (Lock, 1992).

b. Personal strengths

i. Effective interpersonal and leadership skills; this are two important skills that an administrator has to have. I have learnt these skills over a long period of time through education and interaction with people both in leadership and living as common citizens. Since an administrator is also a leader he or she requires this important attributes to provide leadership to his or her team.

ii. Excellent oral and written communication and analytical skills; communication is important since miscommunication leads to a lot of errors. Poor communication either orally or by writing should be avoided in all instances. Therefore, it is necessary for the administrator to be able to clearly communicate to the team members and other healthcare providers to prevent any possibilities of nay error occurring.

c. Professional weaknesses

i. Inadequate experience in the health sector; since a have recently graduated I will not have had a lot of experience in working in a real life situation or dealt with real life situations. This will highly affect how I make decision since I will require making a lot of consultations on most cases. However, my experience during internship will give me advantage and confidence to handle regular situations prior to advancing my career as I become more experience and acquire more knowledge and experience.

ii. Tendency to go out of my way to make sure that we achieve an objective; this tendency usually occurs in any situation where I will ensure that I do everything possible to ensure that I have helped a person. I will usually read more, do more research spend more time than required to add more knowledge on a case. Mostly I want to ensure that I have left no stone unturned while handling a case (Powers, 2005).

d. Personal weaknesses

i. Over passionate with the work; my passion has made me become selfless in my work putting the patient first an dedicating my time in gaining knowledge and applying this knowledge through practicing and providing quality health care to the community. I often engage myself in charity events when am out of the hospital and on my free time since I believe is my calling to work in the health sector.

ii. Perfectionism and attention to detail; I am always keen to ensure that every procedure is done according to the book. This has seen me read through standard operation procedures and guidelines frequently to ensure that am able to handle issues as required. This has often lead me to take more time in handling cases while making sure that no particular issue handle in a manner that is not correct.

e. Write 4 to 5 sentences, using the strengths and weaknesses above, to describe yourself to a potential employer.

I am a recent graduate holding a bachelor's of science degree in healthcare administration with was awarded honors. I am a hardworking and self-motivated individual. I believe your reputable organization will provide me with the experience and knowledge to be better in my career. I have good interpersonal and leadership skill that will make me a valuable player in your organization.

II. Ideal Next Objective (or position) -- based on your self-assessment, where will you go next? According to my self-assessment I will become a practice administrator. A practice administrator has similar responsibilities to those of a healthcare administrator. However, the role is at a slightly lower level than that of a healthcare administrator. Therefore, this position will give me the necessary experience an exposure that I will require to become a healthcare administrator (Lock, 1991).

a. Required competencies

i. Professionalism and knowledge on financial and computer systems; this are important to ensure that as in administrator an able to carry out analysis and also handle financial matters relating to the organization operation.

ii. Communication and relationship management; this position requires constant dialogue, consolation and engagement with physicians and other health care providers thus this are important attribute.

b. Compensation requirements

i. Salary; this is the basic composition of the package for the work done.

ii. medical insurance; this is an addition to the payment package to take care of health needs especially in case of an accident during prices.

c. Company culture

i. It is important to work in a company where every person is a team player. This is important since I believe in the importance of engaging all the parties that are essential in handing a case. Since this will encourage tem work an also give positive results.

ii. Staff that are open to ideas and opinions; having staff who are open to ideas will be important for me as a practice administrator to ensure that all each member of the staff feels appreciated and they equally support each other by supporting and listening to each other opinion.

d. Compromises

i. Duration of advancing my career; since being an health care administrator will take some time I will have to accept that I will wait for some time before becoming a health care administrator.

ii. Lower compensation package; accepting the position of a practice administrator will mean that I will receive a lower compensation package. Therefore, this means that a will to hold on the aspect of receiving a higher…[continue]

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