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Professional Issues in Nursing

Things that surprised me

The chapter on collective bargaining has some surprising aspects with respect to nursing. Collective bargaining has a number of difficulties while being implemented at nursing profession. Nurses have a number of predicaments that can easily bar them from accessing and delivering quality services to patients. In order to arrive at an equitable ground where success is determined and assessed by use of collective bargaining, nurses and any other worker should exist in groups of palatable ground of service.

As indicted in chapter 17 of the book, nurses and many people working in organizations have difficulties in accessing policies that demonstrate their capabilities. Nurses encounter difficulties, which are often directed to their organizations. Nursing is a difficult activity that deserves a lot of sacrifice and affection from the people involved. Moreover, it is surprising to know that there are no direct segments within a health service agitating for the rights and reputation of the nurses. Nursing philosophy remains to be the only remedy to most nurses as they seek to establish their collective bargaining efforts.

Nurses crossing a picket line

Registered nurses should cross a picket line. Picket lines are human creations upon professionalisms that try to establish a sense of unison and equitability in nursing as done in other professions. When cases of disparity and dispersed opinions within a profession arise, it is necessary to have conjoins that enable members of the organization to live within their expectations and interests. The philosophical exemplifications should be respected no matter the nature of the picket lines in place.

When other professionals are on strike, it is crucial to consider the need for every single nurse. Nonetheless, professionalism should be observed at all times. Professionalism enables the members of a profession to be unified and stable even when other professions are on strike. Nonetheless, crossing the picket lines is open to any member of the organization. On the other hand, when nurses are on strike, unification and professionalism might be in stake. During such moments, nurses should refrain from crossing the picket lines (Huston, 2010).

My opinion on striking nurses

When nurses are on strike for anything common to them, it is essential to consider the consequences of the strike with respect to the desires of the profession. Professionalism is all about maintaining the needs and restrictions for equitable presentation of duties and other activities. Therefore, even when nurses are on strike over aspects that are of considerable importance to me, I would consider fostering the needs of the organization and profession other than those of my personal interest. A collective advantage should be the only aspect that drives me and any other manager to engage in striking activities. On the other hand, when the strike is for the benefit of the entire organization and its fulfilment of the objectives, I would support the striking nurses and workers. Nonetheless, professionalism and nursing philosophy should be observed at all times.

Ethical issues involved in collective bargaining

Other ethical issues are concerned with collective bargaining in nursing professionalisms. Nurses are supposed to foster high levels and standards of professionalism as required of them. For instance, the profession requires the nurses to act according to the rules and regulations of the nursing professionalism even in the presence of a collective bargaining process. The collective bargain process is of immense benefit to the nurses and the organization as a whole. On the sides of the organization, it is essential for nurses and the entire nursing professional to consider the safety of the agents and clients of their service. Collective bargaining is one of the tools used to explore and bring out the needs of the organization. Nonetheless, the tool should not be dangerous or harmful to the organization and its delivery of products and services to clients.

Advantage of public to have nursing unionized

Establishment of unions in the nursing profession is of immense significance to the public. The public benefits from nurses who work as a union other than those working on individualized associations. Nursing is a lucrative activity that should be guided by laws and regulations in order to ensure quality delivery of products and services to the members. Nurses within a union have a directive approach that acts like a generalized philosophy of working. For instance, the assessment of duties and roles within a unionized organization is done with ease. There are aspects of effectiveness and efficiency in unions that have laws and regulations on how the members conduct themselves and responsibilities assigned to them. Within unionized organizations, nurses are able to work hard in order to meet the objectives of the union, something that lacks in nurses who have not registered for any union. Moreover, it is easy for the public to access assistance from nurses under an association since their delivery of services is dictated by the organization apart from the individualized philosophies and ethics of work.

How union strikes affect patient care and nurse' obligations in providing care

Strikes affect patient care in many nursing organizations. It is obvious that when nurses go out to strike, their daily responsibilities of delivering services and products to the clients are brought to an end. In many hospitals, deaths have been reported because of strike occurrence within these institutions. Strikes deprive the clients of their immediate and long-term services of the nurses. For instance, nurses neglect their duties in order to seek their immediate interests from the organization. In short, strikes thwart delivery of products and services to the clients by the nurses. It is the obligation of the nurses, as part of their philosophy, to protect clients from deaths and other consequences brought by sickness and infections. Nurses are supposed to deliver quality services and products to clients. Many situations put nurses in conditions of a necessity to be ready to delivery healthy services to clients.

Seeking employment at a union hospital

In would seek employment at a union hospital. Many hospitals in the world are union hospitals. The aspect of being a union hospital is credited to the different aspects brought to the hospital as a body or as an organ, which delivers health services to clients. A union hospital has myriad advantages as compared to a non-union hospital. Union hospitals have their philosophies rules and regulations directed at bringing the best out of the organization and to the people. Within union hospitals, it becomes easy for an organization to have its agents heard.

Many considerations that make up procedures of operation are accrued to the sentiments of the workers. It is not in the same way as non-union hospitals do. In every organization, it is possible to have channels of the corporation and activity assurances to the workers and clients. Nurses have their grievances assured while in and out of work. Within a union hospital, a mission and vision statement that is in line with the aspirations of the hospital stakeholders guides the objectives that drive productivity. Moreover, union hospitals have agents that fight for every right of the workers and patients within the hospital.

Nursing positions typically represented by unions

Unions typically represent various nursing positions. The first position is that which concerns nurse safety in and out of the service delivery attachments. Nurse safety touches on the expositions like the immediate environment, the work environment, and other aspects that are detrimental to the general performance of the hospital. The union caters for such aspects normally. The other aspect is that which touches on employment terms and conditions, most of which are reflected in the payment details of the nurses. In some cases and circumstances, the unions settle disputes between nurses and organizations, and clients in the market. Moreover, it is sentimental for the unions to oversee on various requirements needed for growth and development of the organization since this is one way of implementing rightful prepositions for performance within an organization.

Changes in NYSNA structure and its purposes, what it means to the nurses New York State that the American Nurses Association has been suspended

Changes are common in any organization. Common changes are directed at improving the performance of an organization. In most cases, changes are directed at bringing the best out of an organization. Nonetheless, some changes bring negative influences upon organizations. The changes in New York Nurses Association are categorical of every happening in organizations. Any organ or hospital that acts in ways contrary to the beliefs of the organization will be subject to the laws and regulations. The disclosure and suspension of the American Nurses Association by the disciplinary actions of the ANA is subject to the philosophical exemplifications in the nursing field.

The purposes of the NYSNA cannot be affected by the suspension of the ANA. The rule of the associate laws and regulations is part of every happening that takes place in the organization. For instance, every organization has its rule and regulations inclined with the philosophical encouragements held upon individuals. The fulfilment of these…[continue]

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