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The project manager should at all times be present to monitor and ensure that it's the correct mixing of materials being done, it's the right quality of material being used, and it's the right amount of time being given to the treatment process in the different construction phases. In the event that this is not observed, and the building is erected, there's a high probability that the building will deteriorate at an early stage before its lifespan or even collapse as witnessed almost daily Zwikael and Ahn, 2011()

As a construction is ongoing, a major contribution to its success is the relationship between the different stakeholders. This includes the architect, the engineer, the owner, the contactor and the workers. In order to smoothly run the project and limit malice and incorporation, there should be a union and set goals and objectives between all these parties so as to ensure everyone plays their role to the best of ability avoiding the risk of organizational friction between the different partners. The project manager should see to it that all the parties play their roles in ensuring the construction sails through and meets the require standards and purpose Buys et al., 2011()

A neglected and most of the time brushed off risk is, working to a set reputation. This is very important as its image of the company and if not observed threats of competition from rising or already established companies are usually downfalls to the company. The work done and relationship between the contactors and the owners of the building is a crucial element in maintain a reputation and ensuring future work availability Ehrenfeld, 1996.

The project manager should ensure constant communication to the different parties and always give a clear progress report whenever a given phase of a project is being concluded. A project with a poor reputation does not always affect the project but also the manager whose future relies on the same Chris Hendrickson, 1998()

Lastly as the management tries to avoid the risks that slow down work; injuries, emergencies and accidents of the workers should be monitored and avoided where possible. Protections should be supplied by the management, and these include helmets, boots, goggles and masks amongst other. Not only will it protect the workers but it will be a motivation to them to work towards the set goal with confidence of not being victims of accidents Zwikael and Ahn, 2011.

It also builds the management-worker relationship as the worker gains trust in the management to take care of their health and safety and is perfect for a conducive working environment.


A project manager is a leader who is supposed to possess the qualities of vision, creativity, support, advocacy, transparency, making decisions and being mindful of others. Therefore, essential leadership with focus and forecast of the above stated risks with the aim of putting up actions to manage and control the same is the best type of leadership. The risks involved in every stage of construction can always be stopped from growing into a threat by the different keen observation and follow-ups by the management. Strategic planning, project planning and implementation, cannot be done by one person but should a liaison of different key players in the project.


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