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The individual who learns the intensity of the racial hatred that exists through experiential learning knows that it is never wise to walk amongst the roses with one's head in the clouds just thinking or dreaming because living in the world meant watching at all times for approaching insult, breach of rights, danger and even death due to racial profiling.

III. Perspective Two: The Public Official

The public official is ever aware of the votes that hold him or her into their position. The position holds within it realm a certain power and safety that cannot be entered into, at least too harshly, with such things as racial profiling which are scary things indeed. However, to admit that such things were scary, and indeed that they even exist while one is in office is the quickest way to lose that office to the next man in line who claims to have the answer to a question that is as old as mankind but yet lacks a firm answer.

While this politician may or may not ever dream of committing such a heinous act or even giving the approval of such an act to act as though it were not permissible among certain company would specifically assure the demise of his or her political career, salary and safety from such things as racial profiling. Therefore, the individual is ineffective in the pursuit of living in accordance to their principles.

IV. Perspective Three: The Law Enforcement Official

The law enforcement official or officer knows that racial profiling exists. Indeed it is true that many of those alive at the writing of this work will not be alive by the time it is read due to being killed in the line of duty and many while making a routine traffic stop. The officer knows this each day that he or she awakes and while walking up to the vehicle they just pulled over they are rushed in the awareness that this could be it, the time the driver pulls a gun and shoots them dead in their tracks and runs and drives away with a shipment of illicit and poison-laced drugs that they will turn loose upon the city that the officer had sworn to protect. Furthermore, the officer knows that if he does not makes a certain amount of "quota" of arrests that he will receive a bad review on his job and will be back at the desk or out of work completely.

V. Perspective Four:

The media have a job to do and in order to keep their job they must always smile, frown, look questioning, or nod in approval at the politically correct moment as they tell the news with the correctly positioned gleam in their eye. News reporting is taxing rising early in the morning and staying late at the station at night. When finally going home there are various scenarios such as the reporter who has no live and lives in the bar until climbing on the sofa at midnight and waking four hours later to the overnight news reports and heading in to write what it is hoped will be one of the most read reports for the day and there is the reporter who is single with four children under 12 that cannot imagine the luxuriousness of the life of the interviewees of that morning. The human individuals reporting the news have always been under intense pressure and scrutiny and never more so than in the present with media mergers, acquisitions and embedded reporters in the media.

VI. Summary and Conclusion:

It is quite clear that the perspective from which one views the situation of racial profiling that racial profiling exists very much so throughout society as well as throughout the media. It also could most likely be commonly acknowledged that racial profiling is a reality and not just something dreamed up among those who experience it. It does seem only right however, that the media should be allowed the opportunity to present only the facts without being pressured and stressed to place a certain slant on the story or to hold a certain interviewee in a particular light by the administration, managers or owners, shareholders or directors of the media organization.

The question remains as to what can be done to ease racial profiling for each of these individuals in their own experience and in the view of their own personal perspective? The answer to this is not clear and this is much due to the multi-faceted nature of this type of problem when faced by the many sectors that exist within a society.


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