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She misrepresents the proposal of marriage of Asagai and is unable to provide the man who loves her so much and who understand her well. The complex character of Beneatha demonstrates another hidden quality towards the end of the play. The confrontation of Walter with Mr. Lindner reveals the arrogant statement of Mr. Lindner, "I take it then that you have decided to occupy." The easiness of Beneatha's reply illustrates in the statement, "That is what the man said." Beneatha implements an ironic return where she indicates Walter as 'the man' and not the white Mr. Lindner. Hansberry points out that with the prior statement that Beneatha has the capability to acknowledge greatness in others as well as the capability to react with warmth and love to words and actions of family pride and dignity. Beneatha still involves some immaturity, but she reveals great potential for good. Beneatha Younger indicates the immature person whose dreams are not fully decimated. The might of character in contrast to social and economic adversities generate dreams that have the prospects to prosper. The influence of dream postponed differs intensely from person to person, as seen in the variety of characterization in the Younger family. (the Human Experience of a Dream Deferred)

To conclude, Lorraine Hansberry, depicts a stunning narration of the effect of a dream on the human beings. The future that Hansberry visualizes is illustrated by Beneatha who is a college going girl on his way to becoming a doctor. Beneatha is thus amazingly clairvoyant forerunner of things that Hansberry perceived to come in the next decade. Beneatha belongs to a different generation than others since is only of the age of twenty. She is ambitious of having high aspirations of becoming a doctor and does not feel ensnared by her poor economic conditions, as she attempts to involve herself with varied expensive activities. Beneatha is one of the portrayals in the play who can really visualize the hardships in life and look ahead of the future. She has aspirations of becoming a doctor irrespective of the fact that it is highly improbable at that moment, due to the fact of being an African-American but also because she is women. Beneatha does not let this dissuade her from accessing her goal of getting through the medical school. She works hard and has her family to back her. There are times when her dreams start to fall. There are moments when her brother gets raised at her and their mother for earmarking most of the income towards medical school tuition. This could be an illustration of the times when the dream of Beneatha breaks and sugars over. But Beneatha is never bothered about how long she had to wait or how hard she will have to work; at last her dream is fulfilled. Hansberry leaves the reader in suspense of what will be the fate of the medical career of Beneatha but makes it very clear that Beneatha and the rest of the family will continue to work together for the things most significant to them in life.


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