Reflection on Masters of School Administration Program

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I would have rather participated in lesser hours by doing more meaningful duties that would have really prepared me to my future career goals. But that has not been a real problem really - more of an inconvenience. My greatest concern about the program is the constantly evolving program itself. Rules change, requirements are added and specifications are modified. Although I am a positive embracer of change, I believe that for things as critical as masters program like this, planning should have been done to its most detailed level.

Aside from the constant changes, I felt that a class size of 35 to 40 people is too much to really affect efficient learning. I believe that Masters program should be kept small in order to ensure that each student will be able to contribute to class discussions and case studies. Further, programs such as these should have been carefully planned and thought out to the minutest detail to enable achievement of goals and objectives. But going back to the "change premise," the school administration did a great job though putting out an exemplary program in spite of the birth pains. I felt sometimes that since we were the first batch to take the course, we became guinea pigs that helped determine the effectiveness of the program. Despite the "experimental" feeling, I can only hope that lessons learned from our batch will be applied to the incoming batches in order for the program to be further improved.

On truly positive notes, I am very happy that I have taken this principals program. Two instructors stand out in my mind and they have made my experience positive. Because of them, the negative feedbacks I have were overridden by their excellent teaching methodologies. Dr S. DePaul and Dr J. Watkins made a remarkable difference in instilling in each student what it would be like to become a school leader, administrator and principal. When they talked about their academic, professional and personal experiences, I was encouraged us to choose the best I could exemplify and pattern myself from what I chose. Their influence truly made my experience at Wingate College worthwhile. I am sure that future programs will become even stronger than it is…[continue]

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