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Self-esteem and Academic/Intellectual Performance

The research on the relationship between self-esteem and intellectual performance places has a lot of emphases on the gap of achievement, and is concerned with identifying factors that bring about differential intellectual results among other categories of gender. According to Antonio (1999) much focus has been given in eliminating the gap between intellectualachievement in the academic life of various male and female students across the world. Research based on both Male and Female students has been able to show that, the expected rate of graduates from school for students with African origin studying in the U.S. is around 53% on average (Antonio 1999). This is in comparison to a percentage of around 78% for students in the U.S. with origin. American students with African origin in several colleges complete their studies, which normally takes a period of four years, at about 25% rate below their counterparts having the European origin but studying in the U.S. This is seen as one of the slowest rate of completion compared with the other ethnic categories (Rosenthal, & Jacobson 2006).

Generally, it has been noted, and has still gone on to be evident, that there are poor structures on almostalldeterminants of intellectual achievement. Without taking into account the need to do away with the intellectualgap of achievement between Male and Female Studentsand several other factors i.e. ethnic categories which include Americansstudents with European origin as well and Americans students with American Origin. The exist fears that, the framework used in research involves comparative items, is in most cases hegemonic, and makes the use of white students as points of reference when it comes to comparison. Research frameworks that uses the aspect of comparison, even though it may be very important, in most cases it is forgotten when it comes to group activities as well as factors i.e. observation.

Literature review

In situations involving the achievements in betweenMaleand Female students, an additionalframework that is highly useful is expected to evaluate and give an explanation for discrepancies experienced amongst several categories when it comes to the academic or intellectual results.

According to the research conducted by the Education department in the United States (2006), college studieshave recorded an increase which is estimated to be well above five hundred thousand students. In addition to that, the reports coming from censure activities suggest that students in the age bracket between eighteen and twenty four years of age, both male and Female there number went up from 20% in 1985 to 325% in the year 2004.Even though thisNewsis encouraging, thegreat challenge is that the rate ofcompletion of college studies for male and Female Students is dismissed at about 40% and the rise in the rate of joining college is best attributed to by women who are black (Rosenthal & Jacobson 2006).An approximation of about 65% of all areas of specializations studied by the students in the year 2004 was acquired by the black women. Despite the fact that Black men have gained a lot when it comes to college studies, it has become very difficult to join the college education.Women are able to acquire more than 50% of the academic qualifications that are offered.

In some cases the separation of self-esteem from the results in anintellectual performance happens. This happens to show thatstudents' self-esteem is does not have to rely on how good or how bad one performs in the area of intellectual or academic achievement (Coleman 2001). This is clearly illustrated by the case of workers who take part in sales in most casesthey are paid on commission. If it occurs that theysell a lot of make commodities or products, there are high possibilities or chances that they will have a good feeling aboutthemselves as and the job that they are involved in.However, when they sell few products or commodities, chances are high that they will feel bad abouttheir actionsince they are concerned with and do care about in being successful salespersons. For Students to raise their self-esteem, some of them may not care about being successfulstudents anymore. No longer taking careconcerning a series of importance is a manner of that is put into use whenever a student feels the uncertainty about getting negative stories about himself or herself . When separation of psychological takes place in the area of academic performance, a situation referred to as intellectual misidentification in experienced (Rowley 2000). Through studies it has beenclearly shown that association with intellectual is a very vital determinant of resultswhich include grades as well asthe name being placed in the completion list. Students holding a very strong and good feature of academics are in most casesvery much motivated to study. Being very much motivated to study is one of many other that Give an explanation as to why being associated and having features of academics is a lot of times related in a positive manner with grades (Schmader et al. 2001). In accordance with the nature of academic features, students who have a stronger series of characters related to academics have a good feeling about themselves when they obtain good academic results. That means a higher self-esteem and hasa lot of bad of strange feelings about their life as well as their personality when their academic result is poor. That is a lower self-esteem. However, whenstudents go through academic failure of a certain nature, a responsefrom nature is no longer sensitive to certain academic domain. Students having little care about their academic resultsstop to be identified with intellectuals.They are less motivated to perform better, and their results are to look down upon academic achievement. Looking down upon academic achievement is the beginning of process of psychological detachment and in a lot of cases involves a student's motivation becoming ceasing to be connectedwith academic results as well as good grades (Schmader et al. 2001). When students go through academic detachment, they find themselves at greater risk for academic issues such as grades that are not impressing and may drop out of school as a result. Furtherstudieshave indicated that when self-esteem as well as academic performanceisanalyzed together, indications of academic detachment takes place with academic featuresand not self-esteem students. Not taking care of or putting into consideration whether self-esteem or academic Performance is examined, academic detachment is a lot of times mosttalked aboutthe students.Even though female students as well as other community categories experience academic detachment, studies have been able to show that has shown that only male students remain importantlymisidentified.

In a certain research, it was shown that self-esteem was not associatedwith male or female students and was not determined by the ethnic group.However, self-esteem has been found to be associated female students from a given ethnic group. The outcomes of the research also show that academic feature was associatedwith male and female who were underclasses. Academic feature was also associated with students in upper class except for students. Therefore, in consistency with earlier self-esteem research, it has been found out that only male students were highlymisidentified (Sellers & Chavous 1998). A disadvantage of the earlier research is that self-esteem and academic performance are basicallyconstructed by individuals. This places a lot of emphases on grounds the research of academic misidentification as well as psychological connection and coordination in individual related terms. One way to make use of this disadvantage is to use to make collective constructions and evaluate their coordinationwithseveral academic results. Ethnic relationship includes character as well as and feelings toward a category of individual believed to share a common ethnicity, shared ancestry, shared situation of occurrence of events, as well as shared cultures.


The method of carrying out the research involved a male and a female college student. Their average age was 20.67 years and the standard deviation being 4.03 years. Data collection occurred during the summer school classes. Participating students were selected from a math class. The two Students who took part in the process were presented with extra credit. Research documents that included a properly known consent form participating students as well as questionnaires were presented to the students. Immediately following the receiving of instructions, students scanned through the informed consent document, filled their responses in the questionnaires, and took them back.

The use of the following instruments was put into use in the method used to collect data. Thy include;

The measure for Multi-group gender Identity- This was used in making measurements of components that are common in the identity of ethnicity (Orlando 2003). It involved two sections which were the Likert-type ton take measurements of the ethnic identity and the consistency that is internally.

The scale of genderCentrality- This involved measurements of three dimensions of stable gender identity in accordance with models that are multidimensional.

Subscale of Devaluing the Success of Academic- This is used to make measurement of the psychological separation and is one of the three subscales. For this type measurement of a total of five items is made that are Likert-type.

Scale of Self-Concept Academic- This is a scale of forty items which…[continue]

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