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(2009, Oct. 4). 25,000 Nepali girls involved in sex trade in Indian cities.

Commercial sex brothels in the towns of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata feature young girls believed to have been kidnapped from Nepal, according to the article. There are an estimated fifty brothels in Pune, and many of them are reportedly owned by adult women from Nepal. In those 50 brothels there are about 500 Nepalese girls working in sexual slavery, the article asserts. This information comes through a report that was intended to get the media interested in reporting these terrible crimes. Retrieved Feb. 13,

2010, from http://www.expressindia, com/fullstory.php?newsid=55901.

Hawaii News Now. (2010, February 10). Hawaii man charged with sex trafficking at Super Bowl. A man who is alleged to be a pimp from Hawaii is being charged with bringing a teenage Hawaiian girl to the Super Bowl in Miami -- and allegedly used her to make money. Fred Collins was arrested by the FBI and was also caught with two adult women. The case broke the heart of the special agent who made the arrests, Tom Simon. "…These cases just break our hearts." Retrieved February 12,

2010, from

Hotakainen, Rob. (2010, Feb. 14). Lundgren seeks to expand Megan's Law beyond U.S.

borders. The Congressman from Gold River California is suggesting that there should be a law that requires sex offenders' names to go into an international database. He acknowledges that his district, which includes Sacramento, is "one of the top sources of child prostitution and trafficking" in America. The ACLU is against Lundgren's idea because it would be imposing "new restrictions on people who have already served their sentences." Retrieved from the Fresno Bee, Feb. 14, 2010.

Lacey, Marc, and Urbina, Ian. (2010, Feb. 14). Haiti group's "lawyer" linked to child sex ring. The news has been well reported that a group of 10 Americans were arrested trying to smuggle about 33 Haitian children across the border into the Dominican Republic. But now the story gets more bizarre. The so-called lawyer that the group contracted with is not a lawyer at all -- he is a key witness in a child prostitution ring, authorities say. His name is Jorge Puello and allegedly his wife in Salvador had been convicted in a child prostitution ring there, and he had been wanted by Salvadoran police but fled the country. Interpol has issues a wanted person alert for Puello. Retrieved Feb. 14, 2010, from

Logan, Marty. (2005, Nov. 17). Slavery with a capital S. The root cause of forcing Nepali

girls into being sex slaves is "lust for money" according to this article. The owners of have to pay of course to secure the services of these girls from traffickers. but, the article continues, the brothel owners can "recoup the 'purchase price' in up to seven months."

This means young girls have to "turn 10-12 tricks a day" before the brothel owner begins to see profit from her services. Retrieved from Nepali Times

Roebuck, Jeremy. (2010, Feb. 11). Bar owner indicted on sex trafficking charges. In McAllen

Texas a bar owner has been arrested on charges he smuggled three Honduran female

minors into Texas for purposes of prostitution in his nightclub. The girls told Immigration

and Customs Enforcement agents that they were promised good jobs and a better life in the United States, so they came to the U.S. with high hopes. But when they arrived it turned out that they had to work in the bar for $20 a day until they paid off their "smuggling fees" of around $4,500. Part of their job was to have sex with customers "for money."

Retrieved Feb. 14, 2010, from the Monitor (2010, Feb. 14). Report: Human Trafficking Big Business in Ohio. This article on WTOV9 tells the story of how teenager Theresa Flores was raped and had photos taken of the act of being raped. The attacker said unless she submitted to being a hooker for his gang, her photo would be on the Internet and everyone would know she had sex (even her priest) So she went along for 2 years. Moreover, the story claims that as many as 1,000 children born in Ohio each year are forced into sex slavery. Retrieved Feb. 14, 2010, from[continue]

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