Statement of Purpose for a MA in Communications

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I feel particularly strongly about this international aspect of corporate communications because was born in Pakistan, where women are not encouraged to attend graduate school. Most women get married immediately after completing undergrad, like my sister. I have a different outlook in life. I have traveled to France, London, Germany, Lebanon, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, and to the Caribbean. However, it is not enough merely to educate myself in the communication systems and structures of the world. I wish, through the use of the opportunities I have been granted in my past, and hopefully in my future, to extend the ability to travel and learn from other cultures to the lives of similarly underprivileged persons, particularly but not exclusively women from traditional culture.

Thus communications, including corporate communication is an ongoing process of education, spanning the philosophical theories behind persuasion to crisis management in corporate negotiations. I hope to study all such aspects of corporate communications in graduate school, and to supplement the education of my fellow students by sharing my own bicultural perspective within and without of the classroom. The mesh of academic and practical is critical I seek to further my education with a master's in education. I have seen my education stretch and morph from work as Associate Business Analyst for the Random House Trade Group, back to my studies in finance, literature and business and management communications at Baruch College, and back even to my devotion to books as a young child. Through reading I learned to dream, through my work in academic and corporate America I made my dreams a reality.

My short-term goals in pursuing a master's degree are to improve my technical communication skills at work so I may prove a greater asset to my supervisor, the director of communications, while continuing to work at international projects, including a new refinery in Trinidad and with the smelter in Iceland and Australia.

My long-term goals after completing my masters program, however, are ultimately to I continue my education and obtain a Ph.D. in industrial psychology. One day I hope to become a director of an international organization that brings high school students from around the world to exchange ideas, to achieve an understanding of cultures,…[continue]

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