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Supervisory Development Plan

This situational analysis is about the different ways in which situations can be handled. There is not much difficulty in understanding the complexity of the situation which is about to be discussed. Situational analysis starts with the setting of goals which then will be analyzed and decided how to go about them. This way the knowledge base will also increase. It will also help in improving the overall productivity. The performance gap will also help ensure that everything is done in a proper manner net time. With the help of different feedback from different people, I will then come to the conclusion which should have been reached to from the start.

The first step to devising a supervisory plan is to set goals. Without the proper set of goals the plan will surely fail. This will result in the whole plan to flop. All the work which is to be done will go to waste. Keeping this in mind, the first goal which I set for the AARP is to set up classes to learn how to play Black Jack. Since the basic requirement to learn Black Jack is to know other different games, it will be fairly easy for them to learn how to play this game. The trick is to teach them how to learn when to stop.

The whole of the members are on a fixed income. This is why they will need to be taught caution while playing the game. Because of the nature of the game, it is very hard to predict when to stop. However, while setting up classes for the members, it should be kept in mind that these classes will serve a dual purpose. The first purpose of these mock classes is to teach the members how to play Black jack. This will help them gain a thorough understanding of how the game works. As per the members wish, they will become familiar and comfortable with the game as they take the classes which are going to be held for them.

The second purpose the classes will fulfill is that they will learn to control their impulse in a controlled environment. By holding classes and mock games for the members, it will become easy for me to see which members are prone to getting carried away while gambling. As mentioned before all the members are on a fixed income. So it will not be a good move for them to gamble away the earnings they have. Some of the members have mentioned their desire to come back with more earnings than they went with. Keeping this in mind it is important that they be told the consequences of getting carried away while playing the game in the real setting.

It is important to look upon the different sites which are available on how to play Black Jack. Some of the AARP members know how to play different other cards games. They have said that if they are told the basics of playing the game, they will be able to handle the game fairly well. The problem is that none of them are that well practiced at playing cards. This will be an external factor which cannot be helped by me or any other plan. It will not be as easy as it sound to get all of the different members of the AARP on the same page regarding the matter of gambling. The trip should be fun for all of the members of the AARP. They are all above the age of 62. Since they do not have much more to do, this trip has to be a success.

It will be a struggle to get all the information regarding the different gambling techniques present today. Keeping in mind the income level of the members, it will be beneficial to have a look at the different techniques which are used by the various casinos out in Las Vegas. These two will help in getting the right data to help me decide which casino to visit. The members are highly excited about the trip. However, apprehension is not visible regarding the possibility of losing money, while out gambling.

Performance gaps

It is important to keep in mind that performance gaps occur when the ideal and the current state are different and do not match. In light of this problem, the ideal situation is that the members all enjoy the trip. This is our main aim. It will be a waste of money if the whole of the group does not enjoy the different facilities which are available. It is crucial for the American Association of Retired People to have a good time on the trip. As the director the responsibility of this trip falls onto my shoulders. The response from all the members is positive so far.

The second most important thing regarding this is that the loss of money during gambling should be as less as possible. As the director it is my responsibility that the members do not lose a lot of money during gambling. They all seem excited and are looking forward to a chance to gamble. As per research Black Jack has been chosen as the designated game for the members. This is because it is one of the less risky card games available on the floor. To ensure that the members do not lose a lot of money, they should be well versed in the many different things which are needed to be kept in mind. There are many different terminologies which play a crucial role in winning or losing a hand. For this reason, classes will be held to make sure they learn how and what to do during the actual game.

In the pre-trip discussions, it was revealed that a few members were excited about the possibility of winning money. They were looking forward to getting the chance to double the amount they have. However, they will be well satisfied with coming back with possibly a bit more money they initially went with. This is a potential problem, as these members will not stop when they lose one hand. They may want to try their luck again and again. It is not necessary that they win each time. However, one win will make their confidence boost, causing them to possibly bet higher than the last time. Keeping all these factors in mind, a popular book regarding the game of Black Jack was found. It was all about the game. This book if properly can make the game really easy.

However, the current state is completely different from the ideal state. Even though the trip has been planned, it is evident that none of the members have ever visited Vegas. It turns out that two members of the AARP have visited Las Vegas. However, upon further discussion, it was found that the members did not take part in any of the gambling at the casinos. This is a possible problem, as they are not aware of how the games are played. Out of the group only I have visited Vegas. However, that is not enough knowledge for the whole group.

Only two members are aware of how to play Bridge. This is also a card game. Since they know the mechanics of it, they are confident that they will not need a lot of training to learn how to play Black Jack. They believe that with a little bit of guidance, they will be able to know how to play the game. However, this is not the case. It will not be easy for the members to learn a new game which is based on mathematics. It may seem like a simple enough game, but it is rather complex in real life situation. The whole of the game will not be the same in a controlled environment.

When the Commerce Chambers of Las Vegas was contacted, they did not give out any information regarding the different casinos. I was depending highly on that information. This now puts us behind. The members will now be going in blind and unaware of how the casinos operate. This will make the stakes even higher for the members who will want to gamble.


As the director of the American Association of Retired Persons, I am highly capable of handling the members which are currently with us. There do come times when a situation arises where a little advice and help may be needed from the higher authorities. To be able to help the members enjoy on the trip, it is important for me to understand the game myself. This will not be easy, as I am not as quick with numbers as the game demands. However, my bond with the members is strong. This will help me in making them understand the negative aspects of gambling at the casinos we will be visiting.

The members all have their own incomes. This is the tricky part for me,…[continue]

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