System Development Life Cycle

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In the same manner, SDLC must have "proficient project management skills (University of Phoenix, 2002)" and knowledge to guarantee success.

Project planning as part of project management occurs before analysis and design in order to (PMI, 2004):

. Identify requirements;

. Establish clear and achievable objectives;

. Balance the competing demands for quality, scope, time and cost; and

. Adapt the specifications, plans, and approach to the different concerns and expectations of the various stakeholders.

By indulging in proper project planning, the development team - or any project team for that matter - will be able to have a roadmap that will guide them each step of the way in the systems analysis and design process. They will not go blind into an activity since the blueprint provides the specific directions required in each phase of the systems analysis and design activities. In addition, project planning will ensure that utilization of resources (i.e. money, time, and people) will be at the optimum level without the burden of having idle periods. In the end, the system developed could be called a high quality project which delivered the "required product, service and result within scope, on time, and within budget (PMI, 2004)."…[continue]

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