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System Implementation

The implementation stage of the Riordan project may prove to be the most challenging yet, but one that is worth all the effort. It would take a team of experts in various fields to successfully see this stage successfully through to completion, it cannot be a one-man show. Several departments within the organization have to be given priority when it comes to rolling out the new human resource management system. Since this system is automated and rests on an Information Technology platform, the first two departments to consider would be the human resource management and Information Technology departments. All the teams of professionals within these departments would have to be part and parcel of the entire system design and development process. The other departments to consider would be those of finance and operations management as they too are a fundamental part of the organization's decision making framework.


As the new human resource management system is designed for Riordan Manufacturing, it is imperative to consider all its essential features and functions so as to ensure a flawless module is developed. These features and functions are tied firmly to computer programs for end users as well as those for system administrators. Databases for keeping and maintaining all the information within the system are also of prime importance during the implementation stage. It is therefore imperative that the group of professionals from the Information Technology department, more so the system developers bear in mind the usability of the system so as to ensure they generate the correct types of computer software for application within the system.

The standards and procedures to use during the development of system software on which the new automated human resource management structure would be based depend entirely on the keen instructions of the trusted group of experts in that field. There are several platforms that may guide the coding process of the new system. These platforms are all reliable in their effectiveness and may be used as advised. One such method is the Iterative method. This is whereby selected groups of experts are divided into distinct sets, each handling a separate aspect of the new system. Iteration, as applied during this method, guides the developers and designers through the entire process by tackling one area at a time. The completion of one stage in the system development project using the Iterative method depends on the assured completion of the preceding stage (Marciniak, 2002).


Once the teams of experts are through with the design and development stage, it becomes prudent to test the system before it is actually implemented within the organization. There several points to note while preparing for the testing phase. These points are usually geared towards the actual and expected output of the system. This means that the system developers and designers must at all times beware of the intended purpose of the system before undertaking to develop it (George, Valacich, & Hoffer, 2003). Since Riordan's request is clear and concise, it would be simple for the team of professionals during the design and development phase.

As mentioned earlier, the sole purpose of the testing phase is to gauge whether the system as it stands is sound or needs some readjustments. This therefore includes creates unreal scenarios whereby test data is run through the system to establish whether the outcome is as desired or requires realignment. This is tantamount to having the system development team selecting a particular case scenario that would likely be found in reality if the system was already pre-existent. The system administrators are then required to analyze the results of the test and verify whether the team is on the right track or has missed a mark. In case of any deviation from the expected output, the team would then have to establish the right course of action to take so as to bring the system back to the desired track (Marciniak, 2002).


This stage is whereby the old system of human resource management is replaced with the new and automated Human Resource Management Information System within Riordan Manufacturing. The best approach to take during this stage is the Phased Method of installation. Phased installation would grant all of the organization's stakeholders the time necessary to adapt to…[continue]

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