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Team Plan Strategy for Program Implementation

Success University (SU) a medium sized undergraduate institution located Southern California. SU offers Associates Bachelors programs Business, Psychology Education San Moreno campus online. SU decided launch programs Fall.

Strategies for as unified team

The members of the task force team will be selected internally to maintain the university culture and ensure that the team does not need training on the values, mission and vision of the university.

Strategies for as unified team

Including an already existing employee base will also boost their morale and ensure commitment to projects needs. The need for recruiting internally is because the ability of the faculty members is known and one can easily target them for an ideal position. The proposed members of staff to form the task force will also go through a vetting process from their colleagues. This will further go to advice the leader on the inadequacies and competencies of his prospective team.

The selected task force will also be assessed for their ability to work as team members and assessment of the best measures to undertake in order to achieve maximum productivity from each team member will be obtained. The coming up with a cohesive team will use the following strategies;

Selection criteria

The team member will be or have served in a supervisory position within the organization (University) or any other institution where the participated in implementing a plan. The team member with this can of experience will add to the smoothness of implementing the proposed plan. Additionally they will understand the likely hurdles of implementing the plans and have an idea of how best to counter them (Lorenzen M., 2006).

The select task force will also be evaluated in terms of their contribution in the university. This will evaluate on the proposed team member ability to deliver the intended goals and their competencies in dealing with pressure. The selection criterion will also bring in cohesiveness such that the select task force will be objectively selected and thus implementation of the plan would not be met with lots of resistances. Launching the plan with a team on members who belong to the university's employee base will make the plan and program be embraced by those who will work with it. The faculty members will also identify with the plan and success is probable.

A task force that brings on board ideas that that are reflective of the university's culture will also limit conflict in opinions and ideology. In working with team members from the same university there is a shared understanding and they can easily take care of individual weaknesses the set in an understanding of what need.

Team building exercise

Team building is an integral part of creating a team structure with cohesiveness in its functionality. According to Michael A. And Jude K. (2005), team building is used as a tool of strategic planning for project to make working more cohesive and ensure that the task force is allied with the desires of such projects. The commitment shown by the task force is expected to be higher where team building is embraced.

In team building a variety of task to bring out their understanding of the need for cohesive action is given. Also the exercise brings out the strengths and weaknesses of each team player. In this aspect the team members can be able to complement each other. The deeper understanding of a team and effective team working can be targeted through team building exercises. Caution is given by Michael N. And Rajiv S (2001) that effective team building comes before starting to implement that the proposed plan. Team members need know each other's strengths, capability and attitude towards the proposed plan for implementation.

Meetings are also a measure to communicate policies and procedures to the team members (Balmer, 2001). The members of the task force need to internalize the policy observed by the university as this will ensure cohesiveness in their individual task performances. Something else to be achieve in team building is communication which can be emphasized through a an outside voice to teach and train its employees on communication, skills to be utilized and the more on verbal, nonverbal and team work, communication skills.

Hold Consistent Meetings

Meetings with the task force to act as a feedback mechanism will go a long way to ensure there is an understood step-by-step procedure. The meeting will also work to bring the task force in a position to as for assistance of offer assistance in areas of their competencies. A cohesive team according to (Barney J.B. & Hesely W.S, 2008) is one that has report and feedback mechanisms and this is greatly assured through consistent meetings.

Launching the New Program

Launching the new programs will be guided by the team's discretion depending on the marketability of the program and the assessed performance in the market. The most marketable program is likely to gain acceptability in the market and also provide an easy measure to the team on paths to take and counter measures when failure is imminent. The step to be followed will include.

Target Your Audience

This does not mean only those who will likely embrace the serve but it includes those who will feel threatened by the products (Ricart, Enright, Ghemawat, Hart, & Khanna, 2004). Also included in this is the government and educational authority that assess the programs performance and adequacy in the market. Considerations of community in to which the product will be launched needs to be assessed. The community as a whole is the determining factors towards the success of the university program. If the community holds no value in the programs taught, then the program will not be embraced.

Understanding marketability of the program

There is need to know what the market feels like and what it opinion of the programs to be launched the appreciation of the market needs and there incorporation thereof determines the success of a program. The market being the major back set for the products needs has to be considered.

Time of the launch

Being an introductory course of programs to the university its launch needs to target the start of the semester or an academic year. This will ensure that the cost of running a newly started course is incorporated in the program of the university. The initial cost of administration will also be incorporated with the already running programs. The university will also have the advantage of integrating its program.

Product strategy

Competitive advantage can be obtained by the products launch strategy. Is considered for launch in the base community first or in the national arena including online programs plus distance learning. Embracing the wholesome though for the launch of the program will determine the success that will be held. It will also influence to that institution ability to sustain the product in the market.

Evaluation mode

During the launch the university will need to show how much the program is benefiting the local or what amount of success is likely to be embraced. The evaluation exercise will determine how best to capture the result. Evaluation of the success of the program will need to be accessed.

Potential for expansion

While launching a product there is need to asses if there is potential for expansion in the market and what are the institutions potential and capacity towards this expansions. The university will need to evaluate its ability to embrace the demand they will face and what are the resources available to accommodate the increases and the changes in the programs launched.

Goals and Deliverables

The task forces will need t o assess the potential of the proposed programs launch in the market. They will need to show potential performance of the program and the likely contribution the program may have on the university.

It will also be appropriate for the task for to assess how best to integrate the programs upon launch. The programs will need to be part of the university's curriculum and need is heightened to ensure that the program does not conflict with others.

The potential and capacity of the university to support the programs is also essential. The university task force will be tasked to show the capacity within the institution and show how best it can use the capacity to incorporate the program.

At the launch of the program the institution will need to assess the contribution of the programs started. This may take a while but the task force team needs to set in their expectations in the initial stages of the launch. This expectations need to be measured against the outcome after launch.

Evaluation and Monitoring

Hold Consistent Meetings

Meetings with the task force to act as a feedback mechanism will go a long way to ensure there is an understood step-by-step procedure. The meeting will also work to bring the task force in a position to as for assistance of offer assistance in areas of their competencies. A cohesive team according to…[continue]

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