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The other men of the less considered races however, also express their concerns but with less conviction since the society has set them as the less privileged. The differences between them cause each to express their issues with concern; hence this theory explains the men's behavior in the film.

The standpoint theory is one that considers the way our society and the culture shapes our way of thinking and views in different ideologies and perspectives

. Using the inequalities that exist within the society shapes how we perceive each other and hence; the stand point we have as individuals are not really considered as significant. The view point is usually exhibited through the culture we show and the language we use. The culture is diverse and the identities we express are usually rooted within the individuals.

The standpoint theory consists of three ideas; the first is that our standpoint is determined by our social location and situated knowledge. The second is that we do not only belong to one particular group but we belong to more groups depending on the various inequalities among us. This can either make us one large strong group or a less powerful group

. The third is that members in a social group have a status in the hierarchy. Those that are higher in standing can influence the perspectives of those lower in the social hierarchy (less powerful social group)

The standpoint theory sets a basis for understanding the marginalization of certain groups in the society

. For instance, in line with the men in the video, Hugh's view that the white Americans are the major cause of racism and thus; change should start from them shows that the whites are the ones higher on the hierarchy. Thus the African-Americans and the Latino men feel that it is them that are underprivileged. Gordon and David Christenson's view that the other races are the ones that pose danger to them is an indication of how the social location has affected their thinking

. However, after the participants have talked and opened up to each other, their viewpoints do not however remain the same. Thus the standpoint theory explains their behavior and perception of things initially.

Many are the times when we believe what we hear or see others doing without questioning. This is what the article how nice people are corrupted by David Meyers explains. The way an individual reasons is very much different from the way a group does

. However, due to social pressure to the individuals to conform into the beliefs of the group, we end up corrupting the nice people. The individualistic values are corrupted when one accepts what the group decides as fit code of conduct for all. When the personal attitudes fail to overcome the conviction to move with the majority, the person becomes disengaged from him or herself and is integrated into group thinking. From the discussion among the men in the video, it is clear that these people as individuals, they have a conscious that allows them to reason and perceive each other as equal. They realize they have the same fears and concerns and hence none of them is superior to the other. It is for this reason that as they go through with the discussion, they become so emotional. Towards the end of the discussion, they start to accept each other. For instance, when David Christenson realizes that the Latin origin men have also been to college, and that he actually is the only one who has not, he acknowledges the fact that they are as much an equal race as the European origin Americans.

People do not get along mainly due to these societal misconceptions that lead to corruption of individualistic views and reasoning

. People of privilege behave as they do because the socials status and norms demand that they do so. But given a chance to be independent in their thinking, the nice person in them can prevail and make them better.

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