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As the city council was making its preparations to host the Olympics, various groups militated for the negative effects the endeavor would generate upon the city. They cited the necessity to invest large amounts of money from the national budget, which means that other charitable events and endeavors would be left aside. Another limitation is given by the fact that throughout the 17 days games, the businesses not directly involved in the Olympics might suffer disturbances. Finally, the third major argument was given by the possibility that the massive investments made in improving the city's infrastructure might prove worthless in the future, as these newly created facilities would not be otherwise used (Economics Help, 2007).

Despite these fears however, Salt Lake City benefited largely from the developments made in infrastructure, generally referred to as the Olympic legacy facilities. These include locations such as the Utah Olympic Park, the Soldier Hollow or the Utah Olympic Oval, which "offer an array of activities for people of all ages, abilities and aspirations. Whether you are a recreational enthusiast, developing athlete, spectator or tourist, we encourage you to "Get Up & Go!" For a unique Olympic experience" (Website of the State of Utah, 2009). While the first two facilities are used for the same events as throughout the Olympics, the Utah Olympic Oval has been transformed from a skating ring into a facility offering (aside skating possibilities), weight facilities, gymnasiums or swimming pools. All of the facilities built or improved with the occasion f hosting the Olympic Games were transformed for the benefit of the local communities and now host various activities, such as skating or skiing. "Each venue has been transformed into a community facility, open year-round to the public for post-Games usage. There are introductory Olympic winter sports programs, public skating on "The Fastest Ice on Earth," tours of the Olympic facilities, tubing, cross-country skiing, public bobsled rides, ski jumping and freestyle aerial shows, 2002 Games exhibit and the Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center/Alf Engen Ski Museum" (Website of the State of Utah, 2009). This will lead to the economic development of the region as new tourist will be attracted to the region. Foremost, the Olympics generated a televised publicity of the beautiful landscape, which is expected to turn Utah into a winter destination.

Aside the future usage of the sports facilities and the economic gains they generate, the city has also benefited from the multifunctional usage of other locations. In this order of ideas, the buildings constructed to hold the participants and the guests to the Olympics will become housing facilities for the students at the Utah University. In addition, the equipments (including furniture and computers) used in the games will be purchased by local schools and governments (VOA News, 2002).

7. Conclusions

The modern day cities strive to become engaged in events that consolidate their position onto the international map. An event that could achieve this is the Olympics and after various failed attempts, Salt Lake City managed to host these games in 2002. The city prepared for seven years for the winter sports and encountered numerous challenges in doing so. Despite the difficulties however, SLC succeeded in its endeavor and its urban geography gained tremendously. The roads infrastructure was significantly improved; new buildings and facilities were constructed (which are today used for various operations); the local economy and tourism increased.


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Olympic Games: Federal Government Provides Significant Funding and…[continue]

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