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What is the opinion about whether the U.S. should have been there in the Iraq War or not? (America at War)

The fact is that, in general, humanitarian intervention in a war, anywhere in the world, is accepted as a necessary thing, and also as an accepted fact of life, wherein the states that can afford to intervene and offer humanitarian help are welcomed with open arms. In this case, the intervention of the U.S.A. is not viewed by many as being humanitarian in any way, and it is a lesser-known fact that the Security Council had not actually approved the intervention. The Human Rights Watch, which usually keeps a lookout for the state of affairs in the world, takes no part in the issue of the involvement of any particular state in any war, and because of the fact that the U.S. intervention in the Iraq War was not actually meant to save human lives from mass slaughter and death, the Human Rights Watch had no choice but to let the affairs run their course. However, it is the general public opinion that the U.S.A. And her troops should not be there. (War in Iraq: Not a Humanitarian Intervention)

What actually did the U.S.A. hope to gain from her intervention in the Iraq War? It is the general belief that the U.S.A. did hope to gain complete control of the vast oil fields of Iraq, to establish military bases in Iraq, and also to be able to dominate the Middle East by its control over the Oil fields. This would further go on to the point wherein the U.S.A. would be able to exert control over all the other countries that depend on oil, and also by default, remove the potential threat being posed by Iraq over Israel. Some people even offer the opinion that if Iraq had been able to accept payment in Euros for its oil, then most probably the Euro would have become more valuable than the U.S. Dollar, and this would have been a great loss to the U.S.A. Were USA to gain control over the oil fields of Iraq, then this problem would definitely not arise, since she can refuse payment in Euros. (The Iraq War)

How much longer will the U.S. troops be stationed in Iraq? The Bush administration maintains that it has no plans of increasing the numbers of soldiers who have been stationed in Iraq at present, which numbers to 130,000 today. However, other sources like the Flashpoints USA state that according to a survey they conducted that about 38% of Americans feel that there will be an increase of American troops in that region in about six months from now, and about 25% of Americans feel that there will be a decrease in the troops. The clear majority of Americans, about 65% however, feel that the U.S. troops must be withdrawn six months from today, and that there must be fewer rather than more in the future, while about 16% felt that there should indeed be more U.S. troops in Iraq. (America at War) One would have to wait and see what happens in the future.


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