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Addiction Counseling

... Addiction Counseling May 11, 2014 Abstract Applying multiculturalism to addiction counseling in today's society is necessary because of the ... "Factors Impacting the Development of Substance Abuse Counseling Supervisors." Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling. American Counseling Association. 2008.……[more]

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Read Chapter 12 Book Describing Specialties Family Counseling Couples Counseling Rehabilitation Counseling Addictions Counseling Pastoral Counseling Forensic Counseling Cover Reference Page NOT Count 3000 Word Paper Requirement Do Quote Directly Source

Every counselor is different. Additionally, there are many different types of counseling specialties in which a person can get involved. By doing that, they are ... lives. This paper explores the different specialties located in several types of counseling, and……[more]

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Addiction Counseling

... , however, they both are exhibiting addictive behaviors, with Steve's in the early stages and ... competence: A framework and review, Journal of Psychological Counseling, Vol. 35, Issue 4, pp. 3 - 11 Moosa, M.Y.H.; Jonsson, G.; Jeenah, F.Y.:……[more]

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Alcohol Drug Addiction

... (sometimes appended cognitive) counseling program would use modeling, reinforcement and similar practical skills to reverse the addiction. The behavioral addiction counselor believes that reinforced ... of the drug create addiction and, therefore, reverse engineering is needed to replace pleasurable……[more]

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Group Addiction Counseling

... and Director of the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, insists that client-centered counseling and therapy must first "move away from the medical model ...…[more]

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... could be considered as a secure method. (Counseling & Psychotherapy) In this paper, we wish to discuss ... to clients as well as to the counselors. Psychotherapy and Counseling: Psychotherapy is generally described as the ... Addictions; Pain and……[more]

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Select one of the other types of prevention programs specified by the Institute of Medicine and design a different prevention program for these high school students. The best investment, if we are aiming to help our students be as successful……[more]

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This is an entire chemical assessment of a college student name Jay this is an alcoholic. This assessment is done to evaluate his history and background to come up with a plan that would be effective in helping him. This……[more]

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Group Therapy And Treatment Of Compulsive And Addictive Behaviors

... paradigms: psychoanalytic, behaviorist, cognitive, and humanist, into group counseling treatment for addictions and compulsive behaviors. Each paradigm is briefly discussed then ... counseling. The integration of these paradigms is discussed in terms of the ethical and cultural considerations, the……[more]

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Ethical Issues In Group Counseling

This paper examines the potential ethical conflicts that can arise in the group therapy context. It identifies two core sources of conflict: cultural differences and the issue of confidentiality. It discusses ways to mitigate the impact of the cultural clashes,……[more]

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Couples Dynamics In Sexual Addiction Recovery

This short paper focuses on a couple, Jim and Mary, where the husband is dealing with a sexual addition. Jim's behavior includes excessive pornography consumption in addition to the use of escorts and prostitutes. It then examines three articles to……[more]

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Biblical Counseling

Christian theory, however, tends to focus more on a fundamental change in both the therapist and client based on the situation. The locus of the therapeutical relationship is, of course, the foundation that the heart has been formed by God.……[more]

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Threats Of Violence In Counseling And Psychotherapy

... counseling organizations that focus on breaking the cycle of violence by counseling the abusers, as well as their victims. "AMEND provides counseling to men who have been abusive, anger management, and addiction counseling ...…[more]

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This is the case of Mr. W., referred for treatment by his parents who are concerned that his use of alcohol is interfering with his grades in college. Mr. W reportedly had all A grades in high school and had……[more]

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Counseling Addiction

... screaming and yelling coming out of the tube. That television watching is as addictive as drug taking was probably a more novel thought in 1978, when Hubert ... and pain, and he wanted the audience to feel the suffering……[more]

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Counseling Dual Disorders Focusing Schizophrenia Heroine

... drugs only hav5 a psychological addiction, whil5 oth5 rs hav5 a v5 ry r5 al physical addiction; h5 roin falls into th5 ... addiction and giv5 n us an array of b5 havioral and pharmacologic th5 rapi5 s that……[more]

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... different cultural value systems, often do not seek out psychological counseling in the United States. Counselors are perceived as either lacking in ... this is not always the case, women do need to be counseled with relationship issues in……[more]

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Von Wormer, Katherine, and McKinney, Robin. (2003). What Schools Can do To Help Gay/ Lesbian/Bisexual Youth: A Harm Reduction Approach. Adolescence, 38(151), 409-420. Von Wormer asserts through this article that because adjusting to heterosexual environment in public schools and……[more]

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... it is important. While this particular study deals with counseling experience of TPM, it is important to remember that counselors ... other Pastoral Counselings The Basic Prepositions of TPM The Procedures of TPM TPM as a Pastoral Counseling TPM……[more]

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Counseling Those With Disabilities

... in a variety of therapeutic techniques required to address a broad range of concerns such as depression, addiction and substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, stress management, self-esteem issues ... CF and non-CF candidates in regards to vocational counseling needs may……[more]

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... field: One year of directly related work experience highly preferred. Salary: 9.75-10.00 Addictions Counselor Educational: Associates required (Must have a minimum of an Associates Degree in ... Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Educational: Master required (Master's degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling……[more]

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Counseling And Therapy

... the "expected" reaction to a tale of childhood incest and sex abuse, meth-addicted mothering, and the suicide of one's only support system -- with a solemn ... , and as un-empathetic if she does. References Corey, G. (2013). Theory……[more]

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Addictive Behavior

During the assessment process the clinician should consider issues such as chronic illness, decreased activities of daily living, significant loss, and underlying mental health issues (Owens et al., 2009). Military personnel also experience unique risk factors for depression such as……[more]

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... counseling that will be discussed here is not designed for children to be present. Having worked in the addictions ... Counseling, 29, 163-176. VanBremen, J.R., & Chasnoff, I.J. 1994. Policy issues for integrating parenting interventions and addiction ...…[more]

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Counselling And Support For Youth

... company they are connected with (Lehman, 1992). In another study, addictive substance users reported that the use of such ... through the user's acts of difficulty in sustaining attention and psychological addiction. Furthermore, marijuana users have an increasing tolerance,……[more]

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Counseling Theories

... make escaping the grip of addiction extremely difficult. Denial may be facilitated by the addict's friends and family. ... go unnoticed by friends and family (Buddy 2009). Chronic addicts may develop a functional tolerance to their substance of choice,……[more]

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Addiction To The Internet

... addicted pretty evenly. Men are more focused on sexual material while women focus on relationships and personal interactions according to Cooper who is Stanford University's counseling ... Addictions and Life Page: Symptoms of Internet Addiction (2005) Retrieved from the……[more]

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Counseling Group Proposal Paper

... . To begin with, group therapy is not designed to replace completely the individual counselling and therapy, but "is construed as group methods employed to assist individuals who ...…[more]

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The Counseling Psychology Field Unique Constant Search A Specialized Identity It Evolved A A Series Movements Contributed Success Current Counseling Psychology Division Describe Mental Hygiene Movement Counseling Psychology

... to this condition involves prenatal care, child abuse programs, and also counseling offered to the victims. Mental Hygiene movement was mostly introduced to curb ... concentrated on how to promote the mental health. Counseling psychology is considered a very……[more]

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How The Vietnam Troops Came Back Addicted And How The Troops Now Come Back

... Forces that Nixon asked Congress for funds to address the growing addiction of Americans, especially returning veterans (Belenko 277). Marijuana was also a popular ... to marijuana, and could continue their addiction. These addictions seem inevitable as studies continue……[more]

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Creating A Proposal For A Counseling Group

Counseling groups give members an opportunity to share experiences, discover new ... the new behaviors in a relatively safe and supportive environment. A professional counseling service provider leads the group in its endeavor to satisfy demands of the members. This……[more]

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Are Consultation And Social Justice Advocacy Similar Exploring The Perceptions Of Professional Counselors And Counseling Students

... of all counselors should be the desire to deliver high quality, complete school counseling services to all students. Our programs are designed to help all students ...…[more]

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Group Counseling

This paper is an annotated bibliography centered on studies investigating the effectiveness of group counseling for substance abuse. The specific issues covered included the use of contingency management, women's only groups, severity of substance abuse, group versus standard individual counseling,……[more]

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... his eventually divorced parents both suffered from chemical dependency and addiction, while the father inflicted sever emotional and physical abuse, is extremely ...…[more]

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A Critical Comparison Of Humanistic Counseling Techniques To Cognitive Behavioral And Neo Psychoanalytic Approaches

Counselling is a broad subject and as such, constitutes different areas of study application and ... practices of counselling. This paper explores the different aspects of counselling with main reference to specific techniques and their association with one another. The……[more]

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Ethics In Group Counseling

The paper focus on highlighting the ethical concerns that surface in counseling. The paper discusses the various ethical dilemmas and how they are tackled in the individual therapy sessions and the group therapy sessions. The paper also identifies why one……[more]

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Personal Counseling

This paper develops a theoretical approach to the counseling process and discusses how the therapeutic orientation compares with cognitive behavioral therapy. Emphasis is placed on the nature of people, problems, and change. The concerns surrounding individual and family therapy, multicultural……[more]

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A Reflective Essay Discussing Plans And Expectations For First Student Placement Experience

... and therefore, resistance (Cleak & Wilson, 2007). Naturally, those are approaches to counseling that are more conducive to eliciting information that is meaningful to placement recommendations ... my main area of interest in drug and alcohol addiction counseling. More……[more]

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Choose A Theoretical Orientation That Was Discussed In Sexuality Counseling Chapter 2 In 3 Pages Write A Review Of That Theory And Why You Think It Fits Well With Your Style Also In The Paper Please Address The Following Questions

... of the issue, focusing on changing behaviors often aids the individual in reducing an addiction, changing their approach to a situation, or focusing on interaction and dialog issues. CBT ... family and friends (SOURCE, p. 23). . Addiction to……[more]

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