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... aspartame, replaces it, obesity will be markedly eliminated. The current consumption of aspartame is about 5 g annually. This amount is equivalent to 1 kg of sucrose. No convincing evidence has come up that aspartame prevents ... triglycerides because……[more]

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Postmenopause is installed when the symptoms of menopause are completed and it lasts throughout the rest of the woman's life. 3. Symptoms of menopause As with any other aspect of menopause, the symptoms experienced by women at menopause vary and……[more]

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What Are The Health Concerns And Associated Risks With Usage Of Sugar Substitute For Over 10 Years And Its Effects On Genetics In Women Of Child Baring Age

This study looks at the true effects of food additives, particularly sugar substitutes like aspartame. FDA, the American Diabetic Association and a number of researches have endorsed its appropriate use for food. But more and more studies are coming up……[more]

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Food Affected Disease States Attention Deficit Disorder And Food

... According to the researchers most of ADHD cases occur due to abnormality of several genes most of which ...…[more]

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ADHD Case Study

... by the doctors as a temporary corrective measure to this imbalance. It is worth noting that research shows that ADHD is not just a case of chemical imbalance and therefore ...…[more]

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Coca Cola

... to threaten revenue and take over the market. This paper will provide an overview of the soft drink industry, in terms of ... area of food research. This provides a positive outlook for Coca Cola and the soft drink……[more]

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The Coca Cola Marketing Strategies

... cases a year to capture 41% of the entire United States soft drink market (Research Reports at This is an example ... sales have grown at 3% per year over the past five years (Research Reports at……[more]

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... is heated or micro waved in plastic containers. The International Agency for the Research on Cancer (IACR) has release studies on the accumulated detrimental effects of petrochemicals ...…[more]

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