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Beautiful Boy By David Sheff

... most positive attribute of Sheff's book is that he succeeds in ... beauty, intellect, and personality, changes into a nightmare of themselves when they give their soul to drugs (Knox). REFERENCES CONSULTED Fong, J. "Book Review: Beautiful Boy....? BC……[more]

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Beautiful Boy by David Sheff is a chronicle of the author's life with his addicted son Nic. Nic seemed like a normal, precocious child who was usually bright and a great leader in school. However, Nic became addicted to crystal……[more]

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... journalist and New York Times bestselling author, David Sheff is undoubtedly accustomed to covering stories both triumphant ... as Sheff harnesses his authorial talents to portray extremely personal events in devastatingly emotional fashion. References Sheff, D. (2009). Beautiful boy:……[more]

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