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One of the topics our writers are most frequently called upon to research is counseling. Whether a customer is approaching counseling from the perspective of a social worker, a psychologist, a member of the clergy, or another social services perspective, we have experts that can help explore various approaches to counseling. This breadth is critical because there is a surprising amount of conflict to be found when examining the different approaches to counseling, with some critics of some approaches going so far as to suggest that an approach is damaging. For example, a religious counselor and a social worker may have very different perspectives about a controversial counseling approach like ex-gay conversion therapy.

For students, one of the best assets our researchers and writers can bring to a project may be the ability to design and develop experiments to compare and contrast different counseling approaches. This ability means that are writers are not limited to providing help for term papers or research papers, but can actually offer critical guidance to students seeking graduate degrees and in need of assistance for dissertations. By providing guidance for research topics, our writers can not only help our customers determine what the experts say about different counseling approaches, but engage in their own evaluation of those different approaches.

Furthermore, many of our writers have experience as real-life counselors in various different disciplines including family therapy, substance abuse counseling, domestic violence intervention programs, sexual assault survivor counseling, bereavement counseling, and working with criminal offenders. Drawing upon their professional experiences, our writers can help students with patient evaluations or with developing counseling interventions aimed at helping specific problems. To understand why this real-life experience can be so critical to the creation of an authentic paper, one need only consider how different clients may require different therapeutic approaches. Furthermore, our writers supplement their personal knowledge of counseling techniques with the most recent research into counseling and mental health.


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... and to produce some constructive elucidations, therapy could be considered as a secure method. (Counseling & Psychotherapy) In this paper, we wish to discuss on counselors working as a group and ... of the counselors working in a group……[more]

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... approaches to human understanding. Indeed, this has been the prevalent thought in counseling. Counseling theories have been formulated through scientific methods and analysis, but ... counseling are further developed to add to the growing literature on counseling as a……[more]

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COUNSELLING I A Counselling Session Form A DIALOGUE A Client The Issue Client Found Pregnant A Boyfriend Years Married Her Worst Fears Parents Strict Religious On Information I Build A Counselling Session

... clients that the counselor cares about them. The counseling process should include both aspects of emotions and facts ... counselor is to provide an appropriate solution to the clients and to satisfy them. Every counseling session is a setting……[more]

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Counseling 510 Theories Couseling After Viewing Session Cognitive Therapy Reading Helen s Dysfunctional Thought Record Choose Questions Discuss Begin A Thread Answering A Question Question Responding 1

Counseling Theories Socializing the client is an important approach in cognitivebehavioral therapy. It is visible in this ... about the principles and practices of the therapy. This is basically a kind of counseling that the therapist carries forward on his……[more]

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Counseling And Psychotherapy

... role in counseling because it assists professionals in gaining success and confidence (2004). There are many counseling options for ... must also possess expertise in the field of family counseling because Jessica will need the support of her family……[more]

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Counseling Orientation Introductin To

... supervision in innovative ways (Jencius 1). The Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary defines counseling as "professional guidance of the individual by utilizing psychological methods especially in collecting case ... devices interfering in the atmosphere established by counselor and patient (Condic 10).……[more]

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Counseling Session Paper

... tool that I use in my counseling practice. As the Hutchens model itself describes, there is no one single style of counseling that is enough ... the counselor either does not have enough of a repertoire of counseling skills……[more]

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Counseling Children Who Have Been Abused

... Counseling children who have been abused is a difficult task for most practitioners. ... the treatment needs, issues linked to child abuse counseling and best approaches that fosters appropriate counseling. Given that most abused children are ... threats from……[more]

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Counseling Minor ClientsEthical And Legal Requirements

... to the counselor responsibilities in counseling minors. References Glosoff, Harriet L. and Pate, Robert H., Jr. (2002) Privacy and Confidentiality in School Counseling. Professional School Counseling 1 Oct. 2002. Retrieved ... ) Just Cut It Out: Legal and Ethical……[more]

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Counselling Supervision

... foundation, of what today has emerged as "counselling" and "counselling supervision" - professions that very clearly stand on ... marriage between counselling and psychotherapy, the authors explain, have come two distinct groups of counselling supervisors: ... in counselling supervision……[more]

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Counseling Theories

This therapeutic mechanism, according to Hiroshima, aims to: ? Emphasize transference, in which a patient's past object relations and emotions are projected onto the therapist, as well as countertransference, which occurs in the therapist in response to transference, and ?……[more]

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Counseling For Children

In this paper we are examining the impact of physical and sexual abuse on children. This is accomplished through critiquing the book Protecting Children from Violence and the ideas that are presented. Once this takes place, is when psychologists can……[more]

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Counseling And Psychotherapy

Counseling and Psychotherapy What are two ethical dilemmas that often face ...…[more]

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... the AACD's name to the ACA (American Counseling Association), the adding of counseling as a primary mental health profession into the ... than ever before. The positive characteristic is that counseling relationships have helped these individuals significantly overcome ...……[more]

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... cultural value systems, often do not seek out psychological counseling in the United States. Counselors are perceived as either lacking in ... this is not always the case, women do need to be counseled with relationship issues in mind.……[more]

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... study of it is important. While this particular study deals with counseling experience of TPM, it is important to remember that counselors and ... affects a significant percentage of those that are or have been in counseling. ? Hypothesis……[more]

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... 19: 67-82. Stoddard, C., & Thompson, D. (1997). Alcohol and the elderly: Special concerns for counseling professionals. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly 14: 59-69. Kennedy, Angela. (2002). Life after retirement: counselors address the needs, challenges of aging adults. American Counseling Association……[more]

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... .00 Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Educational: Master required (Master's degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling or related field.) Year of Experience in the field: One (1) year direct experience ...…[more]

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According to a definition offered by the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia, "alcohol abuse occurs when there are ongoing negative consequences from drinking." (Psychology Works, 1) Here, the assertion is made that patterns of abuse are reflected in symptoms……[more]

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... in the traditional sense. Treatment is very different, and the aftercare counseling that stems from that treatment is a significant step ... to shorten family treatment when these individuals do go for counseling if the dysfunction is caught early……[more]

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... at these as part ofit as some of life's many lessons. For example, I have counseled students on issues related to social organization, culture, socialization, social institutions, and ... program.... I have to say that, as a social worker,……[more]

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As becoming a counselor is earned, there are also several learning processes that go with it. To be able to effectively communicate with people, the counselor must know what are the most affective things to say. This is where education……[more]

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Counseling 521 Individual Appraisal

What is in the report is a summary and review of the Millon test. The base Millon test (and there are others) dovetails nicely with the DSM-IV. In fact, the namesake of the test, Mr. Millon, has previously worked on……[more]

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Counselling Theory And Practice

... purpose for counseling. Personnel & Guidance Journal, 45(6), 547-551. Mowrer, H. R. (1940). The nature of family counseling. Living, 2(2), 45-45. Rogers, C. P. (1945). Counseling. Review of Educational Research, 15(2), 155- Smyer, M. A., & Intrieri, R. C.……[more]

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Counseling Essay

The counselor interviewed became a school counselor because she loves children and feels a strong sense of purpose to give back to society by helping children. She works with children between the ages of about eight and twelve. The counselor……[more]

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Counselling Theory And Practice

... core conditions of client-centered counseling. Counseling Psychology Quarterly, 5(1), 3-17. Tursi, M M., & Cochran, J. L. (2006). Cognitive-behavioral tasks accomplished in a person- centered framework. Journal of Counseling & Development,84(4), 387-396 ...…[more]

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Counseling Theory And The Christian Worldview

... to counseling intervention, combining several well-established counseling theories along with the Bible as a foundation for each approach. In summary, the counseling ... shaping their own mental health. Via the integration of various counseling models along with Scripture, the……[more]

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Counseling And Therapy

... primary goal of therapy here. References Corey, G. (2008). Theory And Practice Of Counseling & Psychotherapy, 8th Edition. Belmont, CA: Brooks / Cole.…[more]

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Counseling Psychology Treatment Plan

For example, if she were to abandon her family, the law might step in and prevent her significant access and rights to her child. What we want to avoid is for Doris to mistakenly believe that a sudden and radical……[more]

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Counselling Supervision

... and consistent standards of theoretical counseling practice important. While it appears that counseling supervision is beneficial ... ideas relating to the roles of counseling supervisors. The first step in this evolution is that counseling and psychology become more ...……[more]

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Counseling Those With Disabilities

... called employment or career counselors, primarily provide career counseling. These individuals are located both within and ... of these individuals, offer specialized and vocational counseling, and arrange for medical care, training, and ... candidates in regards to vocational counseling……[more]

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Counseling Addiction

Such self-absorbed fascination is common with Tyrone, who toys with mirror images of himself and pays no attention to his waiting lover. The association of the viewer with cinematic methods is additionally extended in the physical grouping of projection and……[more]

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Counseling 510 Theories Counseling Book Murdock N L 2009 Theories Counseling Psychotherapy A Case Approach Saddle River NJ Merrill Pearson Custom ISBN 0558645186 COUNSELING PROJECT CONCEPTUALIZATION AND TREATMENT PLAN INSTRUCTIONS You Focus Week 4 Part I Uploaded Files

This is a case conceptualization of a 26 year-old man who experienced sexual abuse as a child and the haunting memories of the abuse have led to difficulties in his personal, social, and educational functioning as an adult. The specific……[more]

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Counselling African Women Britain Issues Challenges Prospects

... of severity of problems for these women, and then offers ways that counseling and support can be better provided. While it is but one resource now ... Mental Health begins by highlighting a number of conditions that those seeking……[more]

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Counseling Theories

Existential therapy, person-centered therapy, and gestalt therapy all fall under the rubric of humanistic psychology. They share a considerable amount of theory, philosophy, and practice. Yet each of these practices is stemmed in its own theoretical framework; therefore, existential, person-centered,……[more]

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Counseling And Therapy

... to hear, to assess his anxiety. References Corey, G. (2013). Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy. (Ninth Edition). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.…[more]

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Counseling And Therapy

... , and as un-empathetic if she does. References Corey, G. (2013). Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy. (Ninth Edition). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.…[more]

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Counseling American Minorities

... and enriched by having read Counseling American Minorities, and would recommend the book to counselors; future ... to assist individual practitioners with various real-life approaches to counseling that group, based on issues discussed earlier in the chapter. ... harmful……[more]

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Counseling Supervision

... the subject of learning, in Michael Carroll's book, Counselling Supervision: Theory, Skills and Practice, the author makes no bones about ... ? His answer, also on page 27: " is more at the heart of supervision than is counselling."……[more]

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Counselling And Support For Youth

The heavy marijuana users in the study had more trouble sustaining and shifting their attention and in registering, organizing, and using information than did the study participants who had used marijuana no more than 3 of the previous 30 days.……[more]

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