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Drugs And Alcohol

The Alcoholics Anonymous program is one of the most successful and utilized drug treatment and prevention programs in the world. The essay here offers a basic overview of the organization. This includes a discussion on the demographic served, the specific……[more]

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Watch One Of The Following Australian Films Which Feature The Impact Of Drug And Or Alcohol Abuse Samson And Delilah Little Fish The Finished People

... to work with the character Lionel Dawson, who is a junkie and a former football champion. I provide an assessment as a well as a formulation of ... describe the substance abuse counseling model you I draw on and……[more]

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Substance Abuse Among Licensed Counselors And Client Contact

... counselors treat about 1 million patients who suffer from alcohol and drug induced disorders, in outpatient and residential facilities. A CSAT survey states that about half of the counselors who ... limited, trained counselors would have little or no……[more]

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Drug Usage As A Mulitcultural Issue

... Drug Use Among Ethnic Minorities 2003)." The report also explains that the disfranchisement of Native Americans has contributed to increases in drug and alcohol abuse (Drug Use Among Ethnic Minorities 2003). Their tumultuous past and the current poverty that……[more]

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... the two basic ways of looking at drugs? Be sure to note both consistency and differences between medical families of drugs and legal schedules. All drugs, whether illegal or legal, can become dangerous substances when abused. Therefore, the legal……[more]

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College Students And Alcohol Use

... alcohol and its effects and the difference in the knowledge between urban, non-residential university students and traditional university students. Findings disclosed that knowledge about alcohol and ... , older and Caucasian college students knew more about alcohol and drinking……[more]

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Alcoholics Anonymous

... and autonomy of each group. As with any treatment modality or group, there are proponents and critics of Alcoholics ... alcoholics. Group members share their experiences and give hope to others who can see no way out of their……[more]

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Title History Systems Psychology Research Paper Project You Write A Research Paper Analyzing A Specific Area Psychology My Chosen Topic Chemical Dependency History Psychology Primarily Alcoholism

... and life-changing implications. For instance, Pacione and Jaskula (1999) report that, "The drug epidemic and the resulting 'war on drugs' markedly increased the demand for drug and alcohol ... to treatment, assist practitioners in their negotiations with managed care,……[more]

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Is Rehabilitation Of Felony Offenders Possible And Desirable

... others aspire--security, recognition, and respect. C. DRUGS/ALCOHOL (FOR PLEASURE AND PAIN) Like any commodity, drugs and alcohol can be put to different uses and have varying effects for particular ... lexicon of administrators, counselors, release workers, and program managers--is……[more]

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Health And Wellness Programs

... As this paper examines the hypothesis, "Although employees' health and productivity in public agencies in the southwest Georgia region ... regularly enhanced by the impact of Health and Wellness Programs, limitations and delimitations are frequently overlooked or intentionally ...……[more]

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... shame, detachment; helplessness and passivity; unprovoked violence and overactivity; compulsive, ritualistic, robot-like behavior; antisocial behavior; drug and alcohol abuse; temper tantrums; ... Counselor Education and Supervision, Greensboro, NC. In Muller & Thompson, 2003. Wood, G. D. and R. C.……[more]

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Impact Of Childhood Sexual Abuse On Maternal Attitudes Perceptions And Behaviors

... to use drugs and alcohol, and were less likely ... and organize the current information regarding the symptoms and specific issues and sensitivities of this population to assist counselors with assessment and ... and shame, survivors may punish themselves……[more]

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Contingency Managment Alcohol Marijuana Studies

... – Conditioned response. 4. ARCs – Alcohol related cues. 5. SDs - Discriminative Stimuli Background of the Study The work entitled "Pathways of Addiction: Opportunities in Drug Abuse Research" (1996 ... and use of drugs (Brown, 1993). Further, epidemiological……[more]

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African American Males And The Institution Of Secondary Education

... self-esteem, attitudes toward drugs and alcohol, grades, school attendance, and disciplinary refractions, no difference in outcome was detected between that group and a control group. However, Royse ... from atten- dance officers, parent conferences, tutoring, incentives, mentors/peer counselors, and……[more]

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Native American s With Acoholism And Diabetes

... and colonization, relating to the above-mentioned issue of self -esteem. As many critics point out this situation has resulted in drug and alcohol dependency. (Rolo, 1999, p. 44) Account must also be taken of the different views that traditional……[more]

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Drug and substance abuse in the family poses serious challenges to family relations. The ... attention to the date. This report offers insights into the problems and experiences such families face. Through exploring the topic of family addiction ...…[more]

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A Reflective Essay Discussing Plans And Expectations For First Student Placement Experience

... placement counselor. Toward that end, I have already begun making the effort to read extensively in the field, particularly in connection with my main area of interest in drug and alcohol addiction counseling. More specifically, I have sought out……[more]

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Reflect On Who You Have Become As A Counsellor Alcohol And Other Substances Abuse Over The Duration Of Your Degree Write An Essay Articulating Your Current Professional Worldview And Principles Of Practice And Analysing Your Potential Contribution To The Field In Which You Intend To Practice Alcohol And Drugs Abuse

... . 1. Personal Vision and Learning During the course of my degree, I have acquired vast amount of knowledge on how a counselor should go about when he or she is dealing with an alcohol (or any ... drugs,……[more]

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Veterans Of Foreign War And PTSD Substance Abuse

... and their rates of substance abuse. In viewing the research available on the subject as well as the methods that the military and counselors have advocated for in beginning the treatment of PTSD and substance abuse for veterans of……[more]

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Define Terrorism Highlighting Its Similarities And Differences With Insurgency Crime Rebellion And Warfare

The paper defines terrorism and several ways to fight it.…[more]

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Substance Abuse And Adolescents

... and Adolescents Introduction There are a number of strategies available when it comes to ... pathology-based model of mental health, focusing instead on the client's strengths and desire to change…SFBT emphasizes building solutions rather than solving ... the client……[more]

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

... Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) refers to the range of growth, mental, physical, and other problems that manifest in infants when a mother consumes alcohol ... alcohol during any point of her pregnancy. FAS is a 100% preventable disease and does……[more]

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Role And Function Of A Rehabilitation Counselor

... this paper, we are going to be looking at the role and function of a rehabilitator coordinator. This will be accomplished by interviewing someone who works in ... experiences, why they chose this discipline, what are the rewards and……[more]

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Establishing An NP Led Wellness And Recovery Center For Deinstitutionalized Individuals

... drugs and alcohol. These people do not stop using alcohol or drug and their face negative aspects linked to using these drugs. Diseases linked to drug use include cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. Alcohol and drug ...…[more]

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PLEASE ONLY ASSIGN TO WRITER Writingptb Text Books Class Herman J 1992 Trauma Recovery PerryBruce 2008 The Boy Who Was Raised A Dog Vandernoot Lipsky L And C Burk 2009 Trauma Stewardship This Paper 10 Pages 12 Font Double Spaced Including Reference Page

This paper focuses on a child patient who was the victim of childhood trauma. It begins with an introduction of the patient and the underlying trauma. Next, it focuses on a diagnosis under DSM-IV. Then, it examines interventions used with……[more]

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Counselling And Support For Youth

... drug has impaired several important measures of life achievement including cognitive abilities, career status, social life, and physical and ... 2001). Substance Abuse Counselors - Who are they? Substance abuse counselors are the professionals ... drugs or alcohol -……[more]

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Children And Grief

... fear, guilt, loneliness, numbness, regret, sadness, self-blame, and worry, which according to a number of studies in the United ... like changes in his routines, schedules, and family dynamics. Variation in a child's family finances and having to move……[more]

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Please Describe Some Of The Most Pressing Physical Cognitive And Socioemotional Concerns In The Elderly That Could Give Rise To Substance Abuse Problems

... to be prescribed psychoactive drugs, most notably benzodiazepines [sedatives]...benzodiazepines make up 17% to 23% of drugs prescribed for older adults" (Benshoff 2003, p.1). Both early and late-onset drug abusers ... and abused alcohol and hard drugs, but have shifted……[more]

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Substance Abuse And Cognitive Therapy

... of Americans continuing to consume alcohol, smoke (or chew) tobacco products as well as a host of other illicit drugs that may or ... Wright, Newman and Liese (2001) state that at least one in every ten adults in……[more]

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Essay Discusg Your Plans And Expectations For Your First Student Placement Experience

... and depression and even suicide, as can be seen in the recent large number of adolescent deaths, as well as an increase in drug and alcohol abuse. Personally, I can readily identify with this growing amount of stress and……[more]

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Baby Image Peer Pressure Sexuality And Risk Taking

... methods of controlling their weight in both adolescent boys and girls. These methods involve vomiting, use of laxatives, ... a direct result of teasing related to weight and shape (Body Image and Adolescents). Peer Pressure Peer pressure and influence……[more]

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Literature Review On Bullying And Child Well Being

... to comprehensively defined, and this presents the biggest problem in coming to a fair and accurate analysis and compilation of the various ... understanding of well-being includes physical, psychological, and even social contexts, and in such a view the……[more]

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10 Week Parenting Program For Women And Children In Residential Treatment

... are significant issues in both the voluntary and the forced admissions, and they are part of the discussion in Chapter ... those that admit themselves voluntarily to treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction so that it can be……[more]

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Dually Diagnosed African American And Latino Adolescents The Effectiveness Of An Intensive Day Treatment Model For An At Risk Community

... drug abuse and mental illness. The aim of the program is to assist youth in sustaining a drug-free lifestyle and to equip them with skills to become independent, productive, and successful citizens. The sample will include male and female……[more]

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Depression And Addictive Behavior

... addiction to laudanum, in addition to depression, reportedly experienced difficulty completing numerous projects and, as a result berated himself for his "indolence". Everett (2000) notes that ... are not limited to: interpersonal psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and supportive counseling;……[more]

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Prescription Drug Abuse Opiates

... produced by drugs, [however,] the compulsion to repeat intensely pleasurable experiences, and the inherent denial of addicts that their drug use is causing problems, the lives of drug abusers ... that between 1999 and 2002, Oxycodone prescriptions increased 50%,……[more]

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Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse

... W. Bush, in particular, has sought to impose rigorous controls on the sale and availability of prescription drugs. The Administration's outlook can be summed up by a March 1, 2004 pronouncement by John ... description of who uses what,……[more]

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Adolescent Suicide Integration Of CBT And Self Psychology

... and those that have atypical or severe depression, recurrent depression, or bipolar disorder (Renaud, Axelson, & Birmaher, 1999). The most widely used drugs are the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as Prozac and Paxil (Renaud, Axelson ... on……[more]

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Cultural Competency And School Social Work Students

... different from their own (McDiarmid, 1992; Capella 2003). According to McAllister and Irvine (2000) "teachers in multicultural classrooms face increasing challenges in providing an appropriate classroom environment and high standards of instruction that foster the academic achievement of all……[more]

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How Internet Addiction And Consumer Debt Competes With God

... and trained to do so. This would be psychologists, psychiatrists, or other counselors where Internet addiction is concerned and credit counselors or others who help with debt problems where consumer debt is concerned. Despite this, however, some of them……[more]

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