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With the legalization of same-sex marriage across quite a few states, more gay and lesbian people are being open and honest about who they are and who they love. For anyone interested in gay and lesbian studies, we have research papers and essays you can take a look at. Get some inspiration and gain some knowledge about a developing group of people.

Examples of recent events that could fit into this category include: Same sex marriage bans being struck down, discrimination against LGBT prisoners, the modern gay wedding, past government efforts to fire gays recently coming to light, and a Memphis man accused of a gay hate crime.


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Gay And Lesbian Adoption

... study that interviewed 10social workers who worked with adopting foster children, along with a group of 11 gay and lesbian parents with foster and ... and foster care. The article's main purpose was to garner more information on gay……[more]

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Gay And Lesbian Intimate Partner Abuse

... is most commonly depicted as having a male batterer with a female victim and the prevalence of male-perpetrated IPV on female victims is indeed shocking. There have been continued efforts on multiple fronts to prevent and reduce IPV in……[more]

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Gay And Lesbian Abuse And Military Dont Ask Dont Tell Policy

... study" concluded that repeal would only bring about "some limited and isolated disruption to unit cohesion and ... gays and lesbians. By hanging back, despite the fact that the majority of servicemen and the public desire repeal, the military……[more]

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Gay And Lesbian Torture In Iraq And The International Human Rights Violations

... gay and lesbian rights within the United States itself. Anti-gay campaigns such as those against gay marriage and civil unions, against the inclusion of gay ... and equal rights does not care about its own gay and lesbian citizens,……[more]

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Gay And Lesbian Couples Should Be Able To Be Parents

... by many orphanages and other adoption groups and agencies. According to proponents of gay and lesbian adoption, "when law and policy prevent same-sex marriage and joint adoption by gay and lesbian parents, adults are discouraged from taking care of……[more]

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How Gay And Lesbians Are Represented On TV And How Homophobia Is Instilled By The Media Television

Gays and lesbians are human being just like us and they also need to be given their freedom to ... guidance, acceptance and love, which cannot be given to them if there will still be negative publicity of the gay……[more]

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Are The Issues Of Gays And Lesbians Today Different From The Seniors Of Yesterday

... to belong. Appearance and behavior signifies group status, and obesity is a disobedience to one of the standards of appearance that is considered normative. Gay and lesbian identity is not a unitary thing but is mediated by race, gender,……[more]

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Should Gay And Lesbian Marriages Be Legal

... and protection of the nuclear family are already under threat in contemporary society. This is a well-known fact that has been documented in numerous studies ... gay marriage is legalized this will further reduce the significance and importance of……[more]

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Gays And Lesbians Intimate Relation

... if its relaxing effect on normal inhibitions. 3. Why do women demand and men withdraw? They don't really; that is more of a ... gay or lesbian relation, although the sex are the same they still have different gender……[more]

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Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Academic Disciplines Communication And Womens Studies

... and women's studies. First, while both can be broad disciplines, communications is certainly the grander of the two with literally hundreds of sub-disciplines. Communication studies deals with human communication, animal communication, mass media, speech communications, rhetoric, communication arts, journalism,……[more]

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Lesbian Gay Bisexual And Transgender Students

... and heterosexual activities (Sears 1991). It has been estimated that up to fifteen percent of the population in the United States is exclusively lesbian or gay ... lives, a large minority will come to identify as exclusively gay or……[more]

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Diversity And Lesbian Gay Bisexual Identity

... gay and lesbian or bisexual lifestyle as one associated with mental illness. To date, all of the major mental health associations have disavowed such studies, ... gay and lesbian elders. Clinical Gerontologist, 14, 45-57 Remafedi, G., French, S., Story,……[more]

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Gay Parenting

... Rauch conducted a study on gay parenting in 2005. Legal parenting rights for same-sex couples cannot ... both parents, disability benefits if a parent becomes disabled, and survivor benefits and inheritance rights if a parent dies. Second, same-sex couples……[more]

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Gay Rights

... as a social and political group. This accounts for such pronouncements on its site that in February of 2005, "the Policy Institute release[d] a landmark study on black same ... . Therefore, "in 34 states, it is still perfectly……[more]

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Gay Parenting

... discrimination as it happens, this researcher studied the way a small group of lesbian mothers felt about discrimination and the steps they took to prepare their children for discrimination in early childhood education settings. In a study involving twelve……[more]

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Gay Rights

... of bisexual soldiers who championed the Hellenistic ideals of masculinity and conquered most of the known world in the process ... he had with his head general and lover Hephaestion conquered an empire and set the paradigm of the……[more]

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Lesbian Health Issues Living In A Hetrosexual Society

... eventually leading to improvements in the mental and physical health of gay men and lesbians (King & Bartlett, 2006). A recent study compared 282 gay and lesbian couples to a variety of other couple times, including heterosexual, legally married……[more]

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High School Cliques And A Bit Of Improvisation

... causes that explain clique behavior in high school, and as to the male cliques, it isn't simply a matter of "boys ... and self-esteem. There is seemingly always an element of rebellion that has been generalized and stereotyped……[more]

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Gay Marraige

... in human relationships? Gays are people who sleep, eat, drink, take out their garbage, watch television, and ... gay marriage is not punishable by imprisonment, it is legally impossible in a number of states whose constitutions recognize marriage as……[more]

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Gay In America

... and send the message that homosexuality is an acceptable condition. Gays and lesbians in civil ... gay marriage has never stood the test of time. The support for gay marriage is new, and no longitudinal sociological studies even exist……[more]

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Gay Lesbian Rights

... century, discrimination against gays and lesbians continues to run rampant. Many gay ... gay and lesbian people from being discriminated upon, both in the workplace and beyond. Right to marry The right to marry is a basic human drive,……[more]

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Gay Marraige

... , it is clear that a solution would be make all states make gay marriage legal since more states are legalizing it as it can ... are legalizing gay marriages; and quiet honestly they are legalizing it quicker than……[more]

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Gay Marriage

... and a woman the expanding of the institution to include same sex couples will not change this, only extend the benefits to gay and lesbian ... and explore this subject research must address both the legal and moral elements……[more]

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Gay Alternate Marriage

... of gay and lesbian ... Gay Men and Lesbians: Fear of Blackmail or Fear of Homosexuals?. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 11(4), 539+. Meyer, I. H. (2003). Prejudice, social stress, and mental health in lesbian, gay, and……[more]

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Gay Marriages Constitutionality

... gays and lesbians; however, when it comes to legalizing marriage between people of the same sex, their attitude changes. About half of all U. S. citizens oppose gay ... is between a man and a woman, and I think……[more]

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Gays In The Military

... while "a member's sexual orientation is considered a personal and private matter...?it is not considered a bar to continued service ... sat down taking this survey asking, 'Do you know a gay person, and, if you did, what would……[more]

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In What Ways Do Queer Theory And Lesbian Feminism Differ In Their Understanding Of Lesbianism

... and lesbian-feminism. There are huge differences that exist between the two theories which make them not blend with each other. The lesbian-feminists and the queer theorists have failed to find a middle ground to play from and thus they……[more]

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Why Gay Marriage Should Not Be Legalized

... among children of lesbian or gay parents. Some studies suggest that "children brought up by gay fathers or lesbian mothers show disturbances in gender identity or in gender role behavior" and that some children ... Rights and Responsibilities Act……[more]

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Stigma And Sexual Orientation In The Workplace

... and this can lead to psychological distress. The same is true for gays and lesbians who are often uncomfortable and ... serious psychological distress and unhappiness. Thus minority stress in gays and lesbians can be seen as the "totality……[more]

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Legalizing Gay Marriage

... evolving in a positive way toward gays. Avery reports that in 1999 polls showed that "two-thirds of Americans" believed gay and lesbian couples should not have the ... be detrimental to a child's upbringing," Avery writes, a study was……[more]

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Identify Gay Marriage Use Sociological Perspectives To Describe How It Might Be Expained

... and generally fit the model of the "ideal" family, even if the "mom" and "dad" are two moms or two dads. Sociologically, the idea of gay and lesbian marriage does not fit into most social models of family and……[more]

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Social Work Practice With Lesbian Gay And Bisexual People

... people and the communities in which they live. II. FACTORS IDENTIFIED BY OTHER PROFESSIONALS The work of Stephen Neville and Mark Henrickson (2005) entitled: "Perceptions of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People of Primary Healthcare Services" published in the Issues……[more]

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Gay Marriage

... gay liberation and women's movements of the late sixties and early seventies gave rise to the modern lesbian and gay rights movement, focused on securing liberal citizenship rights for lesbian and gay people." (Smith, 2005) GAY MARRIAGE ...…[more]

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For Gay Marriage

... people condemn gay marriages because of the feelings they have regarding the institution of marriage without considering the implications in has on individual lives and the ... into accepting the existence of gay marriages. Research shows explicit traditional existence……[more]

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The Interview On The Issue Of Gay

This paper is a write-up of an interview with a self-identified gay man. The paper is structured as an essay, beginning with a brief summary of the man's biography, his relationship with his parents, and his views on how gay……[more]

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Why Society Denies Adoptions By Gays When Its Beneficial

This paper reviews the pros and cons of gay adoption from a 'pro-gay' side. Examines the benefits for society as well as for children, in addition to addressing social justice and equality for gay people.…[more]

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Argumentative Synthesis On Gay Marriage

... a fundamental right which deserves to be respected as opposed to criminalized and/or banned. Under the law, legislative actions or a ... and the extension of rights, have acknowledged that we should not forbid or vilify gay marriage as……[more]

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Three Reasons Against Government Sanctioned Gay Marriage

... same-sex marriages by legalizing the act, creating a precedent and influencing others to change their legislations (Wardle; Strasser; Duncan; ... Duncan; Orgon Coolidge, p. 157). If there are no differences between marriages and civil union, than same-sex people ought……[more]

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The Effects On Children Of Gay Marriages

... gay marriage is a permanent feature of life in the postmodern world, this is good news. Works Cited Kurdek, Lawrence A. "Are Gay and Lesbian Cohabiting Couples Really Different from Heterosexual Married Couples?" Journal of Marriage and Family 66.4……[more]

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Pros And Cons Of Same Sex Marriage

... the arguments for and against same-sex marriage without providing a position statement ... arguments against legalization of same sex marriage including: religion, family, and tradition. It also focuses on traditional arguments for legalization including: civil rights, family stability, and……[more]

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