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Heading to school to learn about graphic arts, many students never even consider that they are going to have to research different approaches and be able to explain them, not just handle art projects. For some students, art history and the application of art to the business world is fascinating, while others find it challenging and/or boring. They would rather create different visual media, design a webpage, or design graphics than write about them. Moreover, while the creation process is easy for them, describing the steps to creation can be tedious and time consuming.

Graphic design is "a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas. The designer works with a variety of communication tools in order to convey a message from a client to a particular audience. The main tools are image and typography." Obviously, graphic arts have advertising applications, but they are not just about creating ads. Instead, graphic designers often create or extend brands for their customers, helping capture a cohesive message across different advertising campaigns and in different forms of media. To do this, it is important to know, not just about art and artistic approaches, but also about psychology and what other people will find appealing.

However, many graphic artists find it difficult to translate those ideas into words. Really, this should come as no surprise, since, in graphic design, images are expected to convey a message without using a number of words. In fact, for a graphic designer, the need for words can sometimes suggest the failure of an image. Despite that, educators or prospective clients may want to hear explanations of a visual campaign. Our writers understand the artistic techniques and technology that graphic artists use as well as the marketing and psychology techniques that help make graphic design successful. They can help you find the words to explain an existing graphic design project or provide guidance and research into graphic design as a discipline. It is often said that a picture is worth 1,000 words; well, our writers can help you comes up with 1,000 words to describe your graphics!


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History Of Graphic Art

... and materials no longer were of the importance (Purvis, 1992). The design arts, which had been so essential when Guttenberg first published his Bible ...…[more]

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Computers And Graphic Art

... graphic art introduces students to the subject and afull range of subtopics. 3. The Computer Graphics Society ( The Computer Graphics ... graphic design to multiple techniques and inspiring stories of famous artists. Similarly, students of graphic art ...…[more]

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Art History Vs Accounting

... only connection between art and money. Art galleries exist because art has become big money. Art symbolizes wealth. ... of making a viable living, given the plethora of opportunities in graphic art and design. At the same time, artists……[more]

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Graphic Design The Influence Of Technology

... , 2006). Webster's New World College Dictionary defines graphic design as "the practice or profession of designing print or electronic ... Pop: How Graphic Design Shapes Popular Culture. (Or does popular culture also have a hand in shaping graphic……[more]

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Art Therapy In Abused Children

Art Therapy for Abused Children Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic discipline using plastic and graphic art expression as a means of expressing thoughts ... of experiences (Kozlowska pp). According to Kasia Kozlowska, creating art is pleasurable and provides a contrary……[more]

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Graphic Design Vs Illustrator

The fields of graphic design and illustration both offer career possibilities for graduates of fine arts programs. However, graphic design versus illustration is a distinct profession, with a unique required skill set. This paper compares the overlapping yet distinct fields……[more]

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Art Design Process

... imaginations beyond the confines of reality. My art reflects the work of Andre Breton, a surrealist poet ... emphasize the importance of consolation, peace and beauty in my art. I use decorative and warm colors to create ... Art……[more]

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Graphic Design

... graphic design can best be understood in terms of the central function of graphic design - communication. This is true of all art forms. All art has to do with communication, but this is uniquely true of graphic design.……[more]

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Graphic Design Artworks

Graphic Design Project PACHA The shape of this design is irregular albeit the ... . It may be a thoughtful design for the sake of art. Works Cited Alfi, Coky Fauzi. "Elements and Principles in Graphic Design." Retrieved January……[more]

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Graphic Designers

... might feel that they know or understand what a graphic designer does, few people will be able to articulate ... is that the profession is aptly defined by a melee of definitions. "The Graphic Designer is a broad classification……[more]

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Graphic Design History

... upon culture. Especially during the Medieval times, one ca speak about graphic design as the main supportive element for the process of communicating power ... underwent important changes and the existence of the printed graphic design was a supportive……[more]

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Art Statement For Art School Admissions

... above styles, I also use Pop Art as a style that expresses the reality as it is found in graphic design, pop culture, and public ... objects or people to make them seem graphic. The most characteristic and controversial……[more]

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Graphic Design

... given, rather than just "experiencing" it. Norman gives multiple examples where graphic illustration or charts illustrating logical processes clarify confusing sentences, paragraphs or instructions ...…[more]

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Dear Writer Assignment Attached A Similar Assignment I A Similar Class You Previous Paper Lay Format Process Writing Location I Live Dallas Similar Art End Paper Citation Od Dallas Art Museum Cultural Event Report As A Experiencing Humanities Classroom Computer Textbook Asked Attend A Cultural Event Report Experience

... three-page paper about a visit to an exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art. The paper is loosely based on a terrible model paper that ... discusses two temporary exhibitions at the Dallas Museum of Art, both of which……[more]

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Pierre Bonnard Work Of Arts

... purposes of Les Nabis to make art part of the everyday experience. Graphic art epitomizes the philosophy of Les Nabis: to make encounters with art a regular occurrence. Thesis: As a founding member of Les Nabis and a pioneer……[more]

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Summary Of The Article Graphic Design Fine Art Or Social Science

... industry is because he feels that the communication aspect of graphic art is understated in the current educational system. Greater ... that graphic design is a major form of communication - its influence is inescapable in our society -……[more]

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Propaganda And Protest Graphics


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Influence Of Photography In Art

... as the most modern form of art, an instantaneous art for people who are busy, simplified art for people those who do ... mechanical proficiency and brilliance for mass production converted into art. Both amateur and commercial photography was……[more]

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Maus I And II By Art Spiegelman

They try to leave Poland for Hungary in 1944, but they are captured at the border and sent to Auschwitz where they are separated. Hope keeps them alive so that they can find each other again. Vladek also recounts Artie's……[more]

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The History Of Graphic Design Technology

... graphic designing is. Graphic design is a very good method that aide in the information dissemination to a wider set of audience. The Initiator of Graphic Designing The use of text and art ... Graphic arts (ALGA) in 1914……[more]

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The Art Of Math

... Severe Style as the people of Greece manifested a sort of austere grandeur in their art of the period, with stern simplification of outline and surface, fixed pose ... Greeks understood the use of mathematics in developing a sense……[more]

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How To Live As A Successful Graphic Designer After Graduating A College Especially For International Student

... images from databases created for the purpose of graphic design. A graphic artist is also responsible at times for doing mark ... 1024.00)." The knowledge required for a successful career in graphic design includes a working knowledge of computers……[more]

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How Were Catalan Modernista Painters Influenced By French Art

... to the limelight economically, culturally and socially. During this time in the art world, two schools of thought originated in France had particular impact on the ... would eventually be used as the basis to argue for a radically……[more]

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Modern Art Museum MOMA In NYC

... is never complete without visiting the Museum of Modern Art or MoMA as it is fondly called by locals and visitors alike ... art, those that saw fruition in the late 1800s up until the 21st century. Whether it……[more]

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Art Appreciation

... hear it. From a feminist perspective, Neshat displays an image that is resilient and graphic: not content to be suppressed the woman's voice rises above the threat ... injustice of a particular aspect of society and is determined to……[more]

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... graphic designer Warhol's earliest works were static graphics, like his representations of Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's Soup ... , p. 39). Warhol's work and other artists involved in the Pop Art movement underlined artists' dissatisfaction with the commercialism endemic……[more]

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Art Media And Technology

... in terms of understanding the message of the work. The figures, graphic line, and credit card are in very prominent, clear ... which the artist therefore chose to use a combination of technology and graphic display fully demonstrates the……[more]

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Art Violence And Social Engagement In Colombia

... Lacy in collaboration with a multidiscipliary team in Colombia. Because art must also serve a social function and civic ... .. II. Justification .. III. Review and Analysis .. IV. Conclusions .. The Face of Violence: Art as Witness,……[more]

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Art Therapy

... artistic media as its primary mode of communication. Registered art therapists practice this therapeutic technique to treat people belonging ... elderly. Clients or patients who are subjected to the art therapy may be confronted with a wide range of……[more]

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Art Spiegelman s Maus And The Literary Canon

... The Holocaust and depicted the several levels of dramatic art present in that event as a comic risk-taker extraordinaire! And he ... of two primary narratives. The first major narrative is directed by Art's father, Vladek Spiegelman, who offers……[more]

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Art Apreciation

... away from the medieval view and revolutionized the world of art, making a profound impact on thought and emotion. They represent a few ... Baroque period of the 17th century throughout all its forms of art, music and literature.……[more]

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Art Appreciation

... away from the medieval view and revolutionized the world of art, making a profound impact on thought and emotion. They represent a few ... Baroque period of the 17th century throughout all its forms of art, music and literature.……[more]

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Art And Photography

... It is my intention to suggest the relationship of wilderness to some contemporary definitions of art and the relationship of art to contemporary concepts of wilderness, and to hint at the relationship of both to ... [premium service]. -----.……[more]

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Art And Society

... of famous works. (175-6) This portrayal of Rubenesque women in 17th century works of art was not considered violative of the social mores of the day, and ...…[more]

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Art Period

... set of colors is limited to 3-4 major colors and combination of hues. It is unique for art of impressionism, characterized by purity, naturalism and originality. In order to describe another original ... -1917), were influenced by ethnic painting……[more]

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... , was a Spanish painter, sculptor, graphic artist and ceramist who worked in France and is considered the foremost figure in twentieth century art (Picasso Pp). Picasso's 1907 ...…[more]

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What Knowleage Graphic Designer History Graphic Design Applaies Today s Modern World

... of this work is to examine the knowledge needed by the graphic designer both historically and in today's modern world.One must ... set out an optimum study regimen for those entering the graphic design field of study. Expert opinions……[more]

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Title Adult Education 1 Create A Graphic Organizer Comparing Adult Education Associate Arts Degree Technical Certification Completion Adult Literary Education Program Corporate Opportunity Country

... long as it is a curriculum where scholars are scored. Furthermore the graphic organizers vary depending on the students ages ... there has been different variables that can affect graphic organizers considering geographic locations of poverty levels, environmental factors,……[more]

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This Based Book Art Speigelman Maus 1 2 Vladek Survive Auschwitz Making Ways A Select Describe Skills Acquired B Were Skills Sufficient Guarantee Showers Ovens Why Why

... Art Spiegelman s classic graphic novel Maus published in two parts, in 1986 and with ... in the subtitle, to a certain degree the  survivor of the title is also Art Spiegelman himself, who seems to be wondering……[more]

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