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Lesbian Gay Bisexual And Transgender Students

... sexual minorities in recent years, what with a proliferation of representations of LGBT sexuality in popular culture, it should follow that ... to Khayatt (1994), systematic silence on LGBT matters in schools tends to take on two forms: LGBT-related……[more]

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Substance Abuse

... the need for specialized services for LGBT clients); some are "LGBT-sensitive" (LGBT people are "treated with respect and dignity" but are not zeroed in on the special nature of LGBT issues); and others are "LGBT-affirmative" (these services "actively promote……[more]

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Terrorism Impact On Police Mission

Being a police officer is one of the most demanding jobs ever. Police officers need to be able to withstand a host of tragedies, violence and be prepared to witness some of the most disturbing behavior that human beings are……[more]

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Lesbian Health Issues Living In A Hetrosexual Society

... lesbians tend to have higher BMIs than heterosexual women is that the subculture is more accepting of multiple body types and that it rejects the societal ... Lung Association. (2010). Smoking out a deadly threat: Tobacco use in the……[more]

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