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Discuss The Theories Developed By Florence Nightingale And Their Impact On The Nursing Profession

... in their patients. Clearly, "Nursing has come a very long way since the days of Florence Nightingale" (Satel, 2000, p. 88). While the nursing profession itself has evolved in ... " (p. 88). The nursing theories introduced by Nightingale,……[more]

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How Being Involved With Professional Nursing Organizations Benefits The Nurse Leader

... the achievement of the nursing leadership roles which are thusly facilitated. For instance, it provides documentation on how best to serve in the capacity of the Advanced Practice Nurse. An Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) or Nurse ... role which……[more]

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The Nursing Image Impact Challenges And Improvements Leadership And Management In Nursing

... Global issue: The masses have trouble understanding the concept of a youtuber Connection to design: The fact that youtubers operate ... from the ones that society has been used with since the appearance of devices such as the radio……[more]

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The Dangers Of Mandatory Overtime In The Nursing Profession

... allocation for nurses. "Physiological factors such as fatigue, system variables such as increased work intensity, or a combination of fatigue and increased work intensity may contribute to the errors and near errors we observed," [CAN]. A nationwide study conducted……[more]

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The Nurse As Patient A Qualitative Examination Of The Experience

... the researcher explores the "world" of 5 nurse-patients with the intent to understand how these individuals lived in and perceived the world of experiencing the role reversal from nurse to patient. The ... hospitalized? 2. How does the experience……[more]

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Nursing Leaders

... the role of nurses in the medical profession, Johnson pioneered the advancement of women in a previously male dominate environment. Both of these individuals life's work helped to change paradigms in the nursing profession and empower nurses ... Houser,……[more]

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Nursing Leader Isabel Hamptom Robb

... instruction (Hampton, 1894). Moreover, the actual instruction that the nurses received varied from institution to ... the title of "trained nurse" had little practical meaning, since it in no way reflected either the practical skill or degree of education……[more]

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The Early Development Of The Teaching Profession In Canada Favoured The Subordination Of Female Teachers And The Advancement Of Male Teachers To Positions Of Administrative Authority What Factors Contributed To This Pattern To What Extent Has The Pattern Changed And What Factors Have Contributed To The Change Or Lack Thereof

... regularly stereotype the sexual orientation of male librarians. "Male librarians...seem to believe that there is a greater proportion of gay men in the profession than in society at large" (Carmichael, 1994, p. 227). This is a fascinating viewpoint, and……[more]

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Answer Question Straight 1 Discuss Effect Certification Practice Nursing Provide Examples Decided Certified A Area Nurse Practitioner 150 Words 2 Do Certification Enhances Nursing Profession Is Certified 150 Words 3 Alternatives Suggest A Mandated Nurse Patient Ratio Explain Answer

... the same time, contribute positively to the healthcare field in general. Part 2  Certification - Yes, I believe that certification enhances the nursing profession in four overall ways. First, certification allows the professional nurse ...…[more]

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Should The U S Facilitate The Migration Into The U S Of Foreign Graduate Nurses As A Solution To The Nursing Shortage

This paper investigates whether there is a need to facilitate the migration of the foreign graduate nurse to address the shortage of nursing workforce in the United States. The paper identifies that there is an acute shortage of nursing personnel……[more]

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How HIPPA Affects The Nursing Care

... contributed to many of the pros of HIPAA and patient information, but has also contributed to some of the problems that are seen with that same issue, due to the ... the new rules. This is the only way……[more]

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Exploring The Nurse Leaders Perceived Role In The Recruitment Of The Nurse

... the role of the nurse leader in his or her ability to help recruit good quality future nurses. The individuals recruited in this scenario demonstrate individuals who often have high levels of interest in the caring professions ...…[more]

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Nursing Theory

... the effect of developments in nursing theory on nursing practice, administration of care, education and patient outcome measures. It talks about the progression of the nursing profession from early conceptions to the advanced new role of the nurse ...…[more]

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NURSING Question And Answer Paper

The nursing profession requires a great deal of compassion and technical knowledge. The series of questions here call for consideration of leadership roles, ethical demands, cross cultural sensitivity and a host of other features specific to the practice. Question responses……[more]

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Nursing Salary Inequity For Florida RN Gender And Other Country

The inequity between salaries of nurses is based on several factors - and some feel as though there is no real inequity at all. Gender, state, country, and education level, as well as experience, all matter. Many nurses are also……[more]

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Nursing Education

This paper looks at eight modules of learning for the nursing student and answers specific questions in each module. The questions have to do with every facet of the nursing educator role and how they can become better as they……[more]

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... the health care industry. First, due to the Affordable Care Act of 2010, the nursing profession is undergoing a fundamental shift in regards to the patient experience. The U.S. health care system is now shifting the ...…[more]

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The Purpose Paper Critically Concepts Central Discipline Nursing Discuss Concepts Identified Literature Relation Nursing Practice Your Paper Adhere APA 6th Edition Guidelines Include Introduction Thesis Statement Conclusion

... nurses regard the concept of 'nursing theory' as an oxymoron, arguing that nursing is a practical exercise. This paper examines various views of the nursing metaparadigm of patient, environment, health, and the nursing ...…[more]

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The Benefits Of Staffing Advanced Nurse Practitioners ARNP As ARNP Case Managers

The paper describes the benefits of staffing Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ARNP) as ARNP Case Managers. The paper indicates how using ARNP as a case manager reduces hospital length of stay (LOS), increases the percentages of patient discharges, leads to improvement……[more]

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Nurse Self Care

... the poor communication style (top down approach instead of consultative style) that only contributed more to nurse burnout. [Moore KA, (2001)]. Given the high levels of occupational stress and burnout among nurses, it is important that nurse ...…[more]

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Nursing Shortage

... impact the quality of patient care provided in hospitals and nursing homes throughout the country. The aging of the nursing workforce would also be distinct in the number of nurse educators who would likewise become older (Benjamin). Another factor……[more]

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Nursing Medical Economics

... The purpose of the study is also to encourage individuals to become involved in the nursing profession and take an interest in helping others and having such a rewarding career. Because of the shortage of nurses today, the ...…[more]

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Nursing Shortage

... . Thus the aging factor along with the stress in the profession and variable working hours all contribute to the shortage. These issues could be addressed but the shortage of nurses on account of qualification cannot be addressed and……[more]

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Nursing Shortage

... the U.S. must increase by 90% in order to meet the projected demand for nursing professionals in the future. Stated as a contributing factor to the nursing shortage is a "...shortage of nursing school faculty is restricting nursing program……[more]

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Nursing Science

... the nursing profession would be unable to function. In terms of the four components of nursing theory (Current Nursing, 2009), the empiricist approach requires a somewhat detached observation of the person. The ...…[more]

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Nursing Shortage In The US

... the practical responsibilities of registered nurses. The fact that the need for medical services are expected to increase steadily for at least the next several decades means that the nursing ... The current trend of cutting back on nurse……[more]

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Nurse Practitioner Role Current And Future Trends

... is the question of how the practice of "developing leadership at the individual level" can also "enable the nursing profession as a body to demonstrate more effective leadership in the ... chaos," if it contributes to positive change within……[more]

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Nursing Professional Associations

... who choose to enter the field and make their living as nurses(Membership As the nursing profession continues to grow, expand and specialize it will become more important than ever for associations such as the ANA to provide a……[more]

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Nursing Research

... al, 3626) This underscores the relevance of the subject to the nursing profession, which is demonstrated to have a direct bearing on the way that potential donors perceive the social, medical and practical implications of making such a donation.……[more]

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Nursing Education Level And Negative Patient Outcomes

... of the nurses and from the administrative and patient records was linked up and compiled. There were almost ten thousand nurses ... the length of stay was shorter for patients with mental disorders. It can be concluded that both……[more]

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Nursing Research Do Educational Levels Of Hospital Nurses Make A Difference In Conflict Resolution

... the practice of professional nursing." (1990) This study reports the use of four instruments: (1) The Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory; (2) The Tennessee Self Concept Scale; (3) the assertion inventory; and (4) the ... , 1990) The work of Oermann……[more]

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The Use Of Music Therapy In The Care Of Patients With Alheimer s Disease Dementia

... than they would have without the music (Johnson, 2003). Potential Contribution to the Discipline of Nursing There are many implications for the nursing profession. Nurses that are willing to look at new ... that work well in the home……[more]

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Nursing Adult

... The patient's parents were requested to attend and contribute to the Rounds, which impart convincing proof to the power of the availability of clinicians at the moment of death and the significance ... The dearth of nursing and differential……[more]

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Nursing Research

... that the utilization of this research has been slow moving, as well. Although nursing research and advances in health sciences have resulted in extensive knowledge, the nursing profession still struggles with how to implement the results of these discoveries……[more]

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Philosophy Of Nursing

... the nurse to adjust to changes in the profession, rather than simply following orders and the daily routine. The nurse with the Bachelor's degree will be an asset to the physician, as they will be able to assist in……[more]

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Barriers To Independent Practice And The Nurse Practitioner

... establishing their personal, professional practices, the proposed study will address the primary research question: How may the nurse practitioner best address and overcome barriers ... 4. What recent legislation regarding nurse practitioners did Massachusetts pass? 5. What theoretical concepts……[more]

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Nursing Theory Application And Integration Of AACN Synergy Care Model And Clinical Practice Adapted From Fawcett 2005

... the nurse to advocate for the patient. This is, of course, a gray area at times certain drugs or tests may have initial negative or painful effects, but in the long run, provide relief to the patient. However,……[more]

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Nursing Horizontal Violence

... the nursing profession. I feel that his contribution will help in the resolution of problems in the area of horizontal violence in the nursing profession. It was found that literature on the ...…[more]

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