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Nursing Research

... required in the nursing field at clinical level. The ability of a nurse to carry out ... nurses in the future to reference on the actual change that has taken place on patient's vital signs over time. Fourth question……[more]

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Nursing Research Critique Research Title Knowledge Perception Parents Risk Obesity Preschool Children Crtieria 1 Introduction A Introduces Topic B States Relevance Research Topic Practice 2 Critical Evaluation Evaluate Article Critically Identify Strengths Weakness Include Suggustion Alternative Improve Components If A Title B Abstract C Background Introduction D Literature Review E Research Design F Methodology G Results H Discussion I Recommedation J Conclusion 3

Nursing Research Introduction The problems that result from obesity are well documented in the literature, and when children are obese, they potentially face a lifetime of ... of the current research. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 21(3),……[more]

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Nursing Research

... the chance that obesity will lead to long-term complications and require surgery. Nurses must take a multifaceted approach to treatment that accounts for: the biological, behavioral, and environmental influences that contribute to diabetes and obesity. The nurse must acknowledge……[more]

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Discussion Question One These Nursing Research Questions Each Question Answered Separately 1 What Importance Researching Global Health Issues Discussion Question Two 2 Compare Contrast Incidence Treatment People Living AIDS TB Malaria

... Nursing Research Questions Why is it important for nurses to research global health issues? According to Nancy Dickenson-Hazard, chief executive officer of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing ... obesity (Dickenson-Hazard, p. 6). Across all geographic……[more]

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Conducting A Nursing Research Study A Firm Theoretical Framework Taking A Road Trip A Map Selecting Theoretical Framework A Crucial Step Researches Refine Questions Formulate Hypothesis Identify Target Populations Choose Effective Research Techniques Designs

This paper is an article analysis of "Childhood obesity policy: Implications for African American girls and a nursing ecological model," an article from a scholarly nursing journal on the topic of African-American adolescent obesity. The paper focuses upon the ecological……[more]

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Introduction Research Methods Resources Media Course Media Introduction Research Analysis Dr Shi Dr Boblitz Required Readings Course Text Grove S K Burns N And Gray J R 2013 The Practice Nursing Research Appraisal Synthesis Generation Evidence 7th Ed

... : (a) Analyze how quantitative and qualitative research projects can be applied to evidence-based nursing practice and (b) What characteristics of quantitative or qualitative research make it the most appropriate for addressing evidence-based practice problems? A table is also……[more]

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Nursing Research

... this condition, because obesity has become more prevalent amongst the young. A research utilization model might provide, however, additional counseling to the nurse practitioner as to what ... content/abridged/329/7473/1013?maxtoshow=&HITS=10&hits=10&RESULTFORMAT=&fulltext=research+based+nursing+practice&searchid=1&FIRSTINDEX=0&resourcetype=HWCIT McManus, J.,?J.?Mant,?C.F M.?Meulendijks,?R. A.?Salter ...…[more]

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... ). The susceptibility of patients to acquire GERD may be attributed to other factors including obesity and diet (Wong & Fitzgerald, 2005). Control of GERD and Adenocarcinoma There ... 's esophagus." Gut Online. 31(9): 964-7 PMID: 2210462 PubMed Polit,……[more]

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Research Proposal Draft

... of HIV infections among female adolescents occur within this demographic. This research proposal describes a study designed to evaluate the efficacy of a provider-associated intervention ...…[more]

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Research Proposal Literature Review

A syndemic factor is any variable that contributes to more than one distinct health condition or disease. This essay examines the evidence for the possibility that parenting style represents a syndemic factor contributing significantly to risky behavior among African American……[more]

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Nursing Assessment Tools

... response format. The HPLP was utilized by researchers at the Center for Research on Women with Disabilities and with ... of the 1996 Scientific Session of the American Nurse Associations' Council of Nurse Researchers held the 13[th] and 14[th]……[more]

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... a targeted effort to effectively address community obesity. Discuss the community health nurse's role in solving this ... nurse participating in a health-promotional campaign. Nurses can act as educators in schools to specifically target the problem of childhood obesity,……[more]

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Obesity In Elderly

... and Tucker (2001) on the prevalence of obesity among elderly Hispanics, it was concluded that, "Obesity (BMI > 30 kg/m2) was prevalent ... more disease-prone. According to Kimmon (2004, p.1), "Obesity in the elderly is clearly associated with an……[more]

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... (Collins 2009). Western Europe has seen a rise in obesity very similar to that of North America's (and ... -half of the United Kingdom's population is now morbidly obese (Collins 2009). Overall health outcomes are slightly better ... org/obesity/academyobesityinitiatives.html……[more]

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Research Methodologies

... bleeding from the puncture site. Tradtionally, manual compression by the cardiovascular nurse has been required. Other methods, such as the use of a Femostop device ... been implicated, however, that the skills of using these devices by these nurses……[more]

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Obesity In African American Adolescents

" (Dietz, 2000) This initiative which was called "Sisters Together" is stated to have designed a program for cable access television which was named "What's Cooking in the Neighborhood" and that healthy recipes were prepared by neighborhood chefs. Additionally brochures……[more]

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Childhood Obesity

... obesity (Thorpe, 2004). Nurses are at the front lines of the struggle against childhood obesity. However, nurses are unable to fight this battle alone. Nurses must take critical steps in dealing with childhood obesity. Nurses ... In order for……[more]

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Childhood Obesity And Nursing Intervention

... Studies indicate that obesity disproportionately affects children from Hispanic, African American and Native American races. [Diane, 2007] Nursing Interventions The nurse as a community caregiver has an immense role to play in the control of childhood obesity. Also……[more]

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Economic Impact Of Obesity In The United States

Obesity has grown out to be a major global issue in last several decades. It is a ... and statistics for it are not available if we search it for 40- 50 years back. Obesity can be defined simply as……[more]

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NURS 600 Questions Critical Thinking Response Papers Try Papers 3 5 Pages Use APA Style Body Paper References Question 1 Due 10 11 11 There Emphasis Present Development Mid Range Theory Nursing If Accepts Premise Grand Theories Nursing Longer Implications Nursing Education Practice Research Question 2 Due 11 29 11 There Controversy Nursing Direction Development Nursing Knowledge

An overview of nursing theory: how grand and mid-range theories differ, and a discussion of the appropriateness of mid-range theory to how nurses practice today; also, a discussion of what nursing theory means for entry-level nurses.…[more]

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Overweight Obesity Among Mexican American Middle School Aged Children Related To Unhealthy Snacks High In Fat And Calories And Drinks High In Calories And Sugar As Evidenced By Healthy People 2010 Objective 19 3 To Reduce The Proportion Of Children And Adolescents Who Are Overweight Or Obese Baseline 11 For Children Ages 6 To 11 11 For Adolescents Aged 12 To 19 Target 5 For Children Ages 6 To 11 5 For Adolescents Ages 12 To 19 U S Department Of Health And Human Services 2001

Few second and third generation Mexican-American young people speak what could be called fluent Spanish and are more comfortable communicating in English especially to outsiders of the culture. Health Beliefs Access to health care can be limited, depending on socioeconomic……[more]

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Concept Comparison Analysis Theories Paper Individual Prepare A 1400 1700 Word APA Formatted Paper Do Person Personal Pronouns Paper I Please A Minimum Scholarly References Resource Written Assignment Grading Criteria Concept Comparison Analysis Across Theories Paper Write A 1 400 1 750 Word Paper A Core Concept Nursing Theories

... Nursing Theory and Pender's Health Promotion Model. Core Concept Obesity in adults is one of the most serious problems of United States. According to a research, nearly 127m Americans are indulged in this disease, i.e. they are overweight. Due……[more]

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The Titile Addressing Issue Childhood Obesity Create A Title Page Formated APA Style Prepare Onwe Double Spaced Page 1 State Topic Paper 2 Limited Topic Based Findings Research State Narrowed Limited Topic

... is little research demonstrating the role school nurses play in fighting childhood obesity but examined anecdotal evidence suggesting that nurses can be instrumental in making changes. The researchers found in their survey of New Jersey-based school nurses that ...…[more]

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Locate Document Research Databases Relate A Significant Clinical Nursing Issue Choice The Research Databases Labeled Collections Research Studies Reports Articles Findings Specifically Called Databases

Bullying in the healthcare industry is recognized globally as a serious problem. However, the medical culture still has a great deal of silence regarding any type of workplace issues that are controversial. Bullying, as in any area, is disruptive, contributes……[more]

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Business Research Proposal

... smoking. Smoking is the single biggest factor in those diseases, ahead of diabetes, obesity and lack of exercise. List any "restrictions:" aspects of the problem that ... ethnicities in this sample represent their ethnic groups across the country. Research……[more]

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This paper is about obesity prejudice. The paper culls from academic research to determine whether this bias is blatant or subtle, and what its effects are for the stigmatized group. Further, the paper looks at the different root causes of……[more]

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... fat. The constant factor that leads to the obese condition is overconsumption of calories that the body of an individual cannot burn. Environmental factors that influence obesity include eating habits and exercising patterns of an individual. There is great……[more]

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Nursing And Healthy Communities

... in the last decade. For instance, as a percent of the population, adult obesity has risen globally 40 percent since 2002, tripled in lower ... low income households. The country with the largest percentage of obese citizens is, of……[more]

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Research Proposal Childhood Obesity 10 Written Pages Please Include Title Page Reference Page

In proposing to address, control and prevent childhood obesity, this paper presents current data on the risk factors, the low level of awareness among parents, the huge and still increasing economic cost, the equally alarming social cost of stigmatization, the……[more]

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Also crucial to this level of intervention is the design of programs for individual students to abide when at home. Roughly the equivalent of an IEP were special education is concerned, those with the greatest need would be given individualized……[more]

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... a clear emphasis on protecting youth from the implications of lifelong obesity, a primary feature of the program's preventative implications. This ... the lives of parents and reduce the prospects of obesity in children. At yet another level, the……[more]

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... to the same conclusion. Indeed, it is alarming to note that the trend toward obesity has exponentially risen in every single region of the United States since ...…[more]

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Research Paper Current CONTROVERSIAL Nutrition Topic Tea Flavonoid Antioxidant A Minimum 6 Sources Journals Trade Publications Required Sources Current 2010 Present Recommended Journals Journal American Medical Association Journal Society Nutrition Education New England Journal Medicine Journal Clinical Nutrition TRADE SOURCES Journal Gastronomy Nutrition Action Health Newsletter

Medical studies have also shown that green tea can enhance weight-loss in some patients by reducing hunger and detoxifying the liver (Wing, R.,, 2006). Other studies have shown that tea can lower the risk of cognitive impairment, even benefit……[more]

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Nursing Consideration For Patients With Eating Disorders And Its Associate Medical Complications

... induced eating disorders in great detail. The results of their research revealed that several programs are being operated ... by researchers. The results also reveal that risk factors for eating disorders should be included in the program being operated……[more]

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Obesity In Middle School Children In United States

... overweight (). What is of additional concern is that the rate of increase in obesity amongst children is chilling. For the years 1976 ... trend. It should be noted that in the United States the term obese is never……[more]

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Nursing Foundations Of Community Health

For some time, demographers have expressed concern that the first part of the 21st century would face a number of potential challenges due to an aging population. A number of methods to reduce the effects of time are thought to……[more]

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... associated with or caused by obesity, it is by no means exhaustive. Following are other conditions reported by various researches to be associated with obesity: Abdominal hernias, acanthosis nigricans ... obesity. Critical Care Nursing Quarterly, April 1. Retrieved January……[more]

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Obesity And Down Syndrome

... also confirms the high BMI factor. The Glasgow Researchers performed a comprehensive screening in Lancashire to identify ... obese stood at 0.85 indicating that they were more prone to be overweight rather than obese compared to the matched subjects.……[more]

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