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... - and long-term goals. The aim was to find a field in medicine where I could make a long-term impact and also be ... I had over the past few years helped me decide to become a pediatric nurse……[more]

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Oral Health In Pediatric Population

Kids, five years of age often go to a doctor more than they go to a dentist. Two successful ways of averting caries in children are making sure that they get the suggested quantity of dietary fluoride and that they……[more]

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The Impact Of Nuclear Medicine Exposures To The American Population

A recent series of investigative reports in the New York Times discussed the dangers that radiation from diagnostic imaging procedures pose to the American public. The events that brought this issue into the mainstream consciousness were radiation overexposures at respected……[more]

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Is The New Vital Sign Screening Tool More Accurate Than The Rapid Estimate Of Adult Literacy In Medicine REALM Screening Tool In Determining Health Literacy Levels

Even though developed in the, it has remained an important asset desgiend to help clinicians identify patients who might be at the greatest risk for understanding healthcare related materials (Davis, Long and Jackson, 1993). REALM is constructed for ease of……[more]

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Pain Management In Pediatric Patients In Emergency

... several qualitative and quantitative studies on the pediatric pain management is that children are being neglected ... for major search terms, linked together "pediatric pain management" "pediatric under medication" "infant pain perception" and ... is Underuse of Analgesia in……[more]

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Write 2 Page Family Nurse Practitioner Role I Accept Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Role I Reject In Paragraph Explain Family Nurse Practitioner FNP Role Specialty I Select Practice Pediatric Nurse Practitioner PNP I Properly Choosing Paragraph Paper Discuss I Choose FNP Rejecting PNP 6 Articles Paragraph Direct Quote

... . FNPs possess master's-level education and clinical training in family medicine. Focusing on health promotion and disease prevention, they perform many of ... Emerging Role of the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Acute Care. Pediatric Nursing, 27(4), 387. Theoktisto, K.……[more]

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My Thesis Bipolar Disorder Question Psychotherapeutic Treatments Helpful Helping Children Bipolar Disorder Pediatric Bipolar Disorder The Objective Investigate Preliminary Studies Exist Treatments Pediatric Bipolar Disorder Conduct Analysis Advantages Disadvantages Evaluate Reliability Authenticity

... Health (2010), pediatric bipolar disorder is a "contentious" issue in children's mental health in part because diagnoses of pediatric bipolar disorder have ... factors. Treatment options also might change as personalized medicine becomes more readily available for patients. ...……[more]

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Benefits Of Alternative Medicine Versus Conventional Medicine From An Economic Perspective

... of Pediatrics, Institute of Medicine and other prestigious medical organizations maintain there is no known link between vaccines and autism. Studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine ... , 2008, CNN). Attributing illnesses to conventional medicine is……[more]

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Smart Health Card Role In Rational Of Medicines Use

... role of smart cared in health and their role in the rational use of medicines. Smart cards are very small and very secure and serve ... and the rate of potential duplicate medication alerts for the hospital's pediatric department……[more]

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Clinical Studies Trials Of New Drugs And Biologic Medicines FDA

33. Prior to starting the late phase clinical trials, the sponsors should discuss with the regulatory body the specific population they are targeting, optimal dose and regimen. The control arm and the randomization plan, short term and long-term safety monitoring……[more]

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Incidental Findings In Nuclear Medicine Scans

... , the podiatrist have the tendency of diagnosing it as "tarsal tunnel syndrome" while pediatrics have given it the name "Münchausen sundrome." This disease is a multifarious form ...…[more]

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Health And Medicine

... an LPN in Denver general hospital for 8 years and then I became an RN. I worked in a pediatric unit for a while; trying to educated women who had no idea of what ...…[more]

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Research Professional Nursing Organizations

This paper compares the purpose, mission, activities, benefits, and target audience of two professional nursing organizations: The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) and the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM). It provides advice as to which organization to……[more]

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I Attached Instructions Requirements Essay If Questions This A Csae Study I Attach Documents Refrenced Assignment 2 Examples Final Product Mimic

... Philadelphia that also offers pediatric imaging services. This risk will however be mitigated by CHOP's approach of focusing on pediatric imaging at an affordable price. Pediatric imaging is to form CHOP ... of pediatric medicine. The hospital has made……[more]

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Crimes Against Children Shaken Baby Syndrome

He could indicate the severe subdural and subarachnoid hemorrhage, retinal hemorrhages and periosteal new bone formation at the metaphsysial regions of long bones by introducing the terminology Whiplash Shaken Infant Syndrome in 1974. (Smith, 2003) Caffey attempted to narrate the……[more]

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Heart Diseae And Genetics

This basic rate is called a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Approximately three quarters of the body's energy is needed to support the metabolic cellular function. This includes activities such as that of the cardiopulmonary systems and maintaining body temperature. It……[more]

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Omid s Story The Power Of Family Centered Care

This paper discusses the FCC or family-centered care of patients. This is a treatment method wherein the family is encouraged to participate in decision-making for their children. It has been proven that the more family members are involved in a……[more]

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Effects On Violent Video Games On Children

Primitive early arcade-type video games had been popular since the late 1970s, except now they have become affordable and conveniently available to the general public. Likewise, unrestricted access to cable television and graphic material on the Internet has become the……[more]

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Does Video Game Contribute To Real Life Violence

Strictly from the logical perspective, the use of video games should be studied in case there is a positive correlation between video game use and violence. If video games actually cause violence among users, it would be illogical and foolish……[more]

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Research Describe Internal External Environments 3 Real World Companies Environmental Scan Determine Competitive Advantages Company Strategies Company O How Company Create Sustain Competitive Advantage Business Strategy O What Measurement Guidelines Company Verify Strategic Effectiveness How Effective Measurement Guidelines Company

The following essay researches and describes the internal and external environments of 3 real-world companies using an environmental scan. • It determines the competitive advantages each company has and what strategies each company is using. o How each company creates……[more]

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Obama s Health Care Bill The Assignment Deals Recent Health Care Reform Washington The Assignment Discuss Pros Cons Taking Place 2011 2012 I A Work Cited Page 4 Reference Reform APA Style 12 Font Double Space The Issues Discuss For 2011 Pros Cons 1 Medicare 10 Bonus Payments Primary Care Physicians General Surgeons

... beginning in 2011. (PPACA: A Closer Look) This includes practitioners of family medicine, internal medicine, geriatric medicine and pediatric medicine  if at least 60% of their Medicare allowed charges & were for primary ...…[more]

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Ecstasy Use By Adolescents In Miami Dade County FL

... ). Preventing adolescent health risk behaviors by strengthening protection during childhood. Archives of Pediatric Medicine, 153, pp. 226-234 MDMA (ecstasy). (2004). Drug policy information clearinghouse ...…[more]

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Human Resources Health Care Personnel And The Changing Practice Of Medicine


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Forum 1 Posting Requirements National Health Goals Focus Related Major Behavioral Risk Factors The Institute Medicine 2000 States Unreasonable Expect People Change Unhealthy Behaviors Easily Social Cultural Physical Forces Environment Conspire Change

NATIONAL HEALTH GOALS AND BEHAVIORAL INFLUENCES Nurse Educators in Downstream, Midstream, and Upstream Obesity Interventions (453 words) The professional nurse has numerous opportunities to advocate for changes in social policy, community awareness, and behavioral risk factors associated with the choices……[more]

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Hemolytic Disease Of The Newborn

... to warm-reactive immunoglobulin M antibody. Journal Of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology: Official Journal Of The American Society Of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology [J Pediatr Hematol Oncol] 1998 Sep-Oct; Vol ... as a consequence of its hyper instability. The child was admitted to the……[more]

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Nada Alsale Pharmacist Saudia Arabia I Scholarship Complete Pharm D Programe I Stage Complete Application Admission University Mandatory Field Essay Written Applicants Required Provide Admissions Committee South Carolina College Pharmacy A 500 Word Essay Discussing Reasons Choosing Pharmacy A Career Objectives Goals Future Chosen Profession

... with a specialization in one of my areas of interest - infectious disease, transplants, or pediatrics. The Pharm.D program will provide me with the ... based on the current therapies that are available. Medicine is always changing (Lakely, 2003;……[more]

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Investigate Common Drug Compounds Treating Pathophysiological Bacterial Infections Need Key Pharmacological Theraputic Aspects Is Cite References Pharmacology Health Proffesional 3e Brant Elselvier Pathophysiology Bologic Basis Disease Adults Children

... bacterial infections result in development of different or unique modes of treatment. Antibiotics refer to medicine or drug substances that enable the body mechanism to eliminate bacterial infections ...…[more]

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Responsibilities Of Nursing Roles

This paper looks at the duties and various rolls of nurse practitioners. It examines the origins of the practice and the educational requirements necessary to attain the position. Furthermore, the paper also delves into the different areas of nurse practitioner……[more]

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Probiotics To Treat Infantile Colic

... in patients recruited from children referred to the Pediatric Departments of the Universities of Messina, Palermo, Catania and the Pediatric Unit of Vittoria (Sicily). Potentially qualified subjects ...…[more]

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Translating Evidence Into Practice

Guided imagery is simply self-visualization and control of thoughts for a specific time. Pain is quite individualized. Some people can tolerate extreme pain, for others, slight pain is agonizing. This is particularly frustrating in the post-surgical wards in which patients……[more]

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Personal Statement For Pathology

... came to learn how pathology touches all fields of medicine. Even in my work with patients suffering substance abuse and psychiatric problems, I ...…[more]

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Employees Health Care System Manage A Wide Variety Health Issues Diseases This Provided Opportunity A Broad Health Issues The Step Disease Trends Influence Delivery Health Care Future Explain Demographics Disease Trends Influence Health Care Delivery Services Future

... per individual each year. These inclinations in medical costs connected with pediatric heaviness and its co morbidities are astounding, influencing the medical doctor ...…[more]

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Ectopic Pregnancy Etiology Modern Diagnostic And Therapeutic Approach

A gradual increase in the rate of ectopic pregnancies has been observed in the last three decades (Selway 2006). Many of these are outpatient clients, but roughly 19-20 per 1000 persons are documented (Selway). The incidence has risen six times……[more]

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A Paid Organizational Consultant Hired To Help The Hospital Administration Solve Its Delivery Challenges

The problems identified in a specific medical case at Boston's Children's Hospital are presented, and recommendations are made for addressing these problems. Issues f hierarchy and decision making as well as patient responsibility and ethicality are addressed, and there are……[more]

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Global Nursing Issues

The lack of familiarity with the landscape can be addressed through cultural immersion. Nurses need to integrate within the culture that they treat, familiarizing themselves with the common maladies and understanding the environmental factors that cause them. Nurses need to……[more]

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Medical Management Of Adolescent Athletic Knee Fractures

C.W. is a 13-year old middle school student who was admitted to Antelope Valley hospital complaining of severe pain in the right knee while playing football in his Physical Education class at school. As the patient turned to run for……[more]

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Organizational Foundations

The climate at the organization stresses valuing employees as well as clients, and serving the needs of its employees is included in the organization's statements of its critical functions. This acknowledges the need for caregivers to be cared for as……[more]

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Sleep Deprivation The Effects It Has On Adolescent Obesity

This study conducts a review of literature in a qualitative study that examines the role of sleep deprivation in adolescent obesity. Findings in the study show that lack of sleep does indeed affect obesity in adolescents through several different mechanisms……[more]

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Birth Date Possible Risk Factor For Allergic Disease

The study concludes that children whose gestational period fall during the pollen season for broad-leafed trees become sensitized to food allergens more than other children whose gestational period fall outside this period (Pyrhonen et al). Interpreting, this suggested that children……[more]

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