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The Business And Challenge Of Change In The LASD

... outdated facilities. As the LASD steps up to counter contemporary business and professional challenges, Sheriff Lee Baca vows to implement changes to produce more positive, productive practices ... repairs or to replace outdated facilities. The relentless drive of our……[more]

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... Introduction This study is motivated by theoretical and pedagogical interests: to inform instructional design intended to integrate language and content and to explore how form and meaning intersect in SLA. Both ... . Research in attention and awareness has……[more]

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Classroom Behavior Management Policies

... and social science. Highly respected and well-recognized for their work, they have provided much of the foundation that theorists and philosophers use to study and understand ... Analysis: A Method for the Study of Small Groups, included a series……[more]

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Subsatnce Abuse Intervention For Homeless Youth

Substance abuse in homeless youth presents a truly daunting problem to the professional healthcare community. This issue is actually two: homelessness and drug addiction and thus needs to be treated in the most specific and dynamic manner possible. First, however,……[more]

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