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Discovering A Sense Of Your Own Spirituality

One of the themes of Walden is self-reliance and the good in simplicity and this is also present in Into the Wild. Self-reliance doesn't have to be considered self-interest. Self-reliance can be seen in Christopher's actions in the wilderness. By……[more]

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Security Analysis Mobile Adhoc Networks MANET

A MANET is stated to be an "autonomous system of mobile nodes" which may "operate in isolation, or may have gateways to go and interface with a fixed network internetwork." (Corson and Macker, 1999) Stub networks carry traffic originating at……[more]

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Balancing National Security And Internet Freedom

This paper analyses the debate of internet freedom against the need for national security. Topics discussed include the Internet and hacking groups like Anonymous, silicon valley companies like Google, as well as cyber security agencies and media corporations who would……[more]

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Other Wordly Dimensions In Young Adult Literature

Bud reads the edict to the other ostracized teenagers and adults, and declares that they don't have to follow the orders. They deliberately paint a mural of all of the "forbidden" things that have happened on the outside wall of……[more]

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The Mysterious Occurrences Bermuda Triangle Focusing Plane Ship Disappearances Perhaps Touching Idea A Time Warp Interesting Theories Aliens Deep Sea Magnetic Fields PAPER SHOULD INCLUDE 12 14 Quotes Grammatically Integrated Sentences 10 12 Varied Sources 1 3 Print Sources 1 3 Electronic Sources 1 3 Sources Films Tv Shows Audio Lectures Graphics

This is a fascinating look at the paranormal explanations for the Bermuda Triangle. Using sources culled from a multiplicity of media types, including film, television, books, and websites, the writer presents the Bermuda Triangle in a new light. The scientific……[more]

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