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While Neruda never states it overtly, this is clearly a poem of an older man. Neruda demonstrates a calm self-reflection that is born of experience. While he claims not to know himself, he in fact knows himself incredibly well. He has had many experiences with himself, and is able to contemplate these experiences with distance and humility. The narrator has amassed an enormous collection of selves; collections take time to amass. And though he has an enormous collection of selves,……[more]


. . and the rain in the mountains in the night and the way the river went howling through the narrows like a train . . . if they spoke to one another, no words formed in the air for the awful noise in that nether world. (407) At age 82, Romero decides to be baptized, and Woods photographs the ceremony. The rugged Romero of earlier photos is altered. He is water-soaked after his baptism. He seems both fragile and……[more]

Literature Review

This research explored the notion of whether or not guided imagery could help children manage their own pain levels. It also rests on the theoretical concept that guided imagery is a noninvasive and alternative method for successfully managing pain in various types of patient populations. Weydert et al. (2006) used a more specific population, working directly with children and minors under the age of 18 years old who suffer from reoccurring abdominal pain issues. The self regulation technique of guided……[more]

Psychological Research Of The 21st Century Human Memory

This shift may additionally be attributed to the change in the centuries, as many areas of thought, research and study experienced a shift or other sort of change with the coming of the 21[st] century. Literature Review As the 21[st] century approached, Daniel Schacter of Harvard University conducted and published research that seemed revolutionary or radical at the time -- research that fell upon the "wrong side" of the arguments regarding the structure, capacity, and function of human memory. We……[more]

Literature Review

Van Goozen et al. also focus on gender differences in aggression. Their research examined two different independent variables, testosterone administration and sports choice, and how those variables impacted aggression. What they discovered is that sports choice did not impact aggression levels in female athletes, suggesting that environmental factors, at least in adult athletes, did not elicit higher levels of aggression (Van Goozen et al., 1994). However, when focusing on female-to-male transgender people, they did find that the administration of testosterone……[more]

Literature Review Outline Annotated Bibliography Locate Published Research Articles Quantitative Research Study Qualitative Research Study Mixed Methods Research Study Each Studies Published A Peer Reviewed Journal

Study design: 1.). What qualitative design is used? Taylor employed pre- and post-test subject (student) and proctor (educator) interview, where the test condition was a multi-media production class; participant observation, researcher selection on basis of interest (gender, race and ethnicity); answers were open-coded for "repeating, emergent themes that helped answer my three research questions" (Turner, 2011, p. 616); pre- and post-test Likert-type scale response analysis for specific skill attainment and technology mode. The last would approach quantitative analysis except that……[more]

Literature Of The Family

In turning to "In My Father's House" by Earnest J. Gaines, and sticking with the seed motif, one can safely say that one of the major themes "In My Father's House" is one reaps what he/she sows. What you do in life, good, bad, otherwise, comes back to haunt you. And the suicide of Robert X is an embodiment of that lesson. In reading about this book, in preparation for this essay, I came across a conversation the author had……[more]

Literature And Community Final

For some reason, Mabel always wanted to go to Shiloh. Perhaps, it was something or someone that was missing in her life that made this place so important. The impression is that Mabel thought Shiloh would fix whatever was wrong with Norma Jean's marriage. In the end Norma Jean agrees to go with Leroy to Shiloh. When they arrive they look around, have lunch, and that is when Norma Jean has the opportunity to tell Leroy she is leaving him.……[more]

Literature Review

A multimodal, opiate-sparing regimen to prevent pain and PONV seems to be more effective than one- or two-component regimens on PONV. Sussane, Arwestrom, Baker and Bertero (2010) Qualitative approach using narratives. Ten female nurses from two general surgical units Interviews hermeneutic narrative method interpretive n/a n/a n/a n/a Nurses have various tools at their disposal to address and assist in the prevention of post-surgical PONV Apfel, et al (2010) A systematic literature review. search of PubMed, EMBASE, and the Cochrane……[more]

Literature Review In Computer Science

This approach is likely too difficult for many users, so the implementation of this method and the use of this study's results are limited. In CAPTCHA for Blind People, the authors propose using simple math problems that are then converted to speech; when the sound is played, the user enters the answer [6]. The proposed system is thoroughly described, but a limitation of the paper is that it involves no testing; the authors only present their theories. 3. Cognitive CAPTCHAs……[more]

Literature Review

and Malos, p. 52). It describes attitudes and explanations in several different categories. These include traditional attitudes, individual pathological models of explanation, cycles of violence, biological explanations, socio-structural explanations, moralist explanations, and feminist explanations (Hague and Malos, pp. 52-63). After descriptions of these categories, it concludes with the typical responses to domestic violence as a result of these attitudes and explanations(Hague and Malos, pp. 62-63). 'Traditional attitudes have held that domestic violence is a private affair between the husband and……[more]

Literature As An Illustration Of Cultural Values Eliot s The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock And Kafka s Metamorphosis For Example And How They Demonstrate The Feelings And Attitudes Of The Modern Era

There are other instances in which Prufrock spoke negatively of himself, showing little confidence in himself and his abilities. "I am not Prince Hamlet," he says. He calls himself "an attendant lord" and "The Fool," assuring the reader that he has very little self-confidence. It is important to note that Prufrock is not lacking confidence for complete lack of effort. As a matter of fact, he does make some attempts at showing confidence, with his tie "asserted by a simple……[more]

Literature Review Instructors Of Foreign Languages Perspective Of Self Directed Learning At College Level

Self-motivation is often seen as a particularly critical aspect of secondary language learning. One educator observed: "We should also communicate more clearly to the second language learner that he [sic] is responsible for his own learning. This is obviously more easily said than brought about. Students generally expect too much from school and college. Often they perceive these institutions of knowledge as mental filling stations where teachers and professors equipped with 'Niirnberg funnels' are replenishing empty heads. This impression has……[more]

Literature Review Social Comparison

Ultimately, these two studies indicate that nothing can be assumed in the study of social comparison theory. The author makes it clear these assumptions have been common in the past, and they have been incorrect. As the author notes, "Taken together, these results tie in with a larger body of literature in social cognition suggesting that there are cognitive filters of selective attention, representation, and recall that help people maintain positive beliefs" (Author). Thus, the student should be wary of……[more]

Literature Review

" (Reynolds, 2003) Consider the number of studies that are currently being used to monitor the residue of DDT and the threat of other insect control substances as well as the potentially hazardous agriculturally based fertilizers. The reason for those monitoring processes was obvious; those types of toxins have been shown to remain in the environmental ecosystems for very long periods of time. Today, however, the problem of water treatment has been exacerbated ten fold by the fact that in……[more]

Literature Review

Sun, Yam and Wai-Keung (2003) reviewed a pilot implementation and evaluation of Total Productivity Maintenance (TPM) in the advanced manufacturing environment of a Hong Kong Manufacturing company. The pilot project turned out to be very successful in improving overall productivity. They found the experiences good and thought that they would be very useful for the company to apply to all aspects of their manufacturing. References Aiquang, Li. (2007). Fresh grounds for improvement [total productive maintenance in Bosch's Changsha plant]. Manufacturing.……[more]

Literature On The Book The Fires Of Jubilee Nat Turner s Fierce Rebellion

In addition, the bravery and courage of Nat Turner was the root cause, which made this rebellion possible in the first place. This action, which may seem ordinary at present, was unimaginable especially by the slave community at that point in time. Nat Turner's revolt put a stop to the white Southern belief that slaves were either satisfied with their fate or too servile to build up an armed revolt. In Southampton, county black people came to measure time from……[more]

Literature Review Experiences Of An African American Mother Who Has Experienced The Suicide Of A Male Child

The study holds significance for development of mental health programs and research in this field. Compton et al. (2005) conducted a thorough research on the subject of suicide among low income young black males. They found that lower social adaptability and lack of sound family cohesion were two very important factors influencing rate of suicide among young black males. They also concluded that depression played a significant role and previous attempts must not be ignored because they were good indicators……[more]

Literature Review

When conducting social research, social science specialists have to take several political dimensions into consideration. These political aspects to consider are not clearly pointed out in a manual, but they are rather implied. At an overall level, political considerations of social study refer primarily to the means in which the social data would be collected and utilized. Thee distinct elements to which attention must be paid throughout the social research process refer to the objectivity of the study, the ideology……[more]

Fostering Interaction Among Individuals With Autism

It also increases decoding skills and body language awareness as well as the ability to reduce hyperactivity and inattention as well as sustain cognitive focus. Using videotapes also allows autistic people to harness their social skills. Watching videotapes enables them to advance their public speaking skills. They also become aware of the easily quantifiable cues like rustling papers and yawning to indicate boredom. Moreover, one can develop the social interaction skills of autistic people by helping them develop their talents……[more]

Literature Review Evaluation Of Simulation Study Article

Question 3 > A large proportion of the sources used in the literature review are from primary sources. > In fact it is only one secondary source that has ben used in the literature review al the other sources are primary sources > The secondary source used is Ravet's literature review > These are works that have been done and published by individual researches that have been used in writing this literature review. Question 4 This literature review is not……[more]

Literature Review

Marsland, L. & Hickey, G. (2003). Planning a pathway in nursing: Do course experiences influence job plans? Nurse Education Today, 23(3), 226-235. Moyle, W. (2003). Nursing students' perceptions of older people: Continuing society's myths. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, 20(4), 15-21. Rowland, V. (1995). How experiences in a nursing home affect nursing students' perceptions of the elderly. Journal of Educational Gerontology, 21(8), 735-748. Storey, C., & Adams, J. (2002). Improving student placements in nursing homes. Preliminary Research Proposal 7 Nursing……[more]


How much can a hospital disclose online without compromising patient security? "Hospital IT departments are concerned about security risks, such as the use of, which can mask malicious Web sites. Privacy concerns, particularly the vulnerability of social media accounts, are also cited as a reason to avoid social media" (Sharp 2010). However, despite the legitimacy of these issues, any attempt to circumvent the encroachment of social media is clearly swimming against the tide of change. IT's potential may not……[more]

Literature Review

Different units that have the different experiences during disasters are never available. This has been a major problem that needs to be addressed. There are different local and International health agents that should be called when such situations arise. They have different levels of nurses who will provide first aid to the patients whether it's in CPR or inducing IVs. With enough number of nurses and doctors, the situation could be well handled (Benight 2012). All citizens should also be……[more]

Literature Review Opinion

View of bilingualism: The view of bilingualism is changed after the review of literature. I always thought it is the environment of a person that leads to bilingualism. Either there is a compressing need to learn a second language or one has extensively lived with the community from different language speakers. It is also noted that learning a second language has other factors also influencing the desire for learning as well as the process of learning a second language. The……[more]

Literature Reviews About Nature Based Tourism

Adventure Tourism Adventure travel is a form of tourism that involves the examination or travel to remote, unusual and maybe aggressive areas. Adventure tourism is quickly starting to grow in approval, as tourists start to seek diverse types of vacations. Rendering to the U.S. based Adventure Travel Trade Association, adventure travel can just be any tourist activity, counting two of the following three constituents: a physical activity, a cultural altercation or collaboration and appointment with nature. Adventure tourism increases a……[more]

Literature Review

These issues will have a negative impact on CBT group therapy. This occurs with professionals becoming overwhelmed with the cases, challenges and identifying areas of concern. As they have limited amounts of time to interact with everyone. (Andrews, 2010) Furthermore, Raphael (2011) and Shepherd (2013) found that there were other factors which impacted recidivism rates among African Americans. These include: the lack of education / skills, substance abuse and the belief that their past criminal history will always hurt them.……[more]

Literature And Relevance To Our Lives

Literature and its relevance to our lives The death of serious literature is often mourned as a casualty of our hyper-visual culture. In his essay "Why Literature" the author Mario Vargas Llosa notes how he is often assured by (usually male) autograph-seekers that they are "too busy" to read as much as they would like, as if, Llosa tartly notes, serious reading is a disposable activity, as trivial as a game of bridge. However, critics such as Llosa should take……[more]

Literature Reaction

VandenBos uses the Consumer Reports study as a validation of earlier research which he believes indicates that psychotherapy is better than no treatment at all. However, this survey from a popular magazine is far from a ringing endorsement of talk therapy. Firstly, merely because individuals desire therapeutic treatment and view the practice as positive in nature does not necessarily mean it is effective. Their belief in psychotherapy could simply have been the result of the cultural shift that has occurred,……[more]

Literature Review And Research Design

5. What were the limitations of this study in regards to its applicability to the general population? Even though this study had a lot of great information regarding immunizations and how programs to educate parents can improve the number of children who are properly immunized and therefore reduce disease, this was targeted to a very specific group of people in specific zip codes in one community. Ethnicity, income levels, education levels, and the number of (or lack of) other types……[more]

Literature Review

Thus, another alternative for both salt and fresh water would be using a freezing methodology as a part of the purification process. "Freezing is an alternate method, based on the different freezing points of fresh and salt water. The ice crystals are separated from the brine, washed free of salt, and melted into fresh water." (WA.Gov, 2005) Because freezing can be used to desalinate water, it would seem as a cheap source since the majority of the first world uses……[more]

Literature Review And Research Design

Limitations of this study A major limitation of this study that was identified by the researchers was the provider's incomplete data reporting to the CIR (Findley et al., 2008). This may have resulted in an overrepresentation of the number of children who lacked proper immunization. When compared to the parent maintained immunization cards, the researchers found that 24 percent of immunizations were on the cards but not entered into the CIR database. This reliance on the CIR database for records……[more]

Literature Reaction

It is all well and good in one sense for the school district to launch a pay-for-performance system in order to get the most out of the teachers - who in turn are motivated to get the most out of the students - but how are the executives in a district going to determine the amount of value that a teacher adds to the school? If the teacher simply "teaches to the test" - an all-to-common approach in some schools……[more]

Literature Reaction

Literature review: Camara, Wayne J., & Dianne L. Schneider. (1994, February) Integrity tests: Facts and unresolved issues. American Psychologist. 49(92):112-119. According to the 1994 American Psychologist article entitled "Integrity tests: Facts and unresolved issues" by Wayne J. Camara and Dianne L. Schneider, the most famous 'integrity test' in popular culture is the polygraph test. However, most peer-reviewed studies of the polygraph have been published by professional polygraph analysts with a vested interest in validating the instrument. Psychologists, because of issues……[more]

Literature Review For Marketing Dissertation

Halliburton, C. & Hunerberg, R. (2004).? "Pan-European marketing ten years after 1993-A current appraisal and proposed conceptual framework." ? Journal of Euro-Marketing, 14(1/2), 15-34. Kasim, Azilah. (2007). Corporate environmentalism in the hotel sector: Evidence of drivers and barriers in Penang, Malaysia. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 15(6), 680-699. Neff, J. (2009).? "Wal-Mart, P&G, Unilever learn from their mistakes." ? Advertising Age, 80(22), 3-26. Prokkola, Eeva-Kaisa. (2008). Resources and barriers in tourism development: cross-border cooperation, regionalization and destination building at the Finnish-Swedish……[more]

Literature Review Distribution Planning Systems Vehicle Routing Problems

III. Time Windows for Delivery and Production Planning for Make-to-Order Manufacturers IV. Simulation Techniques in Logistics The work of Umeda and Zhang (2006) entitled: "Supply Chain Simulation: Generic Models and Application Examples" proposes a simulation system that is designed for the purpose of supply chain management of operations and that the "most remarkable characteristic of the simulation" is the representation of business process activities in supply chain management. Included in these activities are such as: (1) demands predictions; (2) manufacturing……[more]

Literature Response Focusing On Suburbia

Indeed, Merrill began his sojourn happy as a lark, and ran and jumped like a school kid full of energy at first. After five pools and five cocktails, though, things began to turn dark for the swimmer and his penultimate visit to a public pool, where he was compelled to borrow 50 cents for admission, provided Merrill with the epiphany he was searching for, even if it was not the one he wanted. Upon learning what his daughters truly thought……[more]

Literature Search For Funding Sources Paper

Classroom cash can be redeemed for certain specific privileges, like for example, for hallway passes, where he may want to sit, and at times, credit towards assignments. The idea behind such a program is that the students' behavior would start to change, as they would all undoubtedly strive to take the best advantage of such a cash incentive program. The objective of the program would be that the student would learn the ways and means in which positive and negative……[more]

Literature Into Film

Daniel Day-Lewis has said that when he first read Kundera's novel he considered it un-filmable, and several of the reviewers of THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING agreed with its star's initial judgment. Kaufman and his co-screenwriter, Jean-Claude Carriere, decided to present their impressions of the novel with no pretensions of strict faithfulness. In addition to eliminating the omnipresent narrator, the most significant change is that the disordered events of the novel are presented in chronological order in the film, except……[more]

Grieving And Suffering

Job's discourses do not show any signs of anger. However, he shows anger when he curses the day of his birth and anger towards his friends. Job shows bargaining when he wants to be dead to alleviate the miseries he was undergoing. Job undergoes significant depression as shown in the Bible. Depression plagues him in the light of misdiagnosis of his situation by his friends and their pretend to be wise. Furthermore, analysis shows depression in Job when it states,……[more]

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