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Designing a Benefit Plan & Job Description Essay

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Golf Course Designer

Job Description

Golf has grown to be one of the most recreational and enjoyed activities in the United States. Even with all of the golf courses out there, new ones are designed, created and sculpted every day. Indeed, all of the populated continents and most of the countries in the world have at least one golf course. Even plain and average-looking golf courses require a lot of planning, pre-design and preparation. This is where an adept gold course designer comes in and that is what Acme Golf Course Consulting Services is looking for.

Acme Golf Course Consulting Services is in need of a golf course designer that is forward thinking, able to design the golf courses that our clients dream of and desire and at a price point that is agreeable to everyone involved. Of course, no single golf course is going to be easy to design and implement. However, any adept golf course designer that works for Acme Golf Course Consulting Services will be able to comes up with a course that fits the bill for the customer.

Any golf course designed for Acme Golf Course Consulting Services will be expected to do the following and at an acceptable level:

The designer will draft, plan and shape a plan for a golf course based on customer desires and specifications

If needed, the golf course designer will offer multiple options for the same or different situations so as to give the customer the precise golf course that they are seeking and for their area

All consultations will start off with a meeting with the client's stakeholders including the financiers, the management and the other people that will be maintaining and supporting the golf course after it is built

The overall budget of the proposed golf course will be discussed. The costs involved will include grass and other vegetation, earth removal/addition, other landscaping and features (rocks, trees, etc.), pathways for foot and cart traffic and so forth

It will have to be decided whether the course will have nine distinct holes or eighteen distinct holes (or something different or custom). Most golf course will have 9 or 18 as this is the norm (people who want 18 holes on a 9 hole course will play the 9 holes twice from different tee boxes)

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