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Social Psychology Essay

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Sirois, Fuscia M.; Melia-Gordon, Michelle L.; and Pychyl, Timothy A. 2003. "I'll look after my health, later'": and investigation of procrastination and health." Personality and Individual Differences 35, pp. 1167-1184.

Is the problem clearly stated?

The authors examined the mediational role of stress and health behaviors in the procrastination - illness relationship. This was an exploratory study looking for correlations that might indicate areas for further study. They hypothesized that stress mediates the procrastination-illness relationship. In addition they explored possible other factors that might affect any relationship between procrastination and health.

Does the problem have a theoretical rationale?

The theoretical rationale for the study was covered extensively in the review of the literature. Since there was little previous research connecting the behavioral trait of procrastination to physical health, the researchers included detailed study of the theoretical literature as well.

3) How significant is the problem?

The authors did not talk about the significance of the problem. They might have considered relating it to individuals who delay seeking health care because they lack health insurance. Alternatively they could have demonstrated some relationship between delay of treatment and medical outcome. There are many such examples including the outcome of those with myocardial infarction who delay seeking help as compared to those who immediately get to an emergency room. This may not have been practical because of the young age of the participants.

4) Is there a review of the literature? If so, is it relevant?

The introduction includes previous research showing that procrastination correlates with mental health problems. It includes an overview of personality-health models used by other researchers. The researchers note that there is little research connecting the trait of procrastination to physical health, so they research connecting stress to immune system problems, but possible explanations had not been pursued. Other research they evaluated suggested that stress might not be the only factor involved in the mediation process. The authors noted theory regarding how mental health might interact with physical health.

5)…… [Read More]

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Boredom New Name Meaninglessness This Is Essay

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New name = Meaninglessness.

This is the state of feeling apathetic and listless with the individual feeling lack of interest or absorption in anything of life's activities. The term 'meaning' implies that the activity or span of time is filled with intense interest and relevance to the person, infusing him or her with purpose and excitement. It is purpose-filled and, seen as leading to some definite outcome, imbues the agent and/or participants or spectators with vitality and a sense of being-with-itness, of living in the moment. The reverse of that -- 'meaninglessness' -- denotes the condition of eradication of meaning. Eradication of meaning is synonymous to boredom where life / existence or the present moment is seen as vapid, empty, and hollow, and where nothing of substance is seen to occur.

It is for this reason that existentialists often employ 'boredom' as term in their novels or philosophies, equating it with angst or anxiety where, even thoguh the individual may not be bored in the literal sense -- meaning that he or she may be having 'fun' in the time-honored traditional manner, nonetheless this 'fun' falls flat since it is meaningless. The resultant sensation is a vapidity and frustrated emptiness at life with the 'boredom' of rats continuously chasing each other in the maze. The rats may be having 'fun'. Yet their activity is aimless. Certain Existentialists perceive human fate to lie in the same domain. Boredom, consequently, means lack of meaning where vapidity and emptiness exists and the moment in time -- where temporary or ongoing -- is perceived as necessary but unwanted tedium and vagueness. Boredom, in other words, is meaninglessness.


Procrastination is the bane of existence of anyone who tries to do anything useful or of import. More significantly and familiarly, procrastination can be the bane of a student's existence deterring him or her from studying for certain tests, completing…… [Read More]

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My Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

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Personal Strengths

Office Skills

My work experience has included working in a rental car buy back company. This role has included doing a wide range of tasks including answering phones, computer work, titles, mailing, managing export/import information and doing inventory control. In this role I was basically running the office. This experience therefore gives me a wide range of office skills as well as the ability to run an office. These management skills can also be applied to other jobs and to other tasks, therefore giving me flexibility in my skills. I have found these office skills of use in both my home environment and my study environment.

Organizational Skills

My work experience and my home experience has given me good organizational skills. These skills come from the tasks listed above, as well as from the organizing I do at home, such as placing ads for rental properties, paying bills and looking after general household tasks.

Home Skills

My home skills also include cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and caring for grandchildren. This also includes doing home maintenance such as painting.

People Skills am a group person who enjoys working with other people and fits into groups quite well. I am also amiable and able to get along with most people and get along well in most situations. I am also an expressive individual, who likes to be involved in things. These things I would say are my people skills, which allow me to get along well with others in my home and work life as well as work well in teams.

Independent and Self-reliant

While I like to work as part of a group I am also able to work independently. In carrying tasks, I learn quickly and like to be shown how to do a task and then be left alone to do it. In this way I am self-reliant and in a work situation need little direction or supervision.

Leadership Skills

Once I know what I am doing I like to take charge of situations. My people skills and my organizational skills make me a good leader. While I am happy to learn from others and to work in groups, if I have the skills and knowledge to know what I am doing, I like to take charge and lead others.



One weakness is that I…… [Read More]

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Augustine Relates the Common Human Condition of Essay

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Augustine relates the common human condition of procrastination directly to himself. It thus serves the dual purpose of expounding both the phenomenon of procrastination as experienced by humanity, and of illuminating for the reader the process that Augustine went through at this time. The significance of this is that Augustine is honestly reviewing his life and the mental processes that brought about his conversion.

The way in which he treats his development throughout the work is thus entirely honest and frank. In Book 3 and 4 for example Augustine explains his infatuation with a variety of different philosophical interests, including the Manichaen heresy, astrology and material influences. These, along with his search for an ever-illusive happiness and peace, are what keep him from fulfilling his mother's dream to become a true convert. He confesses to a sense of hunger that brought him to his endless journey of searching for pleasure:

"I came to Carthage, where a caldron of unholy loves was seething and bubbling all around me. I was not in love as yet, but I was in love with love; and, from a hidden hunger, I hated myself for not feeling more intensely a sense of hunger." (Book 3, Chapter 1).

It might be surprising for readers to learn of this difficulty in Augustine's conversion process, as he is today recognized as one of the great church fathers. It appears strange that a man so recognized for his solid faith in God should at one point of his life have struggled to turn to God. It may however not only be surprising, but also encouraging to know that even a great and faithful man was once subject to human problems and struggles in order to find his way to God.

Augustine's view of adolescence and early adulthood appears to be that these are times for experimentation that often leads to self-destruction. Augustine looks honestly at his corruption during his adolescent years,…… [Read More]

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Economic and Psychological Effects of Essay

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Thus, the longer a woman delays becoming pregnant, the more she is susceptible to suffering psychological ramifications.

Of course, the biological clock, or that which determines the best period of time in a woman's life to become pregnant and experience a successful pregnancy, plays a major role in fertility treatments. However, some young women, due to a lack of education early in life, may not realize that such a thing as a biological clock exist. According to Michael Fox, the absence of not knowing about this clock may exclude some women from receiving fertility treatments, due to waiting too long. Fox adds that as a result doctors and fertility specialists should "be more aggressive in the counseling of women who are in (their) early to mid thirties and beyond who consider delaying childbearing" (2000, Internet).


When a woman decides to wait until her mid forties or beyond to have a child or if she is told by her physician or OB/GYN that her procrastination has resulted in lowering her chances to become pregnant, she is left with few options. Some women who either wait too long or find out that they cannot conceive turn to high-tech fertility treatments like in-vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (i.e. The sperm is mechanically inserted into the egg) or even egg donation in which contraception occurs in a petri dish where the embryo incubates from three to six days and then is placed in the uterus.

When all else fails, a woman can also choose to adopt a child, although this may not be acceptable for some, due to ethical/religious beliefs or principles. In fact, a woman that is very religious may not wish to undergo any artificial means to become pregnant at a late age which lowers her chances of bearing a child.

Economically, if a woman or couple wait to have a child when the woman is in her mid to late forties, the financial burden may be great, especially if the woman or the couple is retired and living on a fixed income, especially when…… [Read More]

Berkowitz, G.S., et al. (1990). "Delayed Childbearing and the Outcome of Pregnancy." New England Journal of Medicine. 322.

Domar, A.D., et al. (2000). "Impact of Group Psychological Intervention on Pregnancy Rates in Infertile Women." Fertil Steril. 73.
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Burnout and Technical College Counselors Essay

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The assumption here is that counselor burnout may be heightened as a result of the diversity of students who attend post secondary educational institutions, and the variety of services the 2-year postsecondary counselors must provide to these students. This assumption is congruent with the findings of a study by Wilkerson and Bellini (2006) who advise, "Professional school counselors are asked to perform multiple duties as part of their daily work. Some of these duties match the descriptions set forth by national standards for school counseling programs, whereas others do not" (p. 440).

Consequently, school counselors are required to formulate decisions on a daily basis concerning the best way to perform their jobs (Wilkerson & Bellini). Not surprisingly, many school counselors are overwhelmed by these constantly changing working conditions and requirements, and a number of counselors experience high levels of stress as a result. Because the connection between high levels of stress in the workplace and burnout are well documented, these findings represent issues of special concern because of the potential adverse impact on counselors' mental and physical well-being. Moreover, stress has also been associated with burnout (Wilkerson & Bellini). Consequently, heightened levels of stress and burnout can result in ineffective job performance, exhaustion, physical complaints, anxiety, depression, and even increased incidences of substance abuse (Wilkerson & Bellini). There is concern, too, that as stress increases, not only do school counselors experience negative consequences, so too do those with whom they work and the students they counsel.


The literature on postsecondary education counselors indicates that people who become counselors typically enter the profession due to an intrinsic desire to help people through academic, social, and personal issues, and usually believe that their work is meaningful and helpful Murray, 1987, and Maslach, 2003). New counselors are often enthusiastic and come with innovative ideas and an abundance of energy, however, after twenty years, and sometimes with in 5 or 10 years of providing counseling services to large numbers of diverse and demanding students, many counselors find themselves with little tolerance for routine and exhausting work with students (Gmelch, Wilke, and Lovrich, 1983). The level of service and/or the role the counselor performs is contingent upon the nature and size of the educational institution in which they are employed (Dean, 2000).

Counselors' primary duties within 2-year colleges include providing career counseling and academic advising;…… [Read More]

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Moore & Kearsley The Nature Essay

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Among the research findings in this regard was the view that field independent student are often more successful in the distance learning environment. Other factors such as introversion and extroversion were discussed and introverted personality types were seen to be more successful in the distance teaching environment. It was also found that extracurricular concerns can have both positive and negative course completion outcomes. Support from family or employer was also found to be a very significant variable that had a positive effect.

Another relevant area of discussion was study skills. It was generally found that good study skills and habits were a central determining factor for the distance students. Furthermore, procrastination was found to be a very negative factor, especially if one takes into account the demands of the distance education.

The difference between the classrooms and the distance learning environment was also discussed, with many students stating that they preferred a more personal teaching or classroom environment. This also relates to various problems that the distance students tend to mention - including technical issues and particularly difficulties in contacting teachers and instructors. These aspects led to the cardinal issue of the perceived resistance to distance education and the factors related to this; such as lack of experience and familiarly, as well as the fact that distance education requires more discipline and a strong sense of responsibility.

The above points culminated in the final sections of the article which refer to aspects that can be remedied and improved to make these courses more attractive and successful for the students. It is suggested that, in the light of these various aspects and variables, particular attention should to be given by teachers and course designers to methods, processes and administrative actions and procedures that that can be implemented to reduce problematic areas and make students feel more at home in their working environment. This aspect also needs to take into account the nature and general characteristics of the adult learner. This refers to aspects such as learning style and other variables such as comfort and accessibly…… [Read More]

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Hiring New Employees Is Generally Essay

Words: 1263 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95240301

It's a common problem and luckily it is one which can be fixed if it's addressed properly.


One of the best solutions to procrastination and rampant disorganization is to get the person in question to admit that he has a problem and to get him to admit that he's preventing himself from functioning at his highest level of productivity and success.

Introducing general organizational skills to Carl could be a crucial factor in his success. Carl might never have received such basic training when he was developing. "Employees in the workplace must have general organizational skills, which allow them to determine the supplies they need, how to arrange their files and whom to contact for specific information. Managers who work with employees will often organize the work of employees to keep them busy, especially those that require a lot of direction, like file clerks or contract workers" (Suttle). In conjunction with that skill, Carl will need to learn basic planning skills and how to get projects completed within specific time periods, and how to plan accurately to bring tasks to fruition and to anticipate problems that could potentially delay the project (Suttle). Carl also needs to be taught skills that orbit around scheduling, resource allocation, and meeting deadlines and time management (Suttle).

Proposed Solution

The alternatives proposed above are all viable ways to correct the problem and are all skills that Carl needs to learn in order to do so. However, the most important solution that is liable to be the most effective is any one which is targeted for procrastinators. So the solution would have to start with asking Carl to do some soul-searching and come up with his fears or anxieties related to finishing tasks, or other issues which could be getting in the way. All organization techniques have to be paired with a tip or strategy that…… [Read More]

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