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Solar Is the Solution Author Steve Heckeroth Essay

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Solar is the Solution, author Steve Heckeroth argues that solar energy is the key to alleviating climate change. Heckeroth builds his argument on the statement that "Solar is a promising source of future energy supplies because not only is it clean, it's remarkably abundant." Another one of Heckeroth's claims is that "relying on coal, oil and natural gas threatens our future with toxic pollution, global climate change and social unrest caused by diminishing fuel supplies." These statements are internally valid; although Heckeroth does not provide quantitative data to back up these statements, they are easy to reference. Moreover, Heckeroth establishes his own credibility as an author qualified to write about environmental science by stating "I have been studying our energy options for more than 30 years." Of course, "studying" something for thirty years does not automatically make a person an expert. Heckeroth is admitting that he is a layperson who feels passionately about solar energy. To make his case about the viability of solar energy as the best solution to the problem of global warming, Heckeroth uses a series of logical formulations.

One of Heckeroth's premises is that solar energy is "virtually inexhaustible." From this premise, Heckeroth draws the conclusion that "It is well past time to start seriously harnessing solar energy."

Another one of Heckeroth's logical claims is that solar energy is already here, therefore we should use it rather than waiting for a major breakthrough in technology. "If we choose solar we don't have to wait for a new technology to save us. We already have the technology and energy resources we need to build a sustainable, solar-electric economy that can cure our addiction to oil, stabilize the climate and maintain our standard of living."

Then, Heckeroth discusses each of the existing energy technologies in turn to provide logical cases for why each one is bad, and should be given up in favor of solar power. He first addresses coal, oil, and natural gas.…… [Read More]

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Heckeroth, Steve. "Solar is the Solution." Dec-Jan 2008. Retrieved online: http://www.motherearthnews.com/Renewable-Energy/2007-12-01/Solar-is-the-Solution.aspx?page=6
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Solar Thermal Systems According to Essay

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In this regard, some exceptions have been given to the insurance companies while the other companies should follow these principles.

In the year 2005, the commercial sector of the United Kingdom spent $16,500 million for fossil fuels of 350,000 GWh. On the other hand, researchers have reported that a decline of energy consumption has been observed in the tertiary sector of the United Kingdom (Probst & Roecker, 2011, pg 109-124).

Hot water consumption

Probst (2011) stated that hot water is consumed around three percent in industries and fifteen percent I the fossil energy. This shows that a total of 22,000GWh of hot water is consumed each year.

The high and low temperature hot water from the hot water boilers is used in a number of things such as apace heating, washing and in some industrial processes. The direct and straight use of hot water is in washing. Modern hot water boilers are coming day by day and the development in the production of these boiler systems shows the significance of it use.

The solar Thermal Market of the United Kingdom

However, international economic crises were going on in the year 2008, but still, in this year the United Kingdom was among those who had a great market for solar thermal systems. It has been reported by (STA) Solar Trade Association of British that in the year 2008, fifty percent increase occurred in the total amount of solar thermal systems installation around the world. There were a number of reasons for this rapid increase in the installation of solar thermal systems. These include huge publicity, changes in climate, government assistance and open-minded people who wanted to adopt this technology and use clean energy (Council, 2004,pg 220-234).

The government of British assists in the solar thermal projects and these ways are as follows in two ways:

1) Arrangement of Low Carbon Building campaigns

2) Appreciating the owners of homes to invest in the green technology.

An amount of thirty million were invested in…… [Read More]

Abbasi, T., & a., a.S. (2011). Renewable Energy Sources . New Delhi: PHI.

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Energy and Its Sources Energy Is an Essay

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Energy and Its Sources

Energy is an important element in daily life since it used for many activities like moving vehicles, promoting growth of the human body, and enabling humans to think. However, energy can be found in various forms like sound, heat, motion, and light though they are classified into kinetic and potential energy. While kinetic energy is the motion of substances, waves, objects, molecules, and atoms; potential energy is gravitational or stored energy. Some major examples of kinetic energy include thermal, radiant, electrical, motion, and sound while potential energy includes nuclear and chemical energy.

Converting Energy from One Form to Another:

Based on the Law of Conservation of Energy, no energy can be lost as energy is transformed or converted from one form to another ("Chapter 2 -- Forms of Energy," 2012). This is mainly because the total amount of energy used in the conversion process must be equivalent to the total amount of produced energy. During this process, some energy is usually transformed into undesired form, which is commonly known as wasted energy. Similar to the processes involved in the conversion of coal into electrical energy, most energy conversion processes needs several steps. As compared to other conversion processes, the energy wasted in every step while converting coal to electrical energy makes the entire process less efficient. In this case, the amount of electricity produced is usually less than the amount used in burning coal.

Since there are various forms of energy, there are also different types of energy conversions such as mechanical, chemical, and electrical energy conversions ("Energy Conversions," n.d.). However, there are three basic ways with which energy can be converted from one form to another. First, energy can be converted through the action of forces including gravitational, frictional, and electric and magnetic force fields. Under gravitational forces, the potential energy of an object is converted into kinetic energy when gravity speeds up the falling object. On the contrary, gravitational field conserves energy used by a lifter as the potential energy when an object is lifted. An example of this process is a bouncing ball that initially has kinetic energy as its falls. As the ball hits the ground, its bottom stops while the top keeps…… [Read More]

"Chapter 2 -- Forms of Energy." (2012, May 30). Department of Physics. Retrieved from The

Ohio State University website: https://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/103/textbook_pdf/per2.pdf
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Solar Stills Limitations of Solar Essay

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A light insulation causes a reduction of 14.5% in the efficiency obtained with full insulation. The wind effect is much more limited. The increase of wind velocity from zero to 3.6 mph yielded a slight reduction (2%) in the still performance.

Repeated tests have shown that the higher the operating temperature of the still, assuming insulation is equal, correlates with higher efficiency. For example, with each 6 degrees Celsius increase in ambient temperature, a still's output increases 7-8%. The application of this finding means that a still operating in a hot desert climate will produce typically as much as one-third more water than the same unit would produce in a cooler climate.

Production of distilled water is also associated with the thermal efficiency of the still itself. Efficiency may range from 30 to 60%, depending on the construction of the still, the amount and type of insulation used, ambient temperatures, wind velocity, and the availability of solar energy. Thermal losses for a typical vary seasonally. To better understand,…… [Read More]

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Solar Flares What Causes Solar Storms Why Essay

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Solar Flares

What causes solar storms? Why should people nearly a hundred million miles away on Earth care so much about them? Massive explosions of electrified plasma from the sun are identified as Solar Storms but often they just cause a beautiful light show in the farthest points of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The reason why human beings need to understand and care about solar storms is that they have the potential to cause devastating effects on the planet Earth. Those effects include problems that may affect daily life such as knocking out satellites, blacking out power grids, and completely altering the atmosphere and climate. Scientists have gathered plenty of information over the years to explain Solar storms and have even built a system to protect the Earth's energy. However, the earth is still vulnerable to solar activity, much of which remains a mystery to science. Scientists are also uncertain about the specific effects of solar storms and how to completely prevent them from wreaking havoc on earth. How can we prepare for the unknown possibilities of the sun? All we have is the history of nature and the promise of science to help protect ourselves from the future; with knowledge we can stay one step ahead of the universe.

About The Sun

The Sun is a massive, and magnificent object with a seriously complex system of inner workings that have the potential to alter the universe -- or at least our galaxy. This huge star is considered the center of Earth's existence, and has been revered as a god throughout human history. The sun produces all the light, heat, and energy for humans and indeed the entire planet.

The sun is approximately 1.4 million Kilometers wide; about a hundred times the size of the planet Earth. The sun also houses around 99.8% of the total mass of the solar system in hot gases. Those gasses heat the sun up to about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface alone (National Geographic). Energy from the sun is created from the transformation of gasses, in particular by changing hydrogen into helium via…… [Read More]

Chivers, Tom (2010). Solar storm hitting Earth causes spectacular aurora displays. The Telegraph. Retrieved online: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/7926176/Solar-storm-hitting-Earth-causes-spectacular-aurora-displays.html

Johnston, Colin. "Deep Time: Earth's History and Future." Retrieved online: http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:YypdcDGO_5wJ:www.armaghplanet.com/pdf/AstroTopics/Solar%2520System/Deeptime.pdf+earth+history+sun&hl=en&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESgPEamf05LM8LE4Gs9KC4_SQJcE1wqvom3EwYg3fT6H4MzHhcgTbPBBszBjrWA7LWXwW7neAE-uf3a85n06b81ogO6znQmrUK51bsIMGALP2uQHhYfBZoY6jIT-dnkVLhOM7EHV&sig=AHIEtbSkFAb9K1cTFm9tzvpnhlhV4ZznzQ
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Solar Panels We Are Currently Essay

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That energy is stored in solar batteries so that it can be utilized later as well as at night and when sunlight is obscured by clouds. Unfortunately, the current state of solar energy technology is not efficient enough to compete with the amounts of energy put out by traditional energy production methods. However, with continued research and development, solar panels are becoming smaller and more energy efficient in exactly the same way that traditional forms of energy production gradually evolved into more efficient forms throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Just as government subsidization was necessary to promote the growth of oil companies, gasoline engines, and (especially) the gasoline stations necessary to provide a nationwide infrastructure to support the use of private automobiles, that approach is now necessary to ensure that renewable energy forms can be developed sufficiently to provide a realistic and comprehensive alternative to fossil fuel systems.

The road to clean, renewable energy must incorporate public involvement together with education and political support for government policies and decisions necessary to develop the potential of solar energy. In time, that support can help future human societies eliminate their dependence on a source of energy that will surely run out sooner rather than later and that is responsible for such great negative costs associated with its use. Ultimately, solar energy is the most logical answer and the most reasonable and safe energy form for human civilizations.… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Attfield, R. (2003). Environmental Ethics: An Overview for the Twenty-First Century.

Cambridge, UK: Polity.
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Energy Industry Is Heavily Dependent Essay

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Nuclear energy possesses perhaps the largest potential for growth over the next few decades. The reason for this is the simple fact that it creates a relatively small amount of environmental pollution and can be adapted for use in nearly any part of the world. It certainly poses some security risks if it this technology is misused or mishandled, but the benefits certainly outweigh the costs. This type of energy production does not create smog, or direct environmental wastes, and many scientists, entrepreneurs, and engineers are looking at low cost, micro-nuclear solutions for small cities and towns (Kruger, 2006). Instead of building huge, multi-billion dollar power plants, the focus has shifted to creating small, sustainable, community nuclear power plants. The sustainability level of nuclear power is quite high given that a very small amount of nuclear waste is created for a huge amount of power output, unlike coal-fired power plants and other fossil fuel alternatives. The plants are also relatively cheap to construct if built on smaller scales with the help of private sector ingenuity. While nuclear power is not technically a renewable resource, power plants use up so very little radioactive material in their lifetimes that nuclear power could be utilized for many times the timeframe that oil has been used as a power source.

Natural gas is another alternative energy source that has been incorporated into numerous sustainability studies and programs. While it is still a fossil fuel, it is much cleaner to burn than oil or gasoline and much cheaper to source and produce (Hekkert et al., 2005). Natural gas is currently being employed in many power plants, cities, and government facilities to create electricity, heat buildings, and power cars, trucks, and mass transit vehicles. Many scientists view natural gas as a half step in the right direction. It is still a fossil fuel, and a non-renewable resource, but it is more environmentally friendly and efficient than other fossil fuels. Natural gas is more sustainable as well, and when the shift away from oil and gasoline occurs, natural gas is the logical bridge between fossil fuels and non-fossil fuel energy alternatives. CO2 emissions are also reduced with the use of natural gas, and since this compound has been at the forefront of much scientific study and debate surrounding…… [Read More]

Hekkert, Marko P.; Hendriks, Franka H.J.F.; Faaij Andre P.C. And Maarten L. Neelis.. (2005).

"Natural Gas as an Alternative to Crude Oil in Automotive Fuel Chains Well-to-Wheel Analysis and Transition Strategy Development," Energy Policy: Vol. 33: Iss. 5, pp. 579-594.
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Solar Flares and How They Go on Essay

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solar flares and how they go on to cause global warming. Global warming has been an ongoing phenomenon and there are many reasons it has occurred. Apart from the green house effect, global warming could have been due to the solar flares that have occurred. Different researches and theories regarding this matter are discussed in the paper.

Solar Flare

Global warming is a phenomenon that has amazed and frightened everyone ever since it came into being. The consequences and end results of global warming is what goes on to alarm and frighten everyone on earth. If looked at it literally, global warming is basically in increase in the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. This change and elevation has been occurring ever since the 19th century and is known to increase even more. The change in the global temperature is dangerous because it goes onto increase the sea levels and alterations precipitation, melting of glacier and possible risks of floods around the world. Global warming can even cause a spread of the deserts (Lu, Vecchi and Reichler 6)

People have come with varied causes of global warming. Some natural causes are the release of methane gas from the wetlands and the arctic tundra. It has been proposed that the temperature of the earth is influenced by the activities that man carries out. (Michaels 222) Others have proposed that this is due to the climate change that the earth goes through after a certain amount of time. Activities like combusting fossil fuels, cutting down trees and emitting carbon dioxide from the industries is a major has contributed to global warming. Pollution which occurs due to burning of fossil fuels is a major cause. A lot of things like increased population and increased need for transportation require more and more fossil fuels to be burned

Out of all the causes listed above, a solar flare could be a probable cause of causing global warming. A solar flare is basically the release of energy from the sun that causes a very bright light to be observed over the sun's surface. It has been postulated that the release of energy is equivalent to millions of megatons of TNT. The energy release has been estimated to b…… [Read More]

Lu, Jian et al. "Expansion of the Hadley cell under global warming." Geophysical Research Letters, 34. 6 (2007): 1-10. Print.

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Energy How Work Gets Done Essay

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Energy… [Read More]

Hertzog, C (2011). Should we Monetize Personal Energy Consumption Data? Smart Greid Library 4 July 2011. Retrieved from http://www.smartgridlibrary.com/2011/07/04/should-we-monetize-personal-energy-consumption-data/

Swanson, K. (2005). Taking Charge of Your Personal Energy Use. Alternative Energy Magazine, December 2005. Retrieved from http://www.altenergymag.com/emagazine.php?issue_number=05.12.01&article=monitor
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Energy Is an Essential Force Powering Society Essay

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Energy is an essential force powering society, industry and in the end our everyday lives. Generally, energy sources can be classified as non-renewable and renewable sources. Non-renewable energy sources are those that can not be replenished or made again in a short period of time. Renewable energy sources on the other hand can be replenished in a short period of time (Energy sources, 2011).

There are three main sources of energy -- Nuclear Energy, Fossil Energy and Alternative Energy. Nuclear power is a form of energy which comes about from a reaction between atomic nuclei. The majority of this form of energy comes out of nuclear fission. This is the process by which atomic nuclei which are made up of neutrons and protons, collide with each other and fall apart. The energy which kept these parts together is no longer needed and comes free. This energy is then used to heat up water which turns into steam which is then used to create electricity. One advantage of nuclear power is that very little raw material is needed to make a lot of electric energy. A very big disadvantage is that the raw material for nuclear power, uranium, is very radio-active and the rods and other used materials remain radio-active for a very long time (Energy sources, n.d.).

Fossil energy is made by the burning of fossil remains which are the remains of dead plants and animals. These plants and animals died over a million years ago and under the pressure of the earth's surface and by way of decay, have been compressed. When fossil fuels are burned the process generates steam which is used to power a turbine that with the help of a generator, produces electricity. Fossil fuels include such things as oil, natural gas and coal. One advantage of fossil energy is that it is inexpensive to produce the energy from these raw materials. One disadvantage is that during the process of combustion a lot of toxic materials are emitted into the air which leads to pollution of the atmosphere. Another disadvantage of fossil energy is that the supply of fossil fuels is not infinite, the current supply is thought to be about fifty years…… [Read More]

Alternative Energy Sources. (n.d.). Retreived from http://home.utah.edu/~ptt25660/tran.html

Energy sources. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://library.thinkquest.org/C0110881/energy_en.html