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Christian Worldview

Imagine studying the Bible and all that is has to offer. How does the Bible relate to this aspect? How does one's perspective change after studying God's Word? What statistics are involved? One will investigate a Biblical Christian worldview.

"A Christian worldview is practicing the Kingship of Jesus" (Colson, 2010). Revelation 4:11 says it well by means of reminding the reader that God created everything and that Jesus is the Redeemer for all people (Colson, 2010). One is able to practice this through service and taking advantage of opportunities in order "to glorify God and enjoy Him forever" (Colson, 2010). However, the Barna Group (2009) defines it as, "believing that absolute moral truth exists; the Bible is totally accurate in all principles it teachers." Furthermore, an individual knows that Satan exists, and he or she cannot try to do good works in order to get into Heaven (The Barna Group, 2009). God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. To break it down further, one needs to study each aspect of the words of "Biblical Christian Worldview."

Everyone has a perspective on life. Some are more religious than others. Knowledge is one aspect of a worldview. "These constitute the categories of truth, the disciplines of study, and the arenas of life in which we live out our worldview" (Colson, 2010). These consists of a person's "relationships, culture/institutions, community/government, creation/environment, economics/vocation; science/technology, religion/spirituality and education/development" (Colson, 2010). This consists of themselves and who he or she is in contact with on a regular basis. Whatever a person sees and experiences is considered their worldview because it is from their perspective. No one else can view it as he or she does because each person is unique on every level; consequently, people can try to understand what one is thinking but it is not as easy as it looks.

Here are some of the latest statistics from the Barna Group (2009). At least "one-third of all adults (34%) believe that moral truth is absolute and unaffected by the circumstances." Currently, 50% "believe in absolute moral truth (The Barna Group, 2009). This is quite devastating because God is truth as shown in John 14:6. Furthermore, 50% deem that the Bible is accurate and that 79% concur that are born again believers (The Barna Group, 2009). Not everyone thinks that Satan is real, at least 27%, but at least 40% of believers take this position total (The Barna Group, 2009). However, 28% suppose that an individual cannot earn their way to Heaven, and 47% reject this idea of earning salvation through good works (The Barna Group, 2009). 40% of adults that are American believe that "Jesus Christ lived a sinless life while He was on earth," and to strongly confirm it (62%) judge in this manner (The Barna Group, 2009). 70% of adults concur that God is all-powerful and that He rules today and this includes 93% who hold this conviction (The Barna Group, 2009). In America, 9% hold a Christian worldview (The Barna Group, 2009). "The numbers show that 7% had such a worldview in 1995, compared to 10% in 2000, 11% in 2005, and 9% now. Even among born again adults, the statistics have remained flat: 18% in 1995, 22% in 2000, 21% in 2005, and 19% today" (The Barna Group, 2009). Let one define the word Biblical.

The Bible is considered the starting point because it is the Word of God as seen in John 1(Nickel, 2008). He created the world and man as demonstrated in Genesis 1-2 (Nickel, 2008). One can note that it is "infallible, inspired and inerrant" (Nickel, 2008). Every part of it is true (1 Timothy 3:16-17). The entire Bible has 66 books, which consist of 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. God spoke through each individual who wrote a book in the Bible. None of it is man-centered as a result. All of it is centered on God and how He used man for His glory (Nickel, 2008). Next one identifies what Christian means.

A Christian is someone who is a "follower of Christ, the Messiah" (Nickel, 2008). This if found in the New Testament at least two times (Acts 26:28 and 1 Peter 4:16) (Nickel, 2008). Every part of a believers life is centered around Jesus because of what he did on the cross long ago and rising from the dead (Nickel, 2008). As a result, he or she has a Christian worldview. Jesus is the ultimate reality, and the world is in choas in need of Him in order to have hope for eternal life. Human beings were created in His image to glory God (Genesis 1:27). He alone can solve our problems, and it is crucial that everyone come to know Jesus as Lord of their life.

One needs to know the creed of the Christian church that is found in 1 Corinthians 15. A believer affirms that it is important to let others hear the Gospel. Nothing can get seperated from the doctriness taught in the Bible. This goes with 1 Timothy 3:16-17 because God inspired the Bible and used others, such as Ruth to spread His Word throughout the world. Here are some truths in regards to the books of the Bible as well as many other doctrines (Answers in Genesis, 2011).

The Bible is "inspired and innerant" (Answers in Genesis, 2011). One can know that it is absolute truth, unlike the world teaching tolerance and relative truth. In no way is God's Word limited to "spiritual, religious or redemptive themes" (Answers in Genesis, 2011). With faith, this is the supreme authority as well as in conduct, which includes all that is taught throughout it (Answers in Genesis, 2011). Some more areas are worth noting in regards to the Christian faith that are apart of this worldview.

The best way in which to interpret the Bible is through Scripture itself. One can use parallel passages in order to understand different concepts and teachings throughout it. An individual can understand God's Word better through general revelation (creation) and special revelation (man). No one can claim history or any other discipline as truth because of what John 14:6 says when John wrote it long ago (Answers in Genesis, 2011). Bible and scientific truth are not to remain exclusive from each other. Furthermore, any field outside of God's Word is not considered valid if it contradicts Scripture. Each is "subject to interpretation by fallible people who do not possess all information" (Answers in Genesis, 2011). In regards to science, a believer cannot hold true to what science claims as the world existing for billions of years. This is based on what one claims as fact and much presupposition.

The creation account as shown in Genesis "is a simple but factual presentation of actual events and therfore provides a reliable framework for scientific research into the qeustion of the origin and history of life, manking, the Earth and the universe" (Answers in Genesis, 2011). None of it is a myth or considered that it is not history. Instead, one is to accept it as accurate, such as what is written in Judges or Acts. All of the geneologies occurred in a chronlogical order, which confirms the date of when the whole universe was created. All of mankind is as old as the Earth. In essence, one can believe that it is 6-10,000 years old altogether (Answers in Genesis, 2011).

Through the innacuracies of carbon fourteen dating, one can deny that "millions of years of history occurred before Adam and Eve" (Answers in Genesis, 2011). One can deny that Big Bang and any other theory can justify how the universe began long ago. Any other method for dating the Earth is innacurate and inconceivable. Also, other countries that have their own chronology is not as reliable as the Bible, and these are not allowed to overrule Scripture due to events that actually did occur in history (Answers in Genesis, 2011). The world has their own viewpoint because they choose to leave God out of the equation, and this includes by claiming that man was an ape when Genesis 1:27 is clear on how Adam and Eve were made in the beginning (Answers in Genesis, 2011).

The ultimate reality is what is in general and special revelation (Answers in Genesis, 2011). These are how God reveals himself to His creation. Each person is allowed free will to make their own choices as demonstrated in Genesis 3. Because of Adam and Eve's choice to sin, man is no longer perfect, although everything was in Genesis 1-2. When Christ returns to Earth, a new Heaven and a new Earth are created for all believers (Revelation 21). This is what every believer longs for because of how sin has entered into the world one lives today.

In essence, the world is chaotic. People are getting killed, innocent are sent to prison, adultery and so forth. All of this is because of the fall of man…

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