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Preliminary Analysis of Drones

Drones have become increasingly popular among the U.S. army and the reason is that they have ability to transform (has already transformed to quite an extent) the way America has been fighting and the way it has been thinking about its wars. According to the intelligence officials of the United States, these unmanned aerial vehicles that are commonly called drones have proved to be one of the most effective weapons against the terrorist organization, the Al Qaeda. These planes are piloted through remotes and the Central Intelligence Agency has been using these for surveillance over Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan since videos are recorded and then transmitted with these vehicles. These vehicles are also used conduct attacks where America thinks are potential places for the residence of terrorist groups. According to statistics and reports drone attacks that have been conducted during the presidency of Obama are way more than the number of attacks that were conducted under President George W. Bush.

The use of drones for surveillance and for conducting attacks over different countries has attracted a huge deal of criticism for America. America demonstrates these vehicles as symbol of power and the attacks that have been conducted using these drones have also caused the killing of many innocent people (The New York Times, 2013). An international precedent has been set by America by the use of drones, with China and Russia watching. There have been many occasions when America sent these drones to kill the enemies on its borders but unfortunately ended up killing its own citizens.

Many human rights activists and other organizations have questioned the legality of these drone attacks and the Obama administration has always given the argument that under the military action that was authorized by Congress after the attacks of September 11, 2001 these drone attacks against the Al Qaeda are legalized. Moreover, the administration also argues that these attacks are made under the general principle of self-defense. In the consideration of these rules, the attacks that are launched by drones cannot be termed as assassination that is banned as a part of the executive order.

7,000 aerial drones are owned by the Pentagon at the moment. Almost ten years ago, the Pentagon only had 50 or even less number of drones. The pentagon has also asked the Congress for almost $5 billion for the manufacture and maintenance of these drones in the budget of the fiscal year 2012-13.

Committee of Representatives of the Parliament

Martha Roby

Martha DubinaRony is the U.S. Representative for the second congressional district of Alabama. She was born on the 26th of July 1976 and is a member of the Republican Party. In the United States House of Representatives elections that took place in Alabama in 2010, she defeated Representative Bobby Bright by a narrow margin. She assumed her office after winning the elections in January 2011. Terri Sewell and Roby are the first women who have been elected to Congress from the state of Alabama and that too in regular elections.

The birth place of Martha Roby is Montgomery, Alabama. She attended the New York University from where she received her bachelor degree in music. After that she attended the Cumberland School of Law that comes under the Samford University situated in Birmingham, Alabama, from where she received her J.D. In the year 2001. Roby is the daughter of Joel F. Dubona who was the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Before becoming a part of the active politics of America, Roby worked for Copeland, France that was a law firm.

When she served in the Council during her first term, she was joined by three other council members as well as the then mayor Bobby Bright to lobby against the construction of a shopping mall in East Montgomery, supported an increase of 10% on cigarette, planned an opposition against the privatization of the disposal of household garbage and also advocated for a sales tax holiday for the state. Since she was given the task of managing the immigration committee, she also worked hard on the prevention and management of illegal immigration. The goal of this committee, which was headed by her, was to make a law that would cancel all the trade licenses for firms that hired illegal immigrants.

Roby has claimed herself to be a staunch Republican. By this statement she means that she believes in the sanctity of life and that governments should be limited with small taxes and greater ease for the public. As of her beliefs pertaining to the Defense policies of the country, she has always voted against the reductions in the defense budget of the country. Therefore, there are high chances that she could question about the amount of money that is being spent on the manufacture and management of drones. She might also ask if that money is sufficient and if not then more should be allotted from the budget. Moreover, she has also promised the House and the public that she would do whatever it takes to prevent any cuts in defense spending. Even when an announcement was made regarding the reduction in Aircraft and Navy Procurement, she voted against this decision (Kitchen, 2005). Furthermore, she voted in favor of the many extensions of the budget of the armed forces. On the other hand, she has somewhat focused on the cutting down on the non-defense budget of the state. When voting was conducted pertaining to the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan back in the year 2011, Roby voted a "no" for it. Keeping in view her firm stands for the defense of the country, it is expected that she would ask various questions regarding the efficiency of the drones in conducting attacks for self-defense and for surveillance of the areas where America thinks that the terrorists' organizations are residing and developing. She might also want to make sure that there are enough drones allotted for a certain region or country (Kitchen, 2012).

Mo Brooks

Morris Brooks is the United States Representative for the 5th congressional district of Alabama and is the member of the Republican Party. He was born on the 29th of April, 1954 in Charleston, South Carolina after which he moved to Huntsville, Alabama in the year 1963. He was the son of Betty J. who was a teacher of economics and government for more than twenty years. She used to teach at Lee High School when Brooks was attending Grissom High School. Meanwhile his father, Morris Jackson, was raised in Tennessee and was an electrical engineer by profession and used to work at Metrology Center of Redstone Arsenal. His parents are still the residents of Madison County in Alabama (Khan, 2010).

Brooks completed his high school from Grissom High School in the year 1972. After that he attended the Duke University and completed his bachelor's degree in three years and achieved a double major in subjects of economics and political science. Later on he graduated from the University Of Alabama School Of Law in the year 1978.

The office of Tuscaloosa District Attorney was the place where the legal career of Brooks started from. In the year 1980, Brooks left this office when he returned to Huntsville and served as a law clerk John David Snodgrass, who was the presiding Circuit Court Judge. With the exception of the year when Brooks was served as court clerk or the prosecutor, Brooks practiced law in every year. However, Brooks maintained his national practice in the specialty of commercial litigation (Stephens, 2010).

Brooks has always wanted peace to prevail in the world and he has always advocated the point that America should withdraw its forced from Afghanistan now that Osama bin Laden has been killed. He believed that America does not have to act like the police of the world and it should rather focus on the problems within the country than those that are present in Afghanistan. He also did not support the position of President Obama pertaining to the involvement of Americans in the matters of Libya in the year 2011. As he has generally maintained a stance of peace and has not supported the position of the administration of Obama regarding the approach of self-defense, there are high chances that he would question the legality of the conduction of drone attacks now that the head of Al Qaeda and the main enemy of America Osama bin Laden has been killed. Since he is a lawyer he would raise many questions that are related to the legal matters with the use of drones for the transmission of videos from countries including Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. He might ask for a solid justification why America still needs to make use of drones to watch over what is going on in other countries and why attacks are conducted by these drones that have also killed many innocent people and even America's own citizens. Although he has advocated…

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