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Futpro Business Plan

Business Plan: FutPro Soccer School

Vision and Mission Statement

The Industry

Market Analysis

Market Size

Barriers to entry

Capital Costs

Brand recognition


Target Market

Market Segmentation

The secondary market includes

Products and Services

Marketing Plan

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Fut Pro-is a progressive soccer school which focuses on teaching the children aged 5 to 16 years to become familiar with and adopt Brazilian tactics for playing football. We provide Brazilian football coaching from a professional perspective, creating a blend of guidance, mentoring and training. The soccer school also offers employment opportunities to enable the students to engage in community building activities.

The establishment of Fut Pro-Soccer School is based on the dual purpose of serving as a platform for acquisition of football related skills, as well as adopting a socially responsible behavior through experiencing the socio-personal development processes at the soccer school. Football is used as a basic means of transforming the youth into confident and disciplined individuals who can serve as an effective member of the society.

Vision and Mission Statement:

The vision upheld by Fut Pro-Soccer School is to become "the world's leading educational and innovative Brazilian Soccer School." Our mission is to bring improvement in the quality of life of the youth by using an integration of coaching for Brazilian football and education, which serves the purpose of promoting innovation, inspiration socio-personal growth, academic aspirations, and overall transformation among the children as well as football industry. The mission can be encapsulated in terms of functioning as a soccer school with emphasis on bringing value to the youth, parents and society while making a difference in the lives we connect with.

The Industry:

Fut Pro-Soccer Schools is operating in the sports industry with specific emphasis on providing football coaching to children and youth. The competitors of Fut Pro-consist of head-to head, first tier (direct) and second tier (indirect) competitors. The head-to-head competition arises out of the existence of other schools which specifically focus on the training of football through adoption of Brazilian way. The competitors consist of the club soccer schools which provide coaching and training for children located across San Antonio, addressing the needs of parents with younger children. The indirect competitors consist of coaching companies. The school football coaching also formulates the indirect competitive set up for Fut Pro.

Market Analysis:

The business plan of FutPro Soccer Schools is based on the collection of secondary information related to the nature of industry and the features of target market. The inclusion of secondary information will enable the business to understand the dynamics of the market and various market segments that can be efficiently targeted. A central feature evident in our school program is the use of fun in teaching and training for football. The sessions conducted in primary schools involve the dissemination of knowledge about the basic and advanced skills of Brazilian football. The program also focuses on teaching skills related to ball manipulation in basic and intensive football sessions. The players are provided with an opportunity to practice these skills under the supervision of trained and expert coaches.

Primary Schools:

According to the statistics available for San Antonio there are 382 elementary schools, 210 middle schools, 151 high schools, 461 public schools, 456 private schools, and 74 charter schools operating in the city. They play a key role in providing education. The schools operating in the target market attract various student categories based on the economic and entice diversification (Great Schools, 2013).

Market Size

The size of the market can be determined on the basis of number of schools operating in the city. The schools are estimated to comprise of 1734 schools. In case of football, the industry has experienced 50% growth it can be assumed that the sporting events of Soccer World Cup in 2014 and Olympic Games in 2016 in Brazil will have positive implications for Football schools in United States (Baade, & Matheson, 2012). The rising concern about the issue of childhood obesity is also a major factor that has triggered significant degree of interest in physical activities of youth through participation in sports. Fut Pro-Soccer Schools can avail this opportunity for expanding the scope of its operations.

Barriers to entry

The barriers to entry Fut Pro-is likely to face in the United States football industry are listed as follows:

Capital Costs:

Capital costs are related to setting up new training facilities for the players, gaining access to sports equipment, training the personnel and coaches, manufacturing and marketing of the products/services etc. The cost related barriers can be resolved by seeking financial support from investors and banks. We are also interested in offering our services to the under developed regions without charging any fee. In order to indulge in such community building activities, we need to have adequate capital budget.

Brand recognition

Fut Pro-Soccer Schools can also face barrier to market entry due to the issue of low brand recognition. In order to deal with this obstacle, the company intends to launch marketing campaign through social media and visiting schools in the locality to reach the target market. Social media tools such as Face book and Twitter can be used for sharing news related to achievements of the club (Kapferer, 2012). Along with that YouTube can be used as a portal for uploading the videos illustrating videos of players learning to play football the Brazilian way. The company website can also be used for establishing Fut Pro-as a distinctive brand.


Competitive rivalry from other football training schools (e.g. Brazilian Soccer Schools) can also become a barrier to entry in the market. However, this issue can be resolved by using the tools of integrated marketing communication such as public relations, advertising, social media and promotional campaigns in schools.

Target Market:

The youth in United States need an opportunity to build confidence, boost positive energy and gain experiences that facilitate personal and social development (Benson, Scales, Hamilton, & Sesma, 2006). The children are in need of a platform where they can engage in activities that help them in physical as well as emotional growth. The combination of sports and education can fulfill this need by providing access to a supportive learning environment.

Market Segmentation:

The target market for Fut Pro-Soccer Schools has been identified on the basis of two broad segments; primary and secondary target market. The primary target market includes children aged 5 to 16 years and parents. These individuals can be easily located through local schools, youth clubs and internet portals for parents.

The secondary market includes:

Primary Schools: The primary schools located in San Antonio United States will be focused, with students in the age group of 5 to 11 years constituting the population. Secondary Schools: The population in secondary schools, consisting of children ages 12 to 16 will also be included in the target market. Academies/local football clubs: The local football clubs and soccer academies operating in the same industry are also a part of the target market as they serve as integral units in our collaborative network. Apart from the above mentioned areas of target market, investor brand such as Nike, Adidas, children merchandise companies, supermarkets and universities can also be marked as potential candidates interested in our services.

Products and Services:

Fut Pro-offers a variety of training programmers and activities to ensure effective development of the physical, emotional, psychological and social aspects of the students/players. Our products and services are detailed below.

Primary School Program:

Fut Pro-Soccer Schools will be operating in San Antonio providing after school sessions, coaching lessons to students aged 5 to 11 years. These sessions will last for 60 minutes, capped at 16 per group and will run in six-week blocks. The after school sessions will be exclusively available for the students enrolled in the schools that are a part of our collaborative network. The focus will be on encouraging the use of creative football playing at a young age. The charges for these sessions will be paid by the students, while the equipment will be provided by our organization.

Local Football Clubs Program:

Fut Pro-will also be providing hourly workshops over a month period at local football clubs located in San Antonio Texas. The local teams are offered the flexibility of indicating preferred schedule for the workshop sessions. Similar to the primary school programs, this service will be exclusively available for players aged 5 to 11 years of the football club, capped at 16 per group. The fees will be paid by the players. The equipment used in the workshops will be provided by the company.

Private Schools:

Fut Pro-Soccer Schools will be providing private coaching sessions for players aged 5 to 11 years in San Antonio, Texas. These sessions will last 60 minutes and capped at 20 participants per group. The sessions will be offered in six-week blocks during school term. The charges for this service will also be paid by the students and equipment will be provided by the school.

Marketing Plan:

Website: The company website is used as…

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