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This is another circumstance, however, that is likely to limit the use of this text in management courses, which is truly a disservice to American industry and consumers. It is ironic that in living up to the principles of clarity and directness that it espouses, this tome will probably be read most by simple admirers of Powell and self-help fanatics, rather than put to extensive practical use in the real world.

Where the book might be lacking in a sense of academic rigor and obfuscation, it is hugely successful in its primary attempt to bring a sense of accountability and nobility back to leadership in this country. The United States has been somewhat short on inspirational and honest leaders in the past decade, and though this book is now seven years old it remains a testament to the type of mentality that apparently still exists even when it has faded from prominence. Powell's decision to step down as Secretary of State several years after this books publication should have been a warning sign to American citizens that our government was no longer the responsible type of leader we needed or deserved. Harari has done his part to make sure Powell's type of leadership doesn't vanish, and we must do ours by picking up…

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