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Perception Lenses

Alice in the Wonderland

Like Carroll's, "Alice In Wonderland" perception forms. In text, talk "perception lenses".... As personal standpoint influences opinion, discern "inference" "judgment"? As a final point, C. Wright Mills "Sociological Imagination."

Like Carroll's, "Alice in Wonderland" perception forms. In text, talk "perception lenses".... As personal standpoint influences opinion, discern "inference" "judgment"? As a final point, C. Wright Mills "Sociological Imagination"

Things do not exists out there; rather it is the mind of the individual who perceive the existing objects with its own set of mind. The lens of perception provides a practical view of the real world and also provides the guidance regarding how better we could relate ourselves with the world. Lens of perception is considered as a thing of utmost importance in the field of psychology and sociology. With the help of this lens of perception individuals often create a sense of reality. This suggests the fact that there is no such thing like a universal truth in the world. It is the perception of the people which makes any particular thing popular while discarding or ignoring other things. As far as the case of the novel; Alice in the wonder world is concerned, it can be concluded that the writer of this particular novel also had a unique way of observing the world existing around him. The writer of the novel was Lewis Carroll and the history has confirmed that he perceive the things bigger than its original size. Though the things were not big in reality but he observed the things existing around him in the unique way. The condition of Lewis Carroll is deduced by analyzing the conditions of the characters presented in the novel (Chaffee, 2009).

Some scholars of philosophy are of the opinion that our personal preferences and choices often affect our decisions. They say that the people bring their cultural values and opinions when they think critically about any issue. As a result of which many different systems exist today. For example the method of capital punishment given in one county is quite different from the methods prevailing in other countries. In sub-continent region capital punishment is given by hanging the person however poisonous injections are given in USA in order to give the capital punishment. Therefore it can be implied that individuals cannot think without having any influence from the external as well as internal environment. However these distortions which are coming from external and internal environment can be controlled if the people try to come out from the situation of self denial. It is also very important that…

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