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Science appealed to me as early as I can remember in my academic career, specifically, solving problems through experimentation. Biology, in particular, captured my interest because it seemed to combine science with the goal of providing healthcare and comfort to patients suffering from medical disease. Since then, I have learned that the other scientific disciplines contribute equally toward improving modern health care, but the biological sciences have always captured my greatest interest.

My recent volunteer duties at the (Name of nursing home) nursing home confirmed to me the profound satisfaction inherent in providing patient care. The experience of being able to improve the lives and outlook of elderly patients (some of whom suffer more from depression and loneliness than any organic disease) remains one of the most rewarding endeavors that I have ever undertaken.

The satisfaction of helping others is one element that has been missing from my professional life, despite the other rewards of overseeing the entire operations of Company Name), where I currently serve as President. On the other hand, the automotive fabrication and manufacturing industry has enabled me to work with my hands in myriad ways, in addition to providing an opportunity (almost daily) to exercise my practical problem solving skills.

In my opinion, even the highly technological field of automotive manufacturing includes an element of artistic creativity, in the manner that components must be fabricated within very precise tolerances and degrees of mutual compatibilities. Some of my work projects have included the complete fabrication of entire automobiles, from scratch, requiring several years to complete from start to finish.

In this regard, the most rewarding part of my involvement in the automotive industry is the scientific aspect of engineering mechanical components to solve specific performance requirements. On one hand, I appreciate having had the opportunity of promotion to President because I enjoy the many different challenges and increased responsibilities of supervising and managing operational development;

on the other hand, I definitely still prefer to maintain a more direct involvement with the so-called "dirty work" on a first-hand basis.

The automotive industry also introduced me to the fascinating world of photography, which requires an artistic feel, notwithstanding the fact that its application in this industry is, quite naturally, much more technical in nature than creative. Eventually, my photographic skills and advanced darkroom development techniques developed to the point that I was able to compete successfully in several national level photographic competitions such as (Name of one competition) and Name of other competition). I was fortunate enough to be able to combine my photographic skills and my engineering projects in a manner that culminated with seeing my work published…

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