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Taxes on Alcohol and Tobacco:

The alcohol industry is increasingly being considered for an increase in taxes in attempts to help in providing health care insurance to all people. As heath care insurance continues to be a major issue in the United States, policy makers are looking for effective measures to provide health insurance coverage for all. Currently, senators and other policy makers are focusing on the ways to provide health care coverage in order to extend insurance for approximately 50 million uninsured Americans that could total to $1.5 trillion over a decade. Furthermore, these policymakers are examining various ways to lessen expenses and increase taxes including increasing alcohol and tobacco tax to help cater for the expansion. The main reason for the proposed increase in taxes of alcohol and tobacco is that they are among the main contributors to the increasing medical costs. With these proposals and measures, the main question is whether taxes on alcohol and tobacco should be increased to help cater for the rising medical costs.

Alcohol abuse is a risk factor that contributes to various types of cancers, psychological problems, and liver disease that in turn result in the increase in medical costs ("Higher Taxes on Alcohol Being Considered," n.d.). The increase in taxes of alcohol and tobacco products is also being considered because it would generate huge amounts of money and will hinder people from buying these products more often. I chose this topic because I feel strongly against the idea that increasing these taxes solves the problem of rising medical costs. This issue is of interest to everyone that uses alcohol or tobacco products as well as anyone that pays for medical services. My argument is that the federal and state governments should find new opportunities to combat rising medical costs other than increasing taxes on alcohol and tobacco products. Furthermore, there is no reason for us to believe these taxes are designed to discourage alcohol and tobacco consumption because that would decrease sources for revenue.

In developing this paper, I will first examine the various arguments and debates that have been…

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