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It is increasing purchasing power and inclination of women those are varying the way gadgets are being restructured and also marketed. Women according to her are like the 'canary birds of the technological mineshaft'. (Women take over technology) if it does not act for them it will be possibly unsuccessful in the mass market. She reveals that it is this notion that the type of population of people applying technology is wider than before. (Women take over technology) Consumer electronics in 2001 and 2002 has been aimed in a soft way, according to Katherine Rizzuto, VP and publisher of Marie Claire magazine and panelist for 'Shopping Consumer Electronics-Understanding the Female Perspective'. However, entry into the year 2004, aims at it in a strong way. She states that her own consumer research presents that women desire information about CE products and do not find where they expect to find it. (Heller, 2004)

Barbie computer and the Macintosh iMAC computer have been specifically gendered. The Audrey ™ appliances are visualized as a specific illustration where the technology has been devised as a specific female consumer item. The Audrey ™ was devised, as per the advertising copy of 3 Com, as the digital home assistant with elegance. Similar to the various designs that the television set has adopted throughout the years to join into the varying domestic decor, the aesthetics of Audrey ™ were meticulously considered in respect of its alignment amongst other home appliances and its deployment within various rooms in a house like- kitchen, bedroom, and family room. The promotional material characterized Audrey ™ as a new domestic appliance for married women to maintain up with their busy family schedules. Of course, 3 Com hired anthropologists to study the lifestyle behavior of families and brought our not surprisingly, that families are busy and both their homes and their schedules are disorganized. (GenderScripts and the Short Life and Death of Audrey)

Audrey ™ characteristics incorporated a Date book, an Address book, an e-mailer and a Palm synchronizer. Audrey ™ was chalked out to be family friendly and a product comfortable enough for the whole family to utilize. Ad copy proudly "represented that Audrey has the preferences for the modern information... A style for interaction... A gift for getting it done." (GenderScripts and the Short Life and Death of Audrey) One advertisement depicted "a refrigerator wrapped with a bevy of notes and shopping lists, recipes, postcards, kids' paintings -- of course all the accoutrements from a normal, busy family life." (GenderScripts and the Short Life and Death of Audrey) Ad copy indicated that substitute this untidiness for an easy 'family organizer', then life will be regularized, scheduled and less stressed. One could visualize that Audrey ™ was infusing into the home beautiful sensibility of what is known as 'Martha Stwartization' of domestic femininity in between a thrive for uncomplicated gender relations. Audrey ™ was a device devised for the private home application and in this case, indicated to be gendered. Similar to the other domestic technologies, Audrey ™ was fostered as a labor saving tool, a family organizer and communicator and a leisure device. (GenderScripts and the Short Life and Death of Audrey)

The customers of Radio Shacks have diverted from 20% female seven years earlier to about 40% female presently. As a result of this about 7000 store chain started actively deploying female store managers last year and presently one of every seven stores is managed by a woman. The technological evolution is behind the inclination. The computers are presently the normal home appliance and the digital lifestyle - from performing e-mails to picture taking - is no longer the only path of early adopters, who once were principally male. Presently, about one third of women regard themselves early adopters desirous of purchasing progressive consumer technology, as per the CEA analysis. The products themselves are becoming comfortable for use by the customers, as per the Barbara Kotsos, senior marketing manager for the printing supplies division of the Epson. They are not as frightening as they would have been for Mrs. Cleaver 50 years earlier. (Consumer Electronics Woo women)

The tradition of orienting to the lucrative female market reveals its mode into the spate of current 'fashion weeks' in London, Paris and New York. Designer Roland Mouret, functioning with Intel, revealed interchangeable laptop "skins" and large LCD monitors that doubled up as handbags. Nokia in the meantime has just found out the latest of its 'fashion phones'. The model 7260 is influenced by the 'glamour of the roaring 20s' and incorporates a 'clothing and shoe size converter for the true fashionista'. Moreover, one can pick up lipstick memory sticks, mini iPods in pastel hues, and mobiles with mirrors in them, and slim cameras, all inclined to entail pressure at the pouch of the women. (Technology's gender balancing act) Products like iMac, the Canon Digital Ixus camera and new 'Fashion Collection' of Nokia mobiles, are if not feminizing technology, at the minimum making it less exclusively and aggressively male. Such products are smoother and thinner than their previous ones and emerged in colors of bright limes, pinks, pearly-whites and reds. (Women take over technology)

Moreover, Sharp structured its flat-panel TVs a couple of years earlier with women in mind. It is known as the product line AQUOS to denote fluidity and a softer touch. It expanded its TV advertisements much beyond sports and prime time slots to Lifetime, the Food Network and the Learning Channel. A Circuit City ad remarkably attributed one of the sleek TVs in a kitchen during the Last Mother's Day. "While the consumer electronics is being considered we visualized that the female population was being ignored a bit" as admitted by Scaglione, the Vice President of Marketing for Sharp. (Consumer Electronics Woo women) Presently, Sharp claims to cover more than 50% of the LCD flat-panel TV market. Epson, a leading maker of scanner and printers, presently homed in on the female-dominated scrap booking market, so effectively that it has scheduled to launch more products at women during the present year. The products of Sony aiming at women incorporate its LIV lineage, sold specifically at Objected stores, that incorporates CD players for the kitchen and shower radios in colors from stainless steel to lime. The miniature constructs are considered more suitable in a home- attributes demanded by the consumers in general and women in particular, as revealed by Ellen Glassman, a director of design at Sony. (Consumer Electronics Woo women)

AT & T. Wireless is likewise provoked. According to Danielle Perry, a spokesperson, "Women as a fraction are a big concentration for us with mMode." (Women and Mobile Content) the company currently has introduced Cosmo Mobile and CosmoGirl Mobile services along with Tira Studios and Hearst Corporation, publisher of Cosmopolitan and Cosmo Girl magazines. Both the services incorporate horoscopes, quizzes, daily polls, personals, ring tones and wallpaper and games. As per Gary Toste, general manager of publishing at Tira studios, this is regarded as the first effort of the company so as to cater to the necessities of female targeted content on the mobile screen. Toste somewhat withstands the attitude that women don't play games. The Heart presentations incorporates Cosmo Girl Truth or Dare - a group game for the teen market - and blackjack for multinational readers, in that the players can apply their victory to reveal pictures of male attachments. (Women and Mobile Content)

Women are necessitating natural differences, desires, and form factors. Apparently, women are not merely interested in pretty, shiny objects. However, more challenging women admitting into the technological market have emphasized the critical role of design. (Women take over technology) However, even the style and design are significant, but not at the cost of good preferences. Some producers have brought out the products with devising elements thought to be more tailored to cater to the sensibilities of females to have only mixed results. Women do not want to be marketed down to according to Thibodeaux. The strategy of applying the 'female' colors to allure women is considered counterproductive and not desirable. Only 4% of eBrain respondent's opined design was significant, while 71% prioritized it the least significant element in product preferences. (Heller, 2004)

The readers of Marie Claire opined that they prefer to have reports on technology itself instead of merely hearing about whether a product is pretty or easy to use. (Heller, 2004) They said that they are initiating to think about the people who assist in applying the technology far more specifically. They are considering about the consumers far more than that of the western countries and an extensive notion of general acceptability. However, the technology industry is still trying to work out how to wrap varied desires into an appealing package, and how to adjust different instincts about the…

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