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Currently, all the traffic among the different units passes via the novel centers and because of this Grant Thornton was also capable of reducing most of the fixed point-to-point circuits which had linked nearly all of its units. The savings made throughout its 50 units was a phenomenal $300.000 annually for the entire company. Besides, with the complete elimination of the long-distance costs, Grant Thorton was able to make a savings of $30,000 on a monthly basis. (Understanding VoIP: Leveraging Technology for a Competitive Edge)

The importance of Voice Internet Protocol technology is appreciated all over the world throughout huge as well as middle level companies and embracing of Voice Internet Protocol is just an issue of time. A short analysis of the Roadmap as well as Heat index data evolved from the Wave 2 of a Networking research has spawned certain exciting findings regarding the technology preferences of the members from the Fortune 1000 companies as well as middle level businesses. In the research conducted, Session Initiation protocol -SIP promoted Voice Internet Protocol products attained the top spot among the various voice-based technology products. In case of products of Session Initiation protocol on the whole, members of the research pointed out that 27% had Session Initiation protocol at present in usage, whereas almost 34% did not have any execution ideas. 1/3 of the people who participated in the interview had used Voice Internet Protocol soft-phones, however 31% stated they did not have any intentions to execute or analyze them. Hard phones occupied 54% considering in usage position, however 21% did not reckon them within their technology armory. (the Voice Technologies of the Fortune 1000 Compared to the Rest)

While we delve deeper at the various records, it could be understood that an assessment of the technologies which are being taken into account against the technologies that are outside the purview of the plan revealed that all the participants the importance of these products, however none could have the same opinion and the opportune time for its implementation. Initiating with SIP based items; it was observed that 35% of the Fortune 1000 companies did not have any intention to execute whereas 33% of the Mid-sized companies do not support the same. These records are very near. The issue of the technology relating to soft-phone is mostly similar, since 30% of the Fortune 1000 possesses no intentions for the same as against the 31% of the Mid-sized companies. The situation is identical for IP PBXs since 23% of the Fortune 1000 companies and 25% of Mid-sized companies have shut their doors to this technology. (the Voice Technologies of the Fortune 1000 Compared to the Rest)

The situation is somewhat similar in case of Voice Internet Protocol hard-phones at 20% for Fortune 1000 companies and 22% for Mid-sized companies. It boils down to the fact that the maximum disparities among the two categories of businesses in the Voice technologies space lies in the usage rates as well as the distribution of plans for execution. In case of Session Initiation protocol, it was 29% of the Fortune 1000 companies as against 25% for Mid-sized companies with regard to usage rates. Comparing this for soft-phones based on Voice Internet Protocol, IP PBXs as well as Voice Internet Protocol hard-phones produce an identical account. In each instance, Fortune 1000 companies possess the increased usage cost compared to the Mid-sized companies. The explanation is that the total anticipations do not change with regard to the size of the company; just the time of execution modifies to the next, with Mid-sized companies' being a bit behind. (the Voice Technologies of the Fortune 1000 Compared to the Rest)

Artificial Intelligence

There are certain matters in which computers are still poor in performance. While assembling their equipments in strong networks, computers stay intelligent in an irrational manner. The activities which human beings perform with mere less of intelligence like identifying processes or construing meanings with regard to the languages, image or ideas, perplex the computers. Generally, humans input a request to the computer which in turn performs the calculation. However, artificial intelligence technology reverses everything. The computer has a work which is simple for a human being to do, however very difficult in case of a computer. Therefore, in case of asking a computer to carry out the operation, it asks for a human person, and it is considered as Artificial Intelligence. (Pontin 11)

The artificial Intelligence specialists in the 1980s designed systems for resolving matters on a wide range of disciplines. A few of these analyses were amazing achievements, having returns calculated by means of hours. Despite these initial achievements, Esther Dyson, who was the editor of Release 1.0, forecasted that Artificial Intelligence would fail in its effort to be commercially valuable till it came to be entrenched into the main arena. Dyson prophecy has been demonstrated to be correct by time. During the 1990s, Artificial Intelligence as a sphere was increasingly valuable as the importance changed from substituting costly human specialists against the single proficient mechanisms to main arena computing mechanisms which makes immense benefit. In the same vein, a lot of present say Artificial Intelligence mechanisms are networked with huge databases, and they handle information relating to legacy, communicate with the networks, take care of sound and so on and they are made functional in functional images and they operate on general functional mechanisms. Besides, it is the humans who use them and are the vital solution providers. Currently, Artificial Intelligence is therefore regarding novel means of linking humans with the computers, towards information, real world, and among various human beings. Presently, Artificial Intelligence is facilitated in some aspect through technical progress and partly by advances made in the realm of infrastructure. (Rethinking Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligent enables companies to arrive at improved decisions. Artificial Intelligence could lead to saving huge quantum of monies in the genre of intricate condition evaluation and costly distribution of sources. Artificial intelligent technology purchasers who are at the cutting edge get more thrilled by increased new forms of income compared to making just monetary savings. Therefore the business value of Artificial Intelligence is towards looking for newer avenues for earning income instead of substituting humans. Artificial Intelligence is sometimes a less portion, albeit an important one, of the complete remedy to the issues faced by the clients. Systems having Artificial Intelligence embedded inside them could perform efficient function in the present era in locations wherein humans are unable to work or machines operated through telephones cannot be used. Artificial Intelligence technology could operate efficiently on product microprocessors which are regularly fitted in consumer goods resulting in improved potential which is untouched by human hands or thoughts of humans. Studies on Artificial Intelligence have formulated novel methods of evaluating huge amounts of information that balance conventional techniques of statistics. Database mining has the potential to benefit from the influential and power-oriented Artificial Intelligence. (Rethinking Artificial Intelligence)

The website of Amazon had several web pages which contained the description of various commodities; however it desired to filter out the duplicate pages. Software could provide the required help in this task, but removing all the old pages through an algorithm was out of question. Therefore, the company started to formulate a site which individuals could visit to view the commodity pages and get few cents as payment for locating every duplicate page they identify in the correct manner. Amazon generates revenue from Artificial Intelligence technology by levying firms 10% of the cost of a fruitfully accomplished HIT. In case of easier HITs which have the income of below one cent, Amazon levies something like 0.50 cent. The matter that has become helpful to Amazon promises value to other companies as well. One more site price.grabber.com that is a similar shopping website makes use of Artificial Intelligence to match upon the images in relation to the pages which has the commodity information. Exploiting the influence of Artificial Intelligence permits price.grabber.com to get images for broad array of products in very less time compared to the time taken if they have performed on their own. Another company Chacha.com, which is a new company, makes use of Artificial Intelligence, often known as crowdsourcing to assist single users of computers to discover improved outcomes at the time of making Internet searches. (Pontin 12) Further Artificial Intelligence can be applied to make entertainment industry as being increasingly communicative and customized to the choice of people. Disneyworld which uses Artificial Intelligence is progressing very fast. Disney makes use of Artificial Intelligence technology in a lot of realms, like in the formation of animal robots and so on. (Rethinking Artificial Intelligence)

Speech Recognition technology

Across the world outlays in commercial use of the technology of speech recognition over networks are on the rise. The development will be prompted through enhanced information of awareness of the potential of speech recognition technology and the fast and massive benefits which businesses are poised…

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