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Women face a higher risk than men of a drastic drop in standards of living at retirement age, women account for the majority of the over 60 population in almost all countries.

This could very well be because women generally are not involved in decisions made in terms of economic, financial and related agendas. The following information supports the preceding statements:

Women still comprise only 13% of national legislators and 14% of government ministers worldwide. Among policymaking areas, economics and finance have the lowest levels of women's representation across all countries, only 29 female ministers hold economics related portfolios (including finance, economics, trade, development, industry and agriculture). Women are more likely to be concentrated in the so-called soft domains such as education, health, social affairs and human resources. Internationally, the number of women in the decision-making structure of the major finance and trade institutions is also dismally low."("Women Challenging Globalization" 2002)

If gender equality is to be truly addressed and overcome women must become involved in the following:

Economic discourse

Development strategies in local, national and international arenas

The establishment of policy, institutions and all decision making.

Gender equality is a goal that must be included in all development and integrated into all frameworks. According to a report in the Institute for Women's Policy Research Newsletter:

The wage gap has even bigger effects than we thought. Women's economic progress over the past decades has been substantial, yet gender inequities in pay persist and carry enormous costs for women and their families." (Dr. Heidi Hartman 2004)

Over a fifteen-year period in the study performed by Dr. Heidi Hartman and Dr. Stephen Rose of Macro International, utilizing data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, it was found that a woman earns only 38 cents per dollar earned by a man.

Women, hold control for somewhat less than 10% of global resources and earn less than men for comparable work and also own only a mere one percent of the property of the world.

The liberal trade of the World Trade Organization has been a contributory factor to what has in effect weakened national governments in their regulation ability concerning economics and government. The WTO has been utilized by those transnational corporation out of the industrial nations for opening foreign markets and for the imposition of new regulations for maximization of profits that have incurred costs in the area of security of food and protection, healthcare, access to all manners of public services as well as other challenges that are put upon women because of their profiteering.

There has been progress in some countries. In January 2002 Turkish women were established as equals of Turkish men through revisions to code by Parliament. Equal in all family matters as well as equal in ownership of marital property, the position of a woman in Turkey has been greatly raised considering the lowly position they previously occupied.

VII. The Players

Socialist Democracy: Based in Australia. The green in this group's flag stands in representation of:

Red: Socialism

Green: Environment

Black: Indigenous of the world and their righteous struggle.

Focus is internationalism and presently operates within the Soviet Alliance. Support of left wing in the regrouping of the social working class. The hook on their web site is:

We need a new party."

Direct Democracy Party - Nationalist: Believed by the member of the ruling elite to be "extreme right-wing terrorists," these individuals simply are willing to die, if necessary, in order to defend their "human-rights."

Defenses against immigration which takes jobs away from individuals who are already living in Australia as well as other concerns are one thing this group voices their objection in relation to government decisions. Their web site states that they aren't about "crushing the minorities" but instead focused toward "finding the "common ground." Although against immigration, this group is maintains that one should live where ever they desire so long as they are self-supportive and not putting another burden upon those already established in the region.

VIII. Resistance Efforts of the One Nation Party:

Women throughout the world are joining together in organized groups, collectively demonstrating resistance to what men perceive to be the ruling of their "kingdom." However, there are groups that have focused toward either winning in the struggle or dying in the attempt with giving up as no perceived option. Not just in Australia, but in other countries throughout the world, individuals valuing freedom, justice and the rights of the individual are doing much more than simply organizing, indeed, they are determined to give to their children a world that is better than the one which they have inherited. If the procedure just spoken of requires guns and other weapons, this faction within the global society, as well as Australia is resolved.

The International gun laws set out by INTERPOL, the Weapons and Explosives Tracking System (IWETS) tracks illegal firearms. The Terrorism Prevention Branch established by the UN General Assembly or TPB was operates as drug and crime prevention. Australia has banned the possession of semi-automatic weapons unless the individual is able to state an exceptionally good reason.

IX. Klaus Theweleit: Male Fantasies

This book looks at the connection that exists between hatred of women and violence, between masculinity and fascism. In a disturbing analysis it is revealed what the group of men, who were key in the jazz movement, held in their mind as fantasies concerning women and power. Demonstrating warfare within culture, sexuality, power and gender, with aggressive racism, horrendous violence. The writings of these individuals reveals to the reader how much the men abhorred women.

This faction still exists within our society running beneath the calm facade of negotiation and smooth assurances that all is safe and secure and peace reigns. Women innately and absolutely know better. All the peace and security political hemming and hawing does not convince those women who are naturally granted intuition at birth, which would be practically all women.


It is clear that the entire spectrum of politics, reactionaries and political and societal influencing factors have created a cesspool of combative and opposite as well as offensive, one individual to another, belief that is churning toward some type of shift in the near future.


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