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Biology is the study of living organisms. There are a number of specialized fields into which biology is divided. These include anatomy, physiology, behavior, distribution, and origin. Biologists can study anything that is alive, from humans all the way down to the tiniest creature or living thing.


Chemistry is the science of matter. How matter is composed and what properties it possesses are examined by the chemist. How these properties interact, how they can be used to form new substances, and what changes they undergo are all studied.

Earth Sciences?

Earth sciences involve the study of anything from geology to atmospheric issues. If it is a part of the earth itself, it can be studied under this discipline. Rocks and minerals are popular niches under earth science, as are marine and oceanic studies.

Space Sciences?

Space sciences involve the study of everything that is beyond the atmosphere of the earth. Astronomy is most common, but there are also those who study space medicine and exploration. NASA programs, for example, are part of space science, since they relate to both travel in and the exploration of space.


Physics is concerned with both matter and energy. Its properties and nature are both analyzed, and can include the study of heat and light. Physicists also study mechanics, sound, atomic structure, electricity, and radiation.

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