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Critically explore how ideas of leadership and partnership practice would help you to address the challenges in Corporate Social Responsibility Ethics responsibility and sustainability in today business Globe?


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We are assuming that your question is how you critically explore how the ideas of leadership and partnership practice would help you to address the challenges in corporate social responsibility.  Many people are uncertain how to write a critical review or critical evaluation, because the approach is somewhat different than what you would find in standard lower-level academic writing.

To write a critique, it is important to understand that the academic definition of critical is not the same as the lay definition of critical.   For the layperson, the word critical tends to be negative. However, from an academic perspective, a critical review involves a deep analysis and should highlight strengths and weaknesses, not just negative elements.  In fact, if you are a business student, it may help you to think of a critical analysis as something akin to a SWOT analysis.

There are four broad steps when writing a critique, and you want to incorporate them into a critical exploration of ideas.  Those steps are: describe, analyze, interpret, and assess. You want to describe what you mean by the ideas of leadership and partnership practice, as well as your understanding of what corporate social responsibility.  You want to analyze exactly how those theories can tie into corporate social responsibility and interpret how they would influence different elements of responsibility.  Finally, you want to assess how important they are to the overall goal.

For corporate social responsibility, the overall goal may be to make a business more socially responsible, but you want to create measurable goals in your analysis.  Creating measurable goals will help you in your assessment of how the leadership and partnership practice can influence the business on those metrics.  It will help you make a more coherent analysis of the topic. 

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