Child Sexual Abuse

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Child sexual abuse is a topic that has attracted must attention in the current years. Studies estimate that up to 33% of women and at least 20% of men are victims of child sexual abuse (Misurell & Springer, 2013). Sexual abuses excluding touch are often not reported. This suggests that the number of individuals who could be sexually abused in their childhood may even be greater. As a high percentage

Child Sexual Abuse

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Child Sexual Abuse According to the oxford advanced learners dictionary, child sexual abuse is the cruel treatment of a minor especially sexually. The case of an offender of child sexual abuse can be categorized into three clusters which comprise of sexual assault which occurs when an adult touches a minor in a manner so as to fulfill his or her sexual desires; the second cluster is sexual exploitation whereby the minor

Child Sexual Abuse

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Child Sexual Abuse in Kilpatrick, et al. (2003) This work in writing conducted an article review of the work of Kilpatrick, et al. (2003). The article under review in this work in writing is that written by Kilpatrick, et al. (2003) entitled "Violence and Risk of PTSD, Major Depression, Substance Abuse / Dependence and Comorbidity: Results From the National Survey of Adolescents." This article reports a study involving 4,034 youth ages 12

Child Sexual Abuse Is a

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Mary grew up defiant and rebellious. Her teachers called her difficult, stupid, and bad-tempered. Her schoolmates ridiculed her and she withdrew into herself. Taking therapy many years later, she would describe herself as being lonely, confused, angry, scared, and depressed. Today, Mary shares her experiences publicly with many of the children from her community telling them to speak out when anyone -- even if it be a member of their family

Child Sexual Abuse and the Psychologists View

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child sexual abuse and the psychologists view on how to achieve the truth from new methods rather than seeking results from tainted evidence. The article used was from the article "Getting to the truth in Child Abuse Cases: New Methods." "Getting to the Truth in Child Abuse Cases: New Methods." On What points do psychologists agree concerning children's reports on sexual abuse? On what points are there still debate? Psychologists look at

Child Sexual Abuse in Our Society This Is for a Psychology Class

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rational (the importance of the study) and research question 2) method -participants (ethnic race, gender, age), measures (tests used and evaluation), procedures 3) references. 15 sources are used. APA. Child sexual abuse, CSA, is said to occur when children experience sexual contact with an adult or an older child through coercion or deceptive manipulation at an age and stage of development at which the child does not posses sufficient maturity