Expulsion of Students

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Schools are increasingly using lengthy expulsions of students for offenses committed on school property.  Expulsion is basically the permanent removal of a student from school for breaking serious rules or policies in the school.  While the discipline code of every school varies, expulsion is usually regarded as the highest form of punishment.  In most cases, expulsion of students from school is utilized after other forms of discipline and punishment are

Detention Suspension and Expulsion Effect of Disciplinary Policy...

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Detention, Suspension, AND EXPULSION: EFFECT OF DISCIPLINARY POLICY Instrument to be used Participants Future use of study results Over the last few decades the institution of education has undergone many changes. One of the most scrutinized areas of education currently is the area of discipline. The recent rash of violence across the nation at high school has caused the focus to turn to discipline. The Columbine killings among other violent school events have caused experts to

Realities of Zero Tolerance Policies

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If they face the full extent of the penalties, hopefully those students will find the positive aspects to their experience and help them focus on what in life matters most to them. If I were in the situation of adjudicating their expulsion hearings, I would likely pose the same questions and present the same information as in the preceding paragraphs. I would make it clear, on the record that these

Academic Dishonesty Among College Students

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Stronger relationships among students result in a peer situation where pressure from the peer group encourages more cheating than in an environment where strong relationships are built with faculty. The author provides evidence of the power of peer pressure as opposed to individual factors such as demographics or psychological tendency by means of data from students who live with their peers as opposed to those who live in a relatively

Academic Dishonesty Can Formally Be

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White students will cheat as much as black students (McCabe). Overall, the pressure to perform in a rapid and stressful society is what prompts the majority of the students into academic dishonesty. The Effects of Academic Dishonesty Academic dishonesty may seem innocent in the beginning, but in the long run could cause a lot of problems in one's career. For example, if a student cheats on a test or an assignment,

Academic Dishonesty & Plagiarism Academic

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Very often, fraternity houses maintained extensive files of hundreds of academic papers already submitted for course credit. Those papers enabled students to rewrite papers that had already received high grades and change them just enough to present the same material as new; in larger universities, students sometimes submitted recycled papers to different professors without even bothering to rewrite much more than the title page with their student information and the