Substance Abuse

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Substance Abuse Case Study: Multi-Axial Diagnosis Substance Abuse Substance Abuse Case Study: DSM-V-TR Multi-Axial System Diagnosis Substance Abuse Case Study: DSM-V-TR Multi-Axial System Diagnosis Al (A.L.) is obviously in enough distress that his family felt the need to drag him, kicking and screaming, to the emergency room. Despite having a normal appetite, concentration, energy levels, interest, and sleep patterns, the alcohol abuse, deep despondency, and acute family concern suggest that this behavior is abnormal

Substance Abuse

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There were also facilities that conducted both random tests and tests based on reasonable suspicion (Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Juvenile Correctional Facilities, 2002). In addition, of the facilities that responded to the survey 17% tested residents at the time that they were admitted to the facility, and 8% of the facilities tested the juveniles when they were released (Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Juvenile Correctional Facilities, 2002). The survey

Substance Abuse

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Substance Abuse: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 16,694 people died in 2004 in alcohol and drug related traffic collisions, representing 40% of all traffic related deaths in the United States. ("2004 Traffic Safety ... " 2005) In addition about half of the one million people injured in road accidents were also due to driving under the influence (DUI). These are startling statistics,

Nursing Informatics New Competencies Nursing Informatics or

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Nursing Informatics NEW COMPETENCIES Nursing informatics or NI is a field specialty that blends and integrates the nursing, computer and information sciences in managing and transferring information and insights in nursing (Anderson, 2008; Coleman et al., 2010). It is aimed at assisting in the decision-making function of patients, nurses and other participants in patient care through information structures, processes and technology. Nurses who integrate this specialty into their regular practice are called

Nursing Theory Caring As an Integral Nursing

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Nursing Theory Caring as an integral nursing concept can be viewed from diverse perspectives. It can be an attribute, a complex set of behaviors, or an attitude. This has made some people believe that it is impossible to improve and measure it although there is evidence that both improvement and measurement are possible. People recognize that caring models of professional practice affect the service users, health outcomes, healthcare staff, and ultimately

Nursing Across Theories Nursing Is a Core

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Nursing Across Theories Nursing is a core concept that is common across contemporary nursing theories. Even though the definitions, applications, and philosophies are different with each theory, the concept of nursing plays a vital role in each one. Contemporary theories came about when the teaching of nursing students was not sufficient to the performances of what the nurses were being taught in schools and ultimately affecting patient care in the long