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Still, the significance of his work for the entire academic community can be gathered from Barlow's uncertainties. Barlow writes that he has searched the literature for an effective way of incorporating both the skills required for students to be good writers and teaching the test. Still he found that "they assume a greater control of the academic environment external to the particular classroom than I, as a part-time teacher,

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That is, because students think that everything has a right and a wrong answer, thesis statements are incredibly difficult to articulate. The students do not understand how to argue, nor do they understand why this must be done. For me, this point stood out as most important because it is cross-departmental. Students coming into their undergraduate careers for the first time are often not taught to reason like a

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Students do not want to write because it is boring or tedious to them. But most of all, students do not want to write because they are afraid that they cannot do it. They have been given years worth of papers marked up in red where the teacher was trying to take their voices and make them her own. If teachers understand that writing can be learned by every


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Reflective Essay Since becoming a college student, my writing process has changed in the sense that I am now more mindful of having a purpose when I set out to write. In high school, I would just begin writing whenever I had an assignment due: I did not prepare an outline or identify a thesis. I usually just wrote off the top of my head whatever I was thinking at the

Reflective Journals of Gottleib and Herrera Books

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Journals of Herrera and Gottleib Books A healthy child is the joy of the family. Social and academic development of a child depend on his ability to use his eyes and ears effectively. When one of these organs is impaired, the child will face challenges to communicate or see effectively, which will affect the child's social and academic developments. When a child has developed a vision or ear impairment, early

Reflective Assessment

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Work-based learning is generally conceptualized as a way of enabling students to merge what they learn in the classroom with tasks in the workplace. Typical examples of work-based learning include student internships and jobs. However, over the course of my Capstone Project, I intend to deploy a work-based learning approach to how teachers interact with students in the classroom, encouraging teachers to use the learning experience of self-reflective inquiry over